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OpenDrive 是一項為您提供 5GB 免費云存儲的服務,以查看,共享和協作您的文檔。從任何地方和任何連接訪問您的數據。上傳新文件或管理現有的文件。使用我們的在線辦公套件管理文件夾和創建和編輯文檔,所有這些都不需要安裝任何軟件。用於 Windows 的

OpenDrive 也可以讓您通過鏈接與任何人分享您的文件和文件夾。
在線驅動器上傳,創建,編輯,替換,移動和預覽文件在多台計算機上同步所選文件和文件夾使用電子郵件自動備份同步和備份計劃通知播放音樂和視頻上傳新文件版本創建文件夾和子文件夾零知識加密文件夾(帶有自定義密鑰的 AES-256 文件加密)每個文件和文件夾的公共,隱藏和專用權限分配共享文件和文件夾搜索文件和文件夾垃圾和還原文件和文件夾重複數據刪除注意:限制 5GB 在線存儲.


檔案版本 Select Version

檔案名稱 setup.exe
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 OpenDrive Team
更新日期 2023-10-13

What's new in this version:

- Fixed issue that caused the app to crash after some uploads

- feature to create a desktop shortcut
- ability to click To/From folder and open File Explorer
- function to attach logs to reports
- ability to disable pre-caching of files on local drive

- Improved log viewer
- Stopped task from pausing when editing
- Other minor improvements

- Change log not available for this version

- issue with Copy and Paste in File Explorer
- Force files deleted when moving to be moved to the Trash folder
- minor issues with properties of deleted items in the Trash folder
- error when moving folder to local computer if the file already exists locally
- issue when opening properties of two or more items in the trash that caused slow response

- Fixed issue with app freezing under specific conditions
- Improved error reporting

- Fixed issue with file link remaining the same after name change
- Fixed issue with occasional crash if incorrect response received
- Updated status in a backup/sync completes but has errors
- Added clarity to the actual speed vs average speed

- feature to show which folder is being processed during sync comparisons
- feature to show current and average speeds
- logging for task pause/resume of tasks
- ability to save task options as default for new tasks
- a file lock so files cannot be saved while they are being downloaded

- other minor issues

- ability to set task destination for networked drive to  root
- more detail in logs

- Improved function of Sync with multiple versions

- issue with task pause feature not working on multiple tasks
- issue with occasional crash during upload on Windows 11
- issue with rename in some instances

- Added speed meter for file transfers
- Added function for settings to be remembered for the next backup/sync session
- Optimized to increase upload speed of larger files
- Optimized RAM to use disk instead of memory for large buffers
- Optimized GUI to update faster when multiple tasks are running simultaneously

- logging when PC sleeps while a task is running
- ability to use SyncService with 2FA

- issue with Media Backup
- issue with copy and paste in File Explorer

- Added option to ignore files older than x in tasks
- Added additional checks for file comparisons during sync & backup tasks
- Changed hourly tasks to run at various times
- Improved uploads to be more efficient
- Fixed issue with CPU usage sometimes spiking after closing the app
- Fixed issue with how some file properties data was displayed

- Added ability to disable file upload notifications to admin email address
- Fixed issue causing errors during upload in rare cases
- Fixed issue of some files not being deleted after move

- Fixed issue preventing upgrade for some older versions of Windows

- Update for resellers branding
- Replaced OpenSSL for encryption
- Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

- issue of error “The cloud provider is not running” under certain circumstances
- issue of temp path being set incorrectly in some cases
- conflict if 2 local folders are mapped to the same OpenDrive folder
- conflict if simultaneous tasks with 2 sub folders with the same name are contained in 2 parent folders are run
- issue of “other errors” not being listed in the task log summary even if it is there in the log
- issue of drag and drop & copy and paste where sometimes the file would not appear in the folder after upload completed

- Add option to allow user to set “item locked” and “access denied” to local files as a warning instead of an error

- Fixed issue of App crash under certain circumstances when updating
- Fixed issue of some files uploaded long back having an error when being decompressed
- Clarified instructions for setting up the initial password for the Secure folder

