Norton Power Eraser

最新版本 Symfony 3.4.40

Symfony 3.4.40

Symfony 3.4.40
Norton Power Eraser 使用最積極的掃描技術來消除傳統病毒掃描不會檢測到的威脅,因此您可以將 PC 取回。因為 Norton Power Eraser 是一個積極的病毒清除工具,它可能會標記一個合法的程序刪除。但是,您始終可以撤消掃描的結果。它還可以幫助檢測和刪除可能有害的程序.

快速和 Easy
Norton Power Eraser 是一個輕量級的工具,可以迅速掃描您的計算機上最積極的威脅.



檔案版本 Symfony 3.4.40

檔案大小 8.5 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Symantec Corporation
更新日期 2020-04-29

What's new in this version:

- [PhpUnitBridge] Use COMPOSER_BINARY env var if available
- [YAML] escape DEL(x7f)
- [PhpUnitBridge] fix compatibility with phpunit 9
- [Cache] skip APCu in chains when the backend is disabled
- [Form] apply automatically step=1 for datetime-local input
- [Security/Core] fix escape for username in LdapBindAuthenticationProvider.php
- [FrameworkBundle] Fix session.attribute_bag service definition
- [HttpFoundation] workaround PHP bug in the session module
- [SecurityBundle] fix accepting env vars in remember-me configurations
- [Form] Fixed handling groups sequence validation
- [Cache] Avoid memory leak in TraceableAdapter::reset()
- [Form] RepeatedType should always have inner types mapped
- [DI] fix loading defaults when using the PHP-DSL
- [HttpKernel] silence E_NOTICE triggered since PHP 7.4
- [Validator] Fixed default group for nested composite constraints
- [Validator] do not merge constraints within interfaces
- [Workflow] Use a strict comparison when retrieving raw marking in MarkingStore
- [PropertyInfo][ReflectionExtractor] Check the array mutator prefixes last when the property is singular
- [HttpFoundation] Fixed session migration with custom cookie lifetime
- [WebProfilerBundle] Support for Content Security Policy style-src-elem and script-src-elem in WebProfiler
- [Validator] Allow URL-encoded special characters in basic auth part of URLs
- [Serializer] Fix unitialized properties (from PHP 7.4.2) when serializing context for the cache key
- [HttpKernel][LoggerDataCollector] Prevent keys collisions in the sanitized logs processing
- [Validator] Fixed calling getters before resolving groups
- [Security/Http] Allow setting cookie security settings for delete_cookies
- [FrameworkBundle] revert to legacy wiring of the session when circular refs are detected

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