SoftPerfect Network Scanner

最新版本 Studio 3T 2021.9.0

Studio 3T 2021.9.0

Studio 3T 2021.9.0
SoftPerfect Network Scanner 是一個快速通用的 IPv4 / IPv6 掃描儀與現代接口和許多先進的功能。它適用於對計算機安全感興趣的系統管理員和普通用戶。該程序可以 ping 電腦,掃描端口,發現共享文件夾,並提供靈活的過濾和顯示選項。它可以通過 WMI,SNMP,HTTP,SSH 和 PowerShell 檢索任何有關網絡設備的信息。另外,您還可以掃描遠程服務,註冊表,文件,性能計數器等等。結果可以導出到 XML 到 JSON 的各種格式。立即下載 SoftPerfect Network Scanner!

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 功能:
執行 ping 掃描並顯示實時設備。完全支持 IPv4 和 IPv6 發現。檢測硬件 MAC 地址,甚至跨路由器。檢測隱藏的共享文件夾和可寫的文件夾。檢測您的內部和外部 IP 地址。掃描偵聽 TCP 端口,一些 UDP 和 SNMP 服務。檢索當前登錄的用戶,配置的用戶帳戶,正常運行時間等。支持遠程 SSH 和 PowerShell 命令執行。啟動外部第三方應用程序。將結果導出為 HTML,XML,JSON,CSV 和 TXT。支持局域網喚醒,遠程關機和發送網絡消息。通過 WMI,遠程註冊表,文件系統和服務管理器檢索任何系統信息。注意:演示版本

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檔案版本 Studio 3T 2021.9.0

系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SoftPerfect
更新日期 2021-11-10

What's new in this version:

- Aggregation Editor - Added support for aggregation index hints under the "Options" tab
- MongoDB 5.0 - Now bundling version 100.5 of mongodump and mongorestore with Studio 3T installations
- SQL Tab - Added a toolbar option that allows turning off automatic completion proposals when writing SQL queries
- Collection Tab - Automatically open the Visual Query Builder when a user starts dragging a field from the result view

- Table View - Improved the performance of all table views in Dark Mode
- Collection Tab - Collection queries restored with Session Restore will no longer be run automatically
- Collection Tab - Extended the quick syntax feature to support more data types, like strings, numbers and many more
- Migration to SQL - Added support for changing the source collection of existing units in a Migration to SQL task
- IntelliShell - Added a new toolbar and context menu action to clear the contents of the "Raw Shell Output" tab
- IntelliShell - The "Restart Mongo Shell" link is now a standard toolbar item for better discoverability
- Operations Tab - Improved the user interface of the Operations view to better reflect the status of any shown tasks
- Connection Tree - Studio 3T will now show all accessible collections, even if the "listCollections" privilege is missing
- Aggregation Editor - The aggregation editor will now be more flexible when parsing queries from the clipboard or a file

- Auto Updater - (Windows only) Fixed issues with downloaded updates not installing before the application is closed manually
- Exports - Fixed crashes that could occur when trying to export collections that have a name ending with a period
- Exports - Fixed crashes that could occur when trying to change the target file or folder of an export to the clipboard
- Visual Query Builder - Fixed cursor position in text input fields being reset when they lose and regain their focus
- IntelliShell - Fixed the IntelliShell failing to start on databases with special characters in their name
- Data Masking - Fixed an issue that could occur when masking documents that are missing one of the fields that are to be masked

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