- Add ability to differentiate file and folders when setting include and exclude filters
- Add ability to backup sub-trees of a folder without backing up files from that folder
- Improved file timeout calculations based on file size
- Improved auto-handling of errors during backup and sync tasks so they are more reliable

- issue of logs becoming too large when downloading many large files
- issue of files being copied from OpenDrive to a local folder not replacing the local item

- Added option for Sync tasks to exclude junctions, hardlinks and sym links
- Improved handling of copy/move of folders inside OpenDrive
- Improved multi-window drag and drop to work better with Secure folders
- Changing max simultaneous operations no longer stops the task
- Fixed issues with embedded uninstall function
- Added measures to ensure smoother installation
- Added additional logging
- Other minor bugs fixes and stability improvements

- Signatures are signed in only SHA256 so support for Windows Vista ended
- Improved handling of saves to prevent saving empty files in rare conditions
- Fixed issue with deleting multiple files affecting Windows 2008 only
- Fixed issue preventing files in the cloud from being attached to email messages

- Improved handling of file names using special characters
- Improved handling of file names using  accented characters
- Fixed issue when occasionally a file that hasn’t changed would be reuploaded during sync/backup

- Improved upload progress bar to be more accurate showing caching vs uploads
- Improved response time when browsing folders
- Added option for Forgot Password
- Added data of the last start to log file
- Updated wording shown when an open file is skipped during backup/Sync
- Fixed issue with the last location not being remembered
- Fixed issue causing errors in specific instances

- Added option for tasks that are stopped to allow jobs in process to complete
- Simplified controls to allow screen readers to better read options
- Fixed issue with Backups running past cut off hours
- Fixed issue with task date showing incorrect year on specific occasions
- Fixed issue with new file Properties not always showing details
- Fixed issue with sending report if file is too large
- Fixed issue with opening file in OpenDrive directly from Excel’s File menu

- Added more log details if a Sync/Backup task is stopped
- Fixed issue with Keep Alive which speeds upload times
- Fixed issue of not all files may mirror properly in one-way sync

- Improved logging so log file does not grow too large

- issue where app could freeze if IP v6 was used
- issue of not all files may mirror properly in one-way sync
- issue of file downloading indefinitely if it is damaged or incomplete
- issue of installer not properly closing/restarting Explorer.exe
- issue of installer opening several File Explorer windows after install

- Added support for 2-Factor Authentication when it is released shortly
- Changed function for Tray app to run during uninstall
- Changed Task Wizard so that it does not lock the Explorer Window
- Fixed issue with some deleted folders being automatically restored
- Fixed issue with Auto-Login not working after reboot
- Fixed issue with sometimes getting an error when accessing a shared folder
- Fixed issue with Windows App Update not launching in all cases

- Added ability to set full folder permissions by right clicking on folder and select Properties
- Added ability see how long a file was uploaded/downloaded in a sync/backup task
- Added option to open OpenDrive App after installation completes and prompt new users to set up a new backup/sync
- Fixed issue where two instances of Opendrive can be started
- Fixed issue with “include” filter in a task ignoring root folder
- Improved stability in specific rare conditions

- Added ability to hide OpenDrive root folder to prevent Read-Only Win users from accessing files being backed up by Admin
- Added ability to set the End Time for backups using the Sync Service tool
- Fixed temporary links for increased lifetime for playlists of Stream All Music/Video
- Fixed issue with Reverse Backup logging
- Improved error handling and stability

- Added ability to choose program if default handler is not available
- Fixed random crashing related to media files
- Fixed issue related to WinAmp being used as default media player

- Added ability to give custom names to tasks in Sync Service
- Added compatibility with Windows Vista
- Added option to allow users to choose how to open media files
- Fixed issue of task stopping if error log could not be written to
- Fixed issue of being unable to save Office files directly to cloud storage

- Fixed issue of error during installation in rare cases
- Fixed issue of Explorer.exe using too much memory
- Fixed issue file filter not working in Sync Service
- Fixed issue of false network error that appeared in rare cases
- Improved Stability

- Fixed issue of AAC music files not being backed up
- Fixed issue of Paint being used to open images even if another default app is set
- Fixed issue of an error when a new user tries to register in certain circumstances
- Fixed issue of the ‘Sync Service’ not being able to use disk root in the source field in Windows Server

