最新版本 ImageGlass (64-bit)

ImageGlass (64-bit)

ImageGlass (64-bit)
Shift 更高的齒輪與電子郵件客戶端,使郵件,日曆和雲端硬盤帳戶之間的導航快速,方便,美觀。厭倦了在 Gmail 帳戶之間切換?獲取 Shift 電子郵件客戶端為 Windows PC 現在!

Shift 特點:

Gmail,Outlook& Office 365 就像 boss


De-Clutter 你的桌面
它就像保持你的房間乾淨。 Shift 郵件是一個英俊的解決方案,您的多個瀏覽器,選項卡,隱身和登錄註銷噩夢。訪問所有帳戶的 Gmail,日曆和雲端硬盤,無任何混亂.

Stay 最新日期
Shift 在 Windows,Mac 和 Linux 上運行得非常漂亮 - 獨立於瀏覽器,並按帳戶分組.

6 您可能會得到更多信息:
您有多個電子郵件帳戶,它們都會給您帶來輕微的焦慮。您每小時查看大約 36 次每個帳戶。你的多個日曆的情況看起來像一個彩虹剛剛拋出。你的數字檔案系統是有意義的(只對你的眼睛)。儘管互聯網的出現,您的便籤紙消費仍處於歷史最高水平。你被指責被同事,朋友,甚至是親戚過度使用。注:30 天試用版.


檔案版本 ImageGlass (64-bit)

檔案名稱 ImageGlass_7.6.4.30_x64.msi
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Redbrick Technologies, Inc.
更新日期 2020-04-29

What's new in this version:

- Created new repository for ImageGlass theme pack at: /ImageGlass/theme. You can fork this to create theme pack for ImageGlass
- Added Cropping tool to allow to crop and save the viewing image, select and copy the selection to clipboard
- Base64 image format support
- Directly view .b64 format
- Support viewing .txt as base64, but need to manually add extension in Settings > File Type Associations tab

Conversion from image format to base64 (.b64 or .txt extension). Supported MIME types are:
- image/gif: animation supported
- image/tiff: multi-page supported
- image/webp: animation supported (*)
- image/svg+xml: scaling supported (*)
- image/bmp, image/jpeg, image/x-icon
- image/png: all other image formats will be saved as PNG base-64
- (*) - when copy the base64 content and open in browser - Chrome

Conversion from base64 to image format limitation:
- TIFF / GIF: Only first frame/page
- SVG base-64 converted to pixelated format

Added more info of the viewing image in title bar:
- Color profile
- Image file date time is now either
- EXIF DateTimeOriginal with suffix (o), or
- EXIF DateTime without suffix, or
- LastModifiedTime with suffix (m)
- Added an option in theme config.xml file to change size of navigation arrow icon. See full options and learn how to create a theme pack for ImageGlass at /ImageGlass/theme
- Added Open with... feature to allow open the viewing image in other apps
- Added an option to play slideshow in random interval
- Added Color picker button on toolbar

- Reworded shortcuts in ImageGlass (see Shortcuts reference)
- Reworked navigation arrows with better visual
- Prevent screen turned off / sleeping while playing slideshow
- Used grey color schema for Check for update, Settings, About, Add new extension, Add new editing app window; Used current theme color scheme for Rename, Go to... dialog
- Initialized the color picker dialog when changing background color
- Auto-scroll the thumbnail bar to align the selected item in the middle (#698) - thanks to @TheApX
- Added title for tool windows
- Added new Viewer category in Settings > General tab
- Enabled basic support for long file path (more than 260 chars)
- Standardized menu items with ellipsis (…) for the functions require extra actions
- Added an option to disable touch gesture support (enabled by default)

- Fixed an issue resulting parsing ZoomLevels after upgrade
- Fixed an issue where new version hint is shown even tough latest version is installed
- Fixed an issue when the %APPDATA%ImageGlass folder does not exist, ImageGlass does not write any configs
- Fixed an issue where the installed folder path contains dot causes startup/config problem
- Fixed an issue where TGA images are rendered upside-down
- Fixed an issue where navigation arrows are blinking on hover
- Fixed an issue where navigation arrows require multiple clicks to quickly change images
- Fixed an issue where navigation arrows collide with viewer scrollbars
- Fixed an issue resulting loading TIFF and the image files that contain color profile slower 4 times due to Magick.NET library's bug
- Fixed an issue where touchscreen image navigation backwards
- Fixed an issue when changing toolbar buttons causes big gap on toolbar
- Fixed an issue resulting ImageGlass cannot view some image with invalid color / EXIF profile
- Fixed an issue preventing ImageGlass starting up by a popup with "Insert a disk into device D:" message
- Fixed an issue resulting high disk activity causes by metadata caching of thumbnail bar (e
- Fixed an issue where the config "LastSeenImagePath" fails if any folder in the path starts with "n"
- Fixed an issue insulting panning image sometimes enables dragging file to other app feature
- Fixed an issue where Page Navigation not initialized on open
- Fixed an issue where version value is not consistent in executable files

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