Stellarium (32-bit)

最新版本 Stellarium 0.12.1 (32-bit)

Stellarium 0.12.1 (32-bit)

Stellarium 0.12.1 (32-bit)
Stellarium 是一個免費的開源天文館為您的電腦。就像你用肉眼,雙筒望遠鏡或望遠鏡所看到的那樣,它顯示出真實的 3D 天空。它被用於天文館投影儀。只需設置你的坐標,然後去。 Stellarium 的特點:

超過 600,000 顆恆星的默認目錄額外目錄超過 2.1 億顆恆星的星座和插圖十二種不同文化的星座星雲圖片(完整的梅西耶目錄)現實的銀河系非常現實的氣氛,日出和日落行星和他們的衛星 Interface
強大的縮放時間控制多語種界面天文館圓頂的魚眼投影自己的低成本圓頂的球面鏡投影所有新的圖形界面和廣泛的鍵盤控制望遠鏡控制 Visualisation
赤道和方位角網格星星閃爍射擊恆星 Eclipse 模擬超新星模擬換膚景觀,現在與球面全景投影 Customizability
插件系統添加人造衛星,眼睛模擬,望遠鏡配置和更多能夠添加新的太陽係對象 s 從網上資源... 添加自己的深空天體,風景,星座圖像,腳本... 也可用:下載 Stellarium for Mac


檔案版本 Stellarium 0.12.1 (32-bit)

檔案名稱 stellarium-0.12.1-win32.exe
檔案大小 73.62 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Fabien Chereau
更新日期 2013-04-22

What's new in this version:

- Use different formulae for DeltaT calculations
- Show/hide starts at magnitude > X featur
- Added translations for Inno Setup installer
- Added Caldwell catalog
- New skyculture: Tongan
- New feature for Oculars plugin: support Barlow/Shapley lenses
- Control brightness of the milky way
- Satellites plugin: New Galileo satellites
- Control brightness of the landscapes at startup

- Repacked default star catalogs
- Repacked locations catalog
- Refactored GUI
- Update textures for DSO
- Improved accuracy for NEO

- Sidereal day & sunrise/sunset
- Wrong solar day
- Pluto and Charon are not tidally locked in Stellarium
- Search problem in different language
- Bortle light pollution scale setting not working
- The preference of "Render Solar Shadow" cannot be saved
- Background color of the night sky
- Time is slightly off (from system time)
- Dynamic plugins don't load on window
- Satellite event times differ
- Yellow/Black Checkered Flag while Object Picture is Loading
- Planet display bug
- Star on meridian has wrong hour angle
- Location window spin box up/down behavior

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2011年7月2日 — 11 weeks ago. download icon stellarium-0.12.1-win32.exe (md5, sig), Stellarium 0.12.0 for Windows (32-bit), 3,057 last downloaded 3 weeks ago.