- Fixed issue of some office files not saving properly
- Fixed issue of application window not closing when an upload is canceled
- Fixed issue of application crash when trying to access folders without logging in
- Fixed issue with overwriting tasks causing app to close

- Fixed issue of incompatibility after upgrading to Windows version 1903
- Fixed issue of copy & paste not working consistently
- Fixed issue where application key when pressed in a folder would not given the option box for actions
- Fixed resources not being released after closing Properties window issue

- Fixed issue of some users getting encryption key required message
- Fixed issue of not being able to assign mass permissions to files and folders at the same time

- Added new task type for constant change tracking for sync.
- Add more information about tasks to log files
- Add ability to reverse backup on an incomplete task
- Add feature to display file links in the Links tab of folder properties
- Add popup to tray icon to show which user is logged in
- Fix issue affecting some users encrypted files being able to be browsed properly
- Fix issue with tasks not always resuming automatically
- Fix issue with task override
- Other minor stability improvements and fixes

- Add auto-retry for any files not uploaded successfully
- Add faster opening for folders containing a large number of items
- Add faster moving of folders within OpenDrive storage

- Add showing Sync and Backup Manager in Windows File Explorer
- Add more options for hidden tasks
- Fix issue for setup not showing “This PC” option when too many icons on desktop
- Fix issue for not getting email notifications under all conditions
- Fix issue of high memory usage in some circumstances
- Optimize shell extension
- Other minor stability improvements and fixes

- Add Option to always run with Admin privileges
- Add option to hide regular tasks in task manager
- Optimize counting of folder contents in properties
- Fix file already exists notifications
- Fix access to settings for sync service
- Fix permission issue under some sync scenarios
- Other minor stability improvements and fixes

- Add Enable Aliases
- Add ability to filter folders in different paths
- Add ‘Move’ task in Windows Service
- Add Email notifications to multiple Email addresses
- Add reseller branding in Windows Programs/Features Info Panel
- Fix permission issue under some sync scenarios
- Other minor stability improvements and fixes

- Fix “trust this computer” option not working for some tasks
- Fix sync unable to save to secured folder
- Other minor fixes

- Fix branding issue for resellers
- Fix MSI error during some installations
- Fix tasks not resuming after pause
- Fix intermittent “Save As” Task failure
- Add option for user to select local temp folder location
- Add multi-page to settings dialog
- Other minor stability improvements and fixes

- Fix preview for files inside secure and shared folders
- Fix folder selection in backup from media device
- Fix tasks not resuming after pause
- Improve speed and reliability of upload tasks

- Further increased speed of uploads
- Fix for app crashing if empty name is given

- Increased speed of uploads
- Fix for users getting DACL: access denied when creating folders

- Fix for users with no shared folder could not upgrade

- Fix issue with uninstall for some users
- Fix issue with Save As Task
- Fix for error when changing max simultaneous operations
- Add ability to add multiple email addresses for SBM notifications
- Add ability to edit name of a task in SBM
- Add ability for one-way mirror
- Add ability to delete shared folder
- Other minor fixes

- Fix for error while changing max operations in a running task
- Fix for invalid file type for files without extensions
- Fix for Trash not being available to Admin users
- Fix for broken access to folders/file editing for some users
- Increase performance while scrolling pages with many files
- Fix for error when downloading versions of executable files
- Other minor fixes

- Fix for Peer Certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificate

- Thumbnails optimization
- Sync and backup manager optimization
- Fix for error “Directory with such a name already exists”
- Small bug fixes and improvements

- Small bug fixes and improvements

- Fix for synced files overlay icon
- Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility
- Fixed error “One or more post-login actions failed.”
- Improved folder update speed after file moving
- Fixed error “SQLITE_ERROR”
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

- Upload speed improvements
- Hide “Save as” task in Sync and backup manager
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

- New option Move Files added to sync and backup manager
- Fix for moving files within OD folders
- Fix for certificate error
- Fix for Folder with such a name already exists error
- Fix for Crash in OpenDrive_Tray.exe with exception code: C0000005
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

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