最新版本 Screenpresso 2.1.23

Screenpresso 2.1.23

Screenpresso 2.1.23
Screenpresso 屏幕捕獲允許您抓住您在計算機屏幕上看到的圖像或視頻,添加效果並與任何人共享。 Screenpresso 為您的培訓文檔,協作設計工作,IT bug 報告等提供桌面(屏幕截圖和高清視頻)。 Screenpresso 是一個新的輕量級屏幕抓取工具,內置圖像編輯器,用戶指南生成器和共享選項.

捕捉視頻或 Images
Apture 只需點擊幾下你看到的屏幕上。通過工作區管理你的捕捉歷史。使用 iOS 上的專用應用程序從您的 iPhone 導入媒體.

使用我們的內置圖像編輯器編輯和突出顯示截圖中的內容。使用文檔生成器創建 PDF 文檔.

拖動& 將您的截圖放到您的電子郵件中,以在 1 秒內創建附件。與 Screenpresso Cloud 共享視頻和圖像,無需註冊。發佈到印象筆記,Google 雲端硬盤,Twitter,Facebook,Dropbox 和更多...

注意:需要.NET Framework。有限的功能.


檔案版本 Screenpresso 2.1.23

檔案名稱 Screenpresso.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
更新日期 2024-02-14

What's new in this version:

Screenpresso 2.1.23
- Updated FFmpeg to version 6.1.1

Screenpresso 2.1.22
- Restored support for JpegXL and WebP image formats
- A specific third parties package will be downloaded when these formats are used
- Added 'NoSettings' policy
- For the IT to be able to disallow users to change settings
- Improved portablemode
- There are minor differences when portable mode is enabled from an USB key, from a folder named "PortableApp" and when the "--portable" flag is used from the command line
- Updated Adb to version 34

Screenpresso 2.1.17
- Removed a reference to libcurl that was causing a security issue
- Video: updated FFmpeg to version 6.1 and libvlc to version 3.0.20
- OCR: updated Tesseract to version 5.3.3
- Updated all dependencies to the latest version

Screenpresso 2.1.16
- Better handling of Powertoys FancyZone
- Reduced the risk to use too much CPU

Screenpresso 2.1.15
- Removed support for JpegXL and WebP image formats for security reason
- OCR: added the possibility to zoom the displayed text using the mouse wheel
- Added support for
- In portable mode, media are now stored in a subfolder named "Medias", not next to the exe anymore
- Added a detection for Microsoft PowerToys FancyZones to warn for potential issues

Screenpresso 2.1.14
- The video toolbar is now never captured during the video recording
- Closing the video preview after a video recording now saves the video by default instead of discarding it
- Reduced stamps loading time in the image editor
- When deleting multiple files at once in the workspace, the number of files to be be deleted is now displayed in the confirmation dialog
- Added "WorkspacesSort" advanced setting. This allows all workspaces to be always sorted alphabetically
- When showing the properties of an image, the file's size is now also displayed
- Reduced the risk of ScreenpressoRpc.exe to use too much CPU
- Removed all links will Google Analytics

Screenpresso 2.1.13
- Fixed a SSL issue occuring under Windows 7
- Fixed a timer occuring at startup on a few comouters

Screenpresso 2.1.12
- Fixed a security issue
- Updated Twitter sharing
- Fixed the QR Code reader
- Fixed Dropbox sync issue
- Fixed capture autoscoll button's position at capture's startup
- Fixed an issue when uninstalling
- Fixed Dutch translation

Screenpresso 2.1.11
- Fixed an issue with corporate licenses

Screenpresso 2.1.10
- Improved workspace's performances when having a lot of files
- Fixed multiple minor bugs

Screenpresso 2.1.8
- New video capture look and feel
- Added a new feature that detects sensitive data (emails) in the screenshot to blur it automatically (PRO)
- Built-in support of Webp image file format
- It is now possible to edit the metadata of a video and add chapters (bookmarks) (PRO)
- It is now possible to set 2 different shortcuts for the PrintScreen key (PRO)
- In the border effect window of the image editor, the new torn edge ratio setting is now disabled if no torn edge effect is selected
- Reviewed the print window to be more compliant with Windows 11

- system sound recording crash with surround sound cards
- UnspecifiedError calling waveInOpen message when the microphone's access is denied via the Microsoft Windows settings panel in the 'Privacy & security area
- a crash when capturing a screen area having a size of 1x1 pixel
- an issue in the image editor with font size not being well saved in templates for high dpi images
- popup of drawing items in the image editor displayed out of the screen when having a lot of templates
- an issue with the Windows OCR

