TeamSpeak Client (32-bit)

最新版本 TeamSpeak Client 3.0.6 (32-bit)

TeamSpeak Client 3.0.6 (32-bit)

TeamSpeak Client 3.0.6 (32-bit)
TeamSpeak 為在線遊戲,教育和培訓,內部業務溝通以及與朋友和家人保持聯繫提供了理想的工具。主要關注的是提供易於使用的解決方案,具有高安全性標準,出色的語音質量以及較低的系統和帶寬使用率。具有客戶端 - 服務器體系結構,TeamSpeak 能夠處理多達數千個並髮用戶.

它是如何工作的?託管您自己的 TeamSpeak 服務器,或從授權的 TeamSpeak 主機提供商處租借一個。與任何你想說的人分享你的 TeamSpeak 服務器地址。他們使用您提供的服務器地址,通過免費桌面客戶端連接到您的 TeamSpeak 服務器。開始談話。這很容易!

TeamSpeak 主要特點:

TeamSpeak 3 使用 Opus 音頻編解碼器提供無與倫比的語音質量。集成的自動麥克風音量調節,背景噪音降低和回音消除確保了清晰的通信.


您可以完全控制您的 TeamSpeak 3 服務器。通過強大的權限系統,您可以決定:誰可以交談,誰可以加入渠道,誰可以刪除用戶等等.

AES 基於加密可以選擇啟用整個服務器或服務器上的特定通道。此外,為了避免由於用戶名和密碼較弱而導致的潛在威脅,TeamSpeak 使用公鑰 / 私鑰進行身份驗證.

自定義您的客戶以滿足您自己的個人風格,包括主題,聲音包和設計,或者從 TeamSpeak 用戶提供的數百個插件中進行選擇社區.

最大限度地提高您的在線協作體驗。分享和下載存儲在 TeamSpeak 3 服務器上的文件.

使用 Android 和 iOS TeamSpeak 應用程序隨時隨地保持連接狀態.

也可以:下載 TeamSpeak 客戶端用於 Mac


檔案版本 TeamSpeak Client 3.0.6 (32-bit)

檔案名稱 TeamSpeak3-Client-win32-3.0.6.exe
檔案大小 28.44 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
更新日期 2012-04-23

What's new in this version:

- Added temporary server passwords, see contextmenu on server. Temporary passwords are valid for a specified period of time and work in addition to the permanent server password. The server requires a permanent passwords set, else temporary passwords have no effect. Needs server 3.0.3 or above.
- Plugin API updated to 16
- Added context menu "Paste & Send" in chat line.
- The away message is now shown beside nickname.
- Added multiselection for "Permissions > Channel Groups > Clients", the DEL key works too.
- Added ban reason sorting.
- Added line markers for each chat line. Can be disabled via chat display context menu (default is enabled).
- Added ability to delete other clients avatar if b_client_avatar_delete_other is set. Requires server 3.0.3 or above.
- Removed the confusing soundpack "None".
- Added animated gif support for avatar and channel description. Can be toggled in Settings->Options->Design (default is enabled).
- Added new permission b_client_request_talker, this allows clients to request talk power. Requires server 3.0.3 or above.
- Added news browser, meant to point users to new features in the client.
- Added name of the user who granted talk power to the message: "Talk power granted by X".
- Utilities (update, error_report and package_installer) are now dynamically translatable.
- Plugin API changes: Added setPluginMenuEnabled, requestClientIDs, onClientIDsEvent, onClientIDsFinishedEvent. Removed pluginEvent and getAPIVersion. Removed plugin_events.h header.
- Added plugin hotkeys, see test plugin for details
- Added version string to uninstall registry entries for display in Windows deinstall system control panel.
- Phonetic name can now be pre- defined per identiy but still be overwritten in every bookmark.
- ts3server:// links can now be entered into the Connect dialog. Values from this link will overwrite existing values from the dialog.
- Collected URLs are now saved in binary file instead of ini, much faster.
- Display server/channel group icons in group list of permissions window.
- All clients list can now also be searched by client unique identifier.
- Fixed contextmenu in chat on ts3server links
- Fixed opening the privilege key dialog without having the permission to see the key list and also then, all created keys will be shown until the dialog has been closed or list has been reloaded.
- Minor UI overhaul of privilege key list and add dialog.
- Fixed adding a custom ban even without the permission to list. When adding a ban a dialog will show if the ban could be inserted.
- Empty ban list no longer shows "Insufficient permissions to view bans"
- Fixed opening URLs with different char encoding e.g. ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) having '�' instead of 'ö' in filename.
- Fixed opening text chat from a received poke on correct server.
- Fixed no colors in multiline messages.
- Fixed invitation if privilege key contains a plus sign.
- Fixed special HTML characters ( etc) getting lost in chat history
- Fixed special HTML characters in client description
- Clear old server log when connecting to a new server in the server log view
- Changed behaviour of the last tabs close button.
- Fixed broken avatar template values.
- Fixed poke message size limit when message includes URL(s).
- Fixed writing and reading chatlog history. Please backup or delete old chat logs to start clean or you might feel some strange delay.
- Fixed bookmarks manager reporting unsaved changes.
- Fixed copying nicknames from chat if they contain whitespaces.
- Removed some repetitive settings from options dialog which are also accessible via contextmenus in the client mainwindow.
- Adjusted client for anti-flood settings fix for server version 3.0.3.
- Fixed an assert with animated images.
- Removed animation of group icons.
- Sorting of server- and channelgroups should behave the same even with identical sortID everywhere in the client.
- Added Delete keyboard shortcut to subscriptions dialog to remove entries
- Volume control plugin overhaul
- Fixed possibly invalid grant value displayed in permission overhaul
- Removed "Export to PDF" in permission overhaul
- Cleaned up client, channel and server info templates. Added list of all replacable variables to templates so user can easily restore the removed information with own templates.
- Removed clientID column from all-clients list
- Fixed banners not reloading anymore when the image was not available.
- Fixed bookmark drag&drop issues on Mac.
- Fixed crash when trying to send an offline message via fake link.
- Fixed copy and paste when text contains an image object.
- Fixed saving first-start-bookmark for not using hotkeys on a temporary uuid.
- Fixed hotkey toggle/activate/deactivate plugin.
- Fixed minor issues using animated gifs.
- Added workaround for G35 sound driver issue (voice only on right site)

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