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最新版本 VirtualBox 2.2.4

VirtualBox 2.2.4

VirtualBox 2.2.4
Oracle VM VirtualBox 允許用戶在單台機器上運行幾乎任何操作系統,並可以在同時運行的操作系統實例之間自由切換。 VirtualBox 是 x86 和 AMD64 / Intel64 硬件的通用完整虛擬器,針對服務器,桌面和嵌入式應用。 VirtualBox 不僅是一款功能極為豐富,性能卓越的企業級產品,同時也是唯一一款免費提供的開源軟件專業解決方案.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 的一些新功能是:

對現代 Windows 和 Linux 客戶端的虛擬化支持
Oracle VM VirtualBox 能夠展示準虛擬化接口以促進軟件的準確和高效執行。一旦定義了虛擬機平台,Oracle VM VirtualBox 利用內置的虛擬化支持(Linux guest 虛擬機上的 KVM 和 Windows guest 虛擬機上的 Hyper-V)來提高 guest OS 的性能.

xHCI 控制器支持 USB 3.0 設備
Guest 操作系統現在能夠直接識別 USB 3.0 設備並以全速 3.0 運行。客人現在可以配置使用 USB 1.1,2.0 和 3.0 設備。

改進的拖放& 刪除支持
從 Oracle VM VirtualBox 開始 5.0 改進了在來賓和主機操作系統之間雙向拖放的支持; 拖放支持可用於安裝最新的 guest 虛擬機.

磁盤映像加密 51235896Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 允許在 XTS 模式(128 位或 256 位)下利用 AES 算法加密虛擬磁盤映像; 由於 DEK 是作為虛擬機配置文件的一部分存儲的,因此加密引入了進一步的安全功能,在啟動虛擬機時將要求提供密碼.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 現在支持在後台啟動虛擬機,在虛擬機繼續工作時可以關閉的最後一個進程.

注意:要擴展 VirtualBox 功能,建議您下載並安裝 VirtualBox Extension Pack.

也可以:下載 VirtualBox for Mac


檔案版本 VirtualBox 2.2.4

檔案名稱 VirtualBox-2.2.4-47978-Win.exe
檔案大小 62.97 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Oracle
更新日期 2009-05-30

What's new in this version:

* Windows Installer: fixed a potential hang during installation
* Windows Installer: fixed several problems (bug #3892)
* Solaris hosts: make it work with Solaris build 114 or later (bug #3981)
* Solaris hosts: fixed a bug serial port character handling found during loopback (bug #3120)
* Linux hosts: adapted to the latest changes in VBoxManage list runningvms (bug #4034)
* Windows hosts: fixed a crash caused by host-only/bridged networking
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed access to host DVD with passthrough disabled (bug #4077)
* Guest Additions: fixed problems with KDE 4 not recognizing mouse clicks
* Windows Additions: fixed incorrect 8-bit guest color depth in Windows 7 guests
* GUI: warn if VT-x/AMD-V could not be enabled for guests that require this setting (bug #4055)
* VMM: fixed occassional crash due to insuffient memory
* VMM: fixed hanging 64 bits Solaris guests
* VMM: restore from a saved state occassionally failed (bugs #3984 and #2742)
* Clipboard: fixed a deadlock while shutting down the shared clipboard on X11 hosts (bug #4020)
* OVF: fixed potential hang during import
* OVF: fixed potential crashes during import/export on Win64 hosts
* VBoxManage modifyhd --compact: fixed bug which could lead to crashes and image corruption (bug #3864)
* VBoxManage metrics collect: now fiushes the output stream.
* VHD: made VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid work for .vhd files (bug #3443)
* VHD: some .vhd files could not be cloned (bug #4080)
* VMDK: fixed creating snapshots
* NAT: improvement of TCP connection establisment (bug #2987)
* NAT: fixed order of DNS servers in DHCP lease (bug #4091)
* NAT: fixed DHCP lease for multiple name servers (bug #3692)
* NAT: fixed a potential segfault if the host lost its connectivity (bug #3964)
* Shared Folders: deny access to parent directories on Windows hosts (bug #4090)
* Shared Folders: make rm/rmdir work with Solaris guests on Windows hosts
* Networking: fixed the problem with blocked receiving thread when a broadcast packet arrives too early to be handled by uninitialized e1000 adapter.
* Networking: fixed the problem that caused host freezes/crashes when using bridged mode with host’s interface having RX checksum offioading on (bug #3926 and related). Fixes problems with TX offioading as well (bug #3870)
* PXE boot: Added support for PRO/1000 MT Server adapter.
* Python bindings: fixed keyword confiict
* SCSI: fixed occasional crashes on Win64
* Serial: allow to redirect the serial port to a raw file (bug #1023)
* VRDP: fixed a rare incorrect screen update

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