Screenpresso 2.1.7
Fixed the color of captured cursor during video recording When the cursor was highlighted, it was displayed yellowish.
The Webcam window now takes the focus when it appears In the "Border effect" window of the image editor, depth of the torn effect can now be configured
Moved some settings from "Screenshot" tab to "Workspace" tab
Migrated to ADB version 33.0.3

- Fixed a specific license issue when using and enterprise key and having a non empty internal license key
- Fixed editor display over high dpi screen
- For the new "Lifetime of files" feature released in the previous version, the last modification date is now used instead to the creation date

Screenpresso 2.1.6
- Improved the capture of the mouse cursor
- Screenpresso is the only tool on the market that captures the mouse cursor well in all situations! Even if you have zoomed your mouse cursor using the Windows' accessibility setting, if your mouse is over a high resolution or HDR screen (e.g. over a 4K screen), or if you have plugged a mix of different screens.
- Updated the video toolbar's look and feel
- The webcam can now be displayed within an ellipse or a round shape
- The webcam's video resolution can now be changed (by default, Screenpresso uses the best quality)
- The location, size and shape of the webcam window can now be modified live via shortcuts
- Added presets to quickly perform a full screen video capture
- Improved support of high DPI images in the editor and the workspace
- When an image with a resolution is different than 96 DPI, it automatically changes the zoom of the editor. For the added items, it increases the font size and the thickness found in the template.
- On the workspace's context menu, when right-clicking on an image, the DPI information is displayed when the selected image has a resolution different than 96 DPI
- Added a "Lifetime of files" setting
- This requests Screenpresso to automatically delete files that are older than a defined period. The default value is 'Unlimited'.
- Added F11 shortcut key to the built-in image editor to show or hide all toolbars
- It allows displaying the edited image as widely as possible
- The OCR is now based on the Windows' built-in engine
- You can still choose to use Tesseract OCR engine (the previously used tool) and compare the results to find the best one
- Added build-in sharing support for Linear
- You can watch this tutorial to discover how to effectively report an issue using the new features of Screenpresso

- Capture: fixed wrong display with some High DPI screens
- Capture: fixed wrong magnifier's display when zoomed
- The workspace's startup size now resets if the screen's resolution has changed
- Removed the HTML encoded characters that could appear when using the Google Translate service (in the OCR window)

Screenpresso 2.1.5
- Editor: custom color can now be set using an hexadecimal value

- Capture: fixed Escape key not always working to cancel a capture operation
- Capture: fixed the color picker with high resolution screens

Screenpresso 2.1.4
- Restored cross monitors screen capture feature.
- It is a colossal improvement making our engine the best in the world
- Improved the window detection for capture in one click
- Moving the mouse over a window's title bar during the capture always automatically selects the whole window. So it is excellent, for instance, to capture an entire Microsoft Word window.
- Improved the help message during the capture
- It indicates the available shortcuts
- Zoomed cursor is now well captured
- If the mouse cursor size is increased via the Microsoft Windows' Accessibility settings, Screenpresso now considers it
- Added a "Save and exit all opened windows" context menu item to the "Copy and exit" button of the built-in image editor
- Added a new 'MediaPlayerAutoPlay" advanced setting
- Updated the documentation about the available advanced settings

- Fixed DelayCapture countdown display on high-resolution screens

Screenpresso 2.1.3
- Added 'Capture all screens' feature
- Now all screens freeze when starting a capture. Added a new advanced settings named 'CaptureOneScreenOnly' to be able to disable this

- Fixed Per Monitor DPI capture
- Fixed thumbnails transparency
- Fixed a license management issue

Screenpresso 2.1.2
- Capture: changed the opacity of the mangnifier's grid
- Capture: fixed a uncommon crash when capturing the mouse cursor
- Fixed a crash with the web browser showing the release notes when a new version is available
- Fixed a license management issue
- Fixed the incorrect renewal price displayed for an enterprise license
- Updated FFmpeg to version 5.0.1
- Updated Tesseract to version 5.1.0

Screenpresso 2.1.1
- Added an advanced setting to be able to hide the grid inside the magnifier during a screen capture
- Fixed a crash under Windows 7
- Fixed an issue during capture autoscroll

Screenpresso 2.1.0
- Starting a new capture is now blazing fast
- It also uses very little hardware resources
- Per monitor DPI support
- If for instance you move the editor window from a FullHD screen to a 4K screen, now it dynamically resizes itself
- Blur tool now supports an option to pixelize the image instead of blurring it (PRO)
- Is is now possible to set the background of a png image as transparent (PRO)
- Added support for SFTP protocol to the FTP sharing feature
- Improved resolution for some webcam models
- Startup speed improvement at the very first startup
- Updated Czech translations
- Updated the user manuals

