Shotcut (32-bit)

最新版本 Shotcut 20.06.28 (32-bit)

Shotcut 20.06.28 (32-bit)

Shotcut 20.06.28 (32-bit)
Shotcut 是一個免費的,開源的,跨平台的 Windows,Mac 和 Linux 視頻編輯器。主要功能包括支持多種格式; 不需要進口意味著本地時間線編輯; Blackmagic Design 支持輸入和預覽監視; 和解決方案支持 4k。使用 Shotcut 綜合軟件編輯你的視頻!

由於 FFmpeg 支持數以百計的音頻和視頻格式和編解碼器。不需要任何導入,這意味著本地編輯,加上項目內的多格式時間線,分辨率和幀速率。支持多種視頻格式的幀精確搜索.

Blackmagic Design SDI 和 HDMI,用於輸入和預覽監控。屏幕,攝像頭和音頻捕捉。網絡流播放。支持高達 4k 的分辨率,並從 SDI,HDMI,網絡攝像頭,JACK& 脈衝音頻,IP 流,X11 屏幕和 Windows DirectShow 設備.

Multiple 停靠和不可停靠的面板,包括詳細的媒體屬性,最近搜索文件,縮略圖播放列表,過濾器面板,歷史視圖,編碼面板,作業隊列和融化的服務器和播放列表。還支持從文件管理器中拖放資源。

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檔案版本 Shotcut 20.06.28 (32-bit)

檔案名稱 shotcut-win32-200628.exe
檔案大小 80 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Meltytech, LLC.
更新日期 2020-06-29

What's new in this version:

- Added Playlist > menu > Add Selected to Slideshow slideshow generator!
- Added Settings > Proxy for videos and images. See the documentation

Added bigsh0t 360॰ video filters:
- 360: Equirectangular Mask
- 360: Equirectangular to Rectilinear
- 360: Hemispherical to Equirectangular
- 360: Rectilinear to Equirectangular
- 360: Stabilize
- 360: Transform

- Added Open Other > Blip Flash generator
- Added 2 new Export presets: Slide Deck (H.264) and Slide Deck (HEVC)
- Added a Background color parameter to the Rotate and Scale and Size and Position video filters
- Added Help > Topics with keyboard shortcut F1
- Added the ability to drag-n-drop from external file manager (Explorer, Finder) directly to Timeline
- Added Merge with next clip to the timeline clip context menu. This only works for clips that are from the same source and contiguous. This is not clip grouping
- Added returning to the original file if you Reverse a reversed clip
- Added Settings > Synchronization... to calibrate the Shotcut player. This works while something is currently playing to help you calibrate using a known good clip
- Added millisecond Format options to the Timer video filter
- Added Add a keyframe button to the Keyframes panel for all parameters (previously it was missing on some paramters)
- Added the Reduce Noise: Wavelet video filter
- Added a context menu (right-click) to the Recent panel with a Remove action
- Added keyboard shortcut ; to toggle a keyframe at the playhead position
- Added keyboard shortcut F2 to rename a clip
- Added keyboard shortcut F3 to search in Recent
- Added keyboard shortcut F11 to toggle fullscreen
- Added View > Enter Full Screen on Windows, but simply maximizes due to issues with popup (dialog) windows not appearing on top
- Added the UI files for the bigsh0t 360 video filters
- Added progress dialogs in several places where time consuming activities occur that otherwise block the user interface

- Renamed Timeline > Master to Output
- Stop selecting Output (formerly Master) by default when opening a project
- Removed Settings > External Monitor > DVEO VidPort
- Export now sets color primaries automatically based on the Video Mode colorspace
- Use Qt's internal image orientation detection instead of libexif
- Upgraded Mesa software OpenGL in Windows build to version 19.2.7
- Upgraded SDL audio output library in Windows build to version 2.0.12
- The keyboard shortcut to open a playlist item is changed to Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Return on macOS)
- Changed the keyboard shortcut to open the web page of keyboard shorcuts to ?
- Change the timeline toolbar icon for Timeline > Split to something more clear and obvious
- Timeline no longer shows thumbnails for video when the track height is at its lowest
- The Timeline toolbar button to toggle Scrub while dragging is now saved to settings
- Export > Video > Deinterlacer is no longer disabled when Scan mode is Interlaced (Anything that causes a change to the vertical resolution of an interlaced source is automatically deinterlaced.)
- Deprecated the following video filters. These will be removed in the next version
- Rutt-Etra-Izer
- Swirl
- Text: 3D
- Text: HTML
- Added a Detect button to the Use hardware encoder > Configure dialog
- Memory is now released when you choose File > New, File > Close, or Export File. (Previously it would keep most of it for reuse.)
- Improved constant quality rate control mode for Intel Quick Sync Video
- Changed Playlist > Sort > By Name to be case insensitive
- Improved the performance of image sequences
- Significantly improved the performance of the automatic image padding
- Show a project's current Video Mode as selected in the Settings menu when opened
- Added a timecode tooltip to the mouse pointer when over the player, Timeline, or Keyframes scrub bars
- Filter VUIs (video user interfaces) are now disabled when the filter is disabled

- Fixed Open Other > Audio/Video Device on Windows with special characters in name
- Fixed changing Properties > Audio > Track sometimes does not work
- Improved A/V synchronization on speed-changed clips with Pitch Compensation or using the Pitch audio filter
- Fixed changing Crop: Source video filter, Right parameter on an image with odd width skews the image
- Fixed audio pops and clicks in a few places
- Improve A/V synchronization when resampling audio rate is required
- Fixed incorrect color when using Export > Codec > libx264rgb
- Fixed the clip name after using Properties > Convert or Reverse
- Fixed showing the waveform after undo Detach Audio
- Fixed Audio Tone in Timeline loses focus after change in Properties
- Fixed moving clip sometimes does not adjust background duration
- Fixed Filters, Timeline, and Keyframes responding to touch screen
- Fixed a crash when you use Timeline > Append, Insert, or Overwrite after choosing File > Close or File > New
- Fixed Backspace or Delete key in input fields sometimes delete timeline clip
- Fixed Timeline > Select All incorrectly includes clips on locked tracks
- Fixed track filter out points are changed after reopening a project
- Fixed the default timeline height is too short
- Fixed Properties > Convert ruins filters on clips that were never selected
- Fixed a crash when using Crop: Source > Center bias
- Fixed seeking to the out point in the Source player when you click to seek after the out point
- Fixed setting in > out or out < in in the Source player not reliably updating a playlist clip
- Fixed saving projects with relative paths
- Fixed keyframes for the Level parameter of the Opacity filter
- Fixed drop-framed timecode for 59.94 fps to follow a strict cadence
- Fixed the Reduce Noise: Smart Blur and Reduce Noise: Wavelet video filters to not overwrite the alpha channel
- Fixed the image quality (interpolation) of a Size and Position or Rotate and Scale filter inside of a transition
- Fixed loading image sequences when the sequence number in the file name does not start with 1
- Fixed a crash when using JACK audio and File > Open Other
- Fixed Export > Video not updated when open clip-only project

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