JabRef (64-bit)

最新版本 JabRef 4.2 (64-bit)

JabRef 4.2 (64-bit)

JabRef 4.2 (64-bit)
JabRef 64 位是一個開源書目參考管理器。 JabRef 使用的本地文件格式是 BibTeX,這是標準的 LaTeX 參考書目格式。 JabRef 運行在 Java VM(1.8 或更高版本)上,在 Windows,Linux 和 Mac OS 上運行良好。X.

BibTeX 是由 Oren Patashnik 和 Leslie Lamport 為 LaTeX 文檔準備系統編寫的應用程序和參考書目文件格式。一般信息可以在 CTAN BibTeX 軟件包信息頁面找到。 JabRef 64 位還支持 BibLaTeX.

由 LaTeX 和 BibTeX 生成的 BibTeX 文件可以通過使用不同的 BibTeX 和 BibLaTeX 樣式文件來格式化以適合任何參考列表規範。

JabRef 功能:

搜索 Web
可在外部數據庫中搜索條目 BibTeX 條目可以從那裡獲取。實例來源:arXiv,CiteseerX,Google Scholar,Medline,GVK,IEEEXplore 和 Springer

RIS,Medline / Pubmed(xml),Refer / Endnote,INSPEC,BibTeXML,CSA,ISI Web of Science,SilverPlatter,Scifinder,OVID, Biblioscape,Sixpack,JStor 和 RIS.

JabRef 可以指示搜索引用的全文,下載並直接鏈接到 BibTeX 條目。



啟動外部應用程序:PDF 查看器,Web 瀏覽器。將引文插入 TeXstudio,LyX,Kile,LatexEditor,Emacs,Vim 和 WinEdt

BibTeX 密鑰可以自定義的方式從文檔數據中自動生成。使用作者姓名,標題和年份.

支持 PDF 中的 XMP 元數據 61225896 改進共享 PDF 和參考書目信息的工作流程

HTML,Docbook,BibTeXML,MODS,RTF,Refer / Endnote 和 OpenOffice.org 以及 LibreOffice

Customization JabRef 接口

定制 BibTeX 字段
您可以添加自己的字段到任何 BibTeX 入口類型。

注意:需要 Java 運行時環境.

也可以:下載 JabRef for Mac


檔案版本 JabRef 4.2 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 JabRef_windows-x64_4_2.exe
檔案大小 52.3 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 JabRef Team
官網 http://www.jabref.org/
更新日期 2018-04-26

What's new in this version:

- Added "." (any file type) to the Import File Filter Dialog
- Abbreviate journal names functionality is now running parallel, increasing performance significantly
- Changed order of items in context menu
- Changed ID-based entry generator to store the last used fetcher
- Reorganised annotation information on the right side of the "File annotations" tab
- We now show a small notification icon in the entry editor when we detect data inconsistency or other problems
- We added oaDOI as a fulltext provider, so that JabRef is now able to provide fulltexts for more than 90 million open-access articles
- We changed one default of Cleanup entries dialog: Per default, the PDF are not moved to the default file directory anymore
- We added a new type of group that shows all items referenced in a given LaTeX file (actually the generated AUX file)
- We added an importer for the EndNote XML format. Feature request in the forum
- We added the export of the translator field to the according MS-Office XML field
- We changed the import of the MS-Office XML fields bookauthor and translator. Both are now imported to their corresponding bibtex/biblatex fields
- We improved the export of the address and location field to the MS-Office XML fields. If the address field does not contain a comma, it is treated as single value and exported to the field city. #1750, comment For more details refer to the field mapping help page
- We added Facebook and Twitter icons in the toolbar to link to our Facebook and Twitter pages
- Renamed the Review Tab into Comments Tab
- We no longer print empty lines when exporting an entry in RIS format
- We added the option to download linked URLs in the context menu in the entry editor
- We improved file saving so that hard links are now preserved when a save is performed
- We changed the default dialog option when removing a file link from an entry. The new default removes the linked file from the entry instead of deleting the file from disk
- The magnifier icon at the search shows the search mode again
- We added a new cleanup operation that replaces ligatures with their expanded form
- We added the function to parse German month names
- Pressing ESC while searching will clear the search field and select the first entry, if available, in the table
- We changed the metadata reading and writing. DublinCore is now the only metadata format, JabRef supports
- We added another CLI functionality for reading and writing metadata to pdfs
- We no longer print errors in field values during autosave into the log
- We improved the search performance by adding a short delay before starting to display search results Bug report in the forum
- We re-added the Generate BibTeX Key button to the EntryEditor toolbar on the left

- We fixed several performance problems with the management of journal abbreviations
- We fixed an issue where changing the type of an entry did not update the label in the tool bar of the entry editor and the contents of the currently visible entry editor tab
- We fixed an issue where pressing space caused the cursor to jump to the start of the text field
- We fixed the missing dot in the name of an exported file
- Autocompletion in the search bar can now be disabled via the preferences
- We fixed an issue where the progress of an ongoing file download was not shown correctly
- We fixed an issue where odd linked files could not be selected in the entry editor
- We fixed and extended the RIS import functionality to cover more fields
- Chaining modifiers in BibTeX key pattern now works as described in the documentation
- We fixed an issue where not all bibtex/biblatex fields would be exported as latex-free to MS-Office XML
- We fixed an issue where linked files would be deleted from bibliography entries despite choosing the "Cancel" option in the dialog menu
- We fixed the name of the group editing window to "Add group" instead of "Edit Group" when adding a new group
- We fixed the pureauth BibTeX key generator pattern to just return the author if no author, but an editor is present
- We fixed an issue where the "Copy linked files" dialog produced an error when the entry had no file
- We fixed the coloring of the search box icon in case a user switches to advanced search mode
- We fixed an issue where pressing del in the file field would trigger the delete dialog a second file, if the first file is deleted
- We fixed the saving of entry preview preferences

- We removed the Look and Feels from JGoodies, because the open source version is not compatible with Java 9

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