- Editor: clicking an item could sometimes make it moving by 1 pixel
- Editor: it is possible to draw a strait line while holding the shift key, but, when copy/paste this strait line to make another one, the corresponding grips did not appear correctly
- Video: fixed video speed convertion that was failing on non-english computers
- Fixed 'NoVideo' policy that was not working anymore
- USB keys where not detected anymore, disabling the Screenpresso's portable mode special behavior

Screenpresso 2.0.0
Enhanced screenshot engine:
- Performance improvement and better looking with the animated magnifier during region selection
- Zoom in/out is now possible using the mouse wheel during the capture region definition
- When using multiple monitors, the fullscreen capture mode only captures the monitor with the mouse cursor in it
- You can now grab the mouse cursor and move it during post-production using the built-in image editor
- To capture the mouse cursor, press the [PrintScreen], then press the M key before defining the capture region. If you want to include the mouse cursor on every new capture, open the Screenpresso settings on the Screenshot tab and select Capture mouse cursor.
- The cursor can now also be captured using Capture last region, Capture active window and Capture full screen

Image Editor:
- New look and feel with its left toolbar
- New rotate option from the toolbar
- It is now possible to change the background image: right-click anywhere on the image and select "Change main image..."
- Holding the Alt key while drawing an item now sets its color as the one of the pixel behind it
- This is great if you want to quickly draw an opaque rectangle on the image to hide part of it
- Holding the Alt and the Ctrl key while drawing a rectangle can be used to paint over part of the image

Enhanced video capture:
- Direct MP4 recording is the new default recording mode and edition and video conversions are now possible on MP4 files (PRO)
- Stereo sound recording is available
- It is now possible to automatically stop video recording after a defined period of time in minutes
- It is now possible to start a video capture via the command line and optionally define a maximum recording time in minutes
- The webcam is now captured using its best resolution

Video edition additions:
- Export to APNG video format is available in addition to animated GIF format
- You can mute/silent or change the speed of a video during post processing
- You can add an overlay timestamp to the video recording
- You can now use the keyboard to navigate in the video preview (left and right keys)

Captures history - Workspaces:
- New look and feel. The background of the window is darker and the "Screenshot region" and "Record video" buttons are quickly available (no more intermediate popup window)
- Search for images is available: press Ctrl+F or use the keyboard to type few letters that match filenames
- You can set a global shortcut to display the last three screenshots in the quick view window

New Google Chrome extension:
- The Screenpresso chrome extension is available on the Chrome webstore
- The extension eases the capture of scrolling web pages
- The extension sends captures to the Screenpresso workspace for a smooth editing process

Other improvements:
- Norwegian language is now natively supported
- Memory improvement: screenpresso has a smaller memory footprint

Screenpresso 1.12.1
- Updated explanations and pricing for major version upgrade
- Improved OCR
- Updated Polish translations

Screenpresso 1.12.0
- Editor: fixed number items text forecolor in the image's properties window
- Editor: improved the OCR
- Video: better handling of the webcam

- the watermark that was auto enabling itself after every Screenpresso updates
- a behavior with the Microsoft Windows Store
- New internal versioning management
- multiple minor bugs

Screenpresso 1.11.0
- Editor: fixed wrong display of numbered items over a high DPI image
- Video: disabled automatic MediaPlayer windows' resizing when resuming a playback
- Fixed 'capture' command line verb
- Removed YoutubeExtractor

Screenpresso 1.10.7
- Added a setting to the magnifying glass to draw the zoomed image using wether a crisp or smooth algorithm
- Improved undo/redo commands of the built-in image editor
- Fixed long video recording that was not working anymore when 'Direct mp4 recording' option was unchecked
- Fixed video speed setting that was causing an issue (this feature is available in beta releases only)
- FFmpeg.exe and Tesseract dependencies used by Screenpresso are now digitaly signed by Learnpulse company to avoid "Access denied" to some particular files when using an antivirus
- Fixed alignment display of one setting in French
- Fixed an issue in one Arabic sentence
- Updated Japanese translations
- Updates the Google Chrome extension to support the latest manifest v3 published by Google

Screenpresso 1.10.6
- Fixed license being sometimes lost
- Editor: fixed display on a high DPI screen of number items when using a big font
- Sharing: updated all used SDKs to their latest version
- Video: updated FFmpeg to version 4.4.1 and libvlc to version 3.0.16
- Video: restored 'Restart' video recording menu item
- Improved commandline's 'video' verb for video recording
- Embedded HTML is now displayed using Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer when available

Screenpresso 1.10.5
- Added 'Import an exiting folder..." menu item to the workspaces manager to make it more friendly than just drag and drop behavior
- Reverted the MSI to autostart Screenpresso via the registry HKLM instead of HKCU
- Updated Tesseract OCR to the new version released on august 2021
- Improved the behavior of 'EditorAlwaysMaximize' advanced setting
- Updated the commandline documentation
- Updated sample admx and adml files

Screenpresso 1.10.4
- Video recording is now gracefuly stopped, without loosing the recording, when Windows is shutdown
- It is now possible to easily retrieve the path of the working folder of each workspaces
- Fixed wrong copy to clipboard behaviors from the workspace
- In the workspace's context menu, saveas '.presso' is now always available for images, even if it was never edited using the built-in editor
- Fixed the issue in the workspaces manager when the thumbnail image of a workspace does not exist anymore
- The built-in image editor window is now still visible when the 'EditorSavePosition' advanced setting is enabled and the last windows' position was on a screen that is currently disabled
- Fixed filename not displayed when printing an image. Added a setting to print it or not
- Added a 'Contact support' button to the NetworkError form
- For the IT, the 'NoLicenseManagement' policy key now also disable access to the activation key from the about box dialog

Screenpresso 1.10.3
- Fixed an infinite loop with animated gif files. Screenpresso could not start anymore and was automatically killed by Windows

Screenpresso 1.10.2
- The workspace now detects the file system's changes to automatically refresh itself
- Fixed issue with edited gif images
- Fixed Twitter sharing issue due to breaking changes in Twitter API
- Added 'NoLicenseManagement' policy for the IT to be able to disable the display of the 'License management' menu item to the users

Screenpresso 1.10.1
- Better support for readonly folders and antivirus
- If you have an antivirus (e.g. Avast), please add Screenpresso.exe to its whitelist

Screenpresso 1.10.0
- Added 'EditorItemRatio' advanced settings. Drawing a new rectangle while holding the Shift key in the built-in image editor now forces the height to be equal to the width according to the given ratio
- Long video recording is more stable
- Fixed "AccessDenied" error message during video recording when the user's windows session is locked for more than one minute
- On error 'Merge images' feature now returns all images in one instead of nothing
- Added a new tab for settings specific to the workspace
- Changed behavior with the Windows' UAC
- Updated translations

Screenpresso 1.9.10
- Added 'EditorItemRatio' advanced settings. Drawing a new rectangle while holding the Shift key in the built-in image editor now forces the height to be equal to the width according to the given ratio
- Long video recording is more stable
- Fixed "AccessDenied" error message during video recording when the user's windows session is locked for more than one minute
- On error 'Merge images' feature now returns all images in one instead of nothing
- Added a new tab for settings specific to the workspace
- Changed behavior with the Windows' UAC
- Updated translations

Screenpresso 1.9.9
- Commandline: changed 'install' verb to 'deploy' verb
- Fixed a compatibility issue with settings
- Fixed issue with Win key not working after a screenshot in beta releases
- Uninstall: no error message is displayed anymore even if wscript is not available

Screenpresso 1.9.8
- Policies now also work with already existing settings
- Workspace: changed CopyImageToClipboard and CopyFilePathToClipboard context menu items
- Fixed Chocolatey package

Screenpresso 1.9.7
- Fully changed the command line arguments. Run Screenpresso.exe --help for more information
- Fixed the issue "ValueTuple.dll is missing" on some computers, when playing a video
- Fixed the issue "Could not load type 'System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IsReadOnlyAttribute'" on some computers
- The exit code of the application is now always 0 when no error occured. Before it was sometimes a positive value
- Chocolatey is now officially supported

Screenpresso 1.9.6
- Change log not available for this version

Screenpresso 1.9.5
Video improvements:
- Fixed random crash when recording a video with system sound (what I hear)
- Fixed manual selection of audio source adapter. Previously, it was not taken into account
- Fixed the issue "ValueTuple.dll is missing" on some computers, when playing a video
- Fixed the issue when playing an avi file, it was sometimes not possible to replay it
- Fixed "AccessDenied" error message during video recording when the user's windows session is locked for more than one minute
- Disabled hardware acceleration to avoid a black display on the computers that don't support this feature

Editor reworking:
- Reworked stamps. Now there are nice even on high definition screens. We also added some new stamps

Publish reworking:
- The windows are not displayed within the workspace anymore
- Fixed generated YouTube URLs
- Fixed Evernote

Screenpresso 1.9.4
- bug fixes

Screenpresso 1.9.1
- Improved video player stability
- Workspace: Ctrl+Num and Ctrl+Alt+Num shortcut is now 1 based and not 0 based anymore (e.g. press Ctrl+Alt+1 to publish selected media to Screenpress Cloud instead of Ctrl+Alt+0)
- Improved cross-process synchronization when running Screenpresso.exe multