Shotcut (32-bit)

最新版本 Shotcut 20.09.13 (32-bit)

Shotcut 20.09.13 (32-bit)

Shotcut 20.09.13 (32-bit)
Shotcut 是一個免費的,開源的,跨平台的 Windows,Mac 和 Linux 視頻編輯器。主要功能包括支持多種格式; 不需要進口意味著本地時間線編輯; Blackmagic Design 支持輸入和預覽監視; 和解決方案支持 4k。使用 Shotcut 綜合軟件編輯你的視頻!

由於 FFmpeg 支持數以百計的音頻和視頻格式和編解碼器。不需要任何導入,這意味著本地編輯,加上項目內的多格式時間線,分辨率和幀速率。支持多種視頻格式的幀精確搜索.

Blackmagic Design SDI 和 HDMI,用於輸入和預覽監控。屏幕,攝像頭和音頻捕捉。網絡流播放。支持高達 4k 的分辨率,並從 SDI,HDMI,網絡攝像頭,JACK& 脈衝音頻,IP 流,X11 屏幕和 Windows DirectShow 設備.

Multiple 停靠和不可停靠的面板,包括詳細的媒體屬性,最近搜索文件,縮略圖播放列表,過濾器面板,歷史視圖,編碼面板,作業隊列和融化的服務器和播放列表。還支持從文件管理器中拖放資源。

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檔案版本 Shotcut 20.09.13 (32-bit)

檔案名稱 shotcut-win32-200913.exe
檔案大小 80.4 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Meltytech, LLC.
更新日期 2020-09-13

What's new in this version:

Added a Blur: Pad video filter and made it available in Slideshow generator as Pad Blur
Added a Text: Rich video filter and made Text: HTML hidden since it is deprecated (still loads in old projects)
Added a workspace layout switcher to the main toolbar for the new stock workspace layouts
Added a VUI to the 360: Transform video filter to adjust parameters by dragging
Added Set Equirectangular Projection... to the Jobs menu for a successful export job. This is used to add metadata to a video file to indicate it is 360॰ video in the equirectangular projection as required by most players and web services.
Added Zoom to fit icons to the Timeline and Keyframes toolbars

- Improved the performance of the Timeline especially with projects over one hour long
- Upgraded FFmpeg to version 4.3.1
- Changed Size and Position to Size, Position & Rotate and made Rotate and Scale hidden (only appears in old projects)
- Replaced Choppy, Crop: Circle, and Crop: Rectangle filters with new versions that do not use HTML through WebVfx, which was deprecated in version 20.06.28
- Changed the Rutt-Etra-Izer, Swirl, and Text: 3D filters to be hidden since they are deprecated (still loads in old projects)
- Replaced View > Layout > Timeline Project, Playlist Project, and Clip-only Project with new, better Logging, Editing, FX, Color, Audio, and Player stock layouts
- The current layout is saved automatically for each stock layout if selected, and Restore Default Layout is different for each stock layout
- Changed the video track hidden icon on the System theme to be more clear and obvious
- Show an error dialog on startup if the frei0r plugins are not installed (only affects Linux distribution packages)
- Changed the keyboard shortcut 0 to zoom timeline to fit
- Changed the keyboard shortcut Alt+0 to zoom playlist to fit
- Changed the Timeline and Keyframes time ruler interval to 1 second when zoomed in

- Fixed using a secure connection to get the upgrade URL
- Fixed a rounding error for Color Grading video filter
- Fixed a crash and incorrect preview scaling with more than one Rotate and Scale or Size and Position filter
- Fixed colors when using an alpha/VP8 or alpha/VP9 export preset
- Fixed video compositing with nothing on video track V1 or V1 hidden
- Fixed export may fail when using extended (non-Latin-1) characters in path
- Fixed EDL export
- Fixed Export, Convert, or Reverse may fail if a temporary file it creates becomes locked on Windows
- Fixed Properties > Color button not opening the color dialog with the current color
- Fixed the Crop: Source video filter when using Settings > Proxy
- Fixed a crash when dragging a MLT XML project file to a non-empty Timeline
- Fixed the font dialog may too big or the preview inside the font dialog too big for Text: Simple filter
- Fixed filters not being applied to the portion of a clip inside a transition after undo of Cut, Lift, Remove, Ripple Delete, or move
- Fixed a crash changing speed of a clip with non-standard non-integer or variable frame rate
- Fixed some dialogs not opening or staying in the foreground
- Fixed some crashes in timeline overwrite mode
- Fixed clicking the filters icon next to Output not opening the filters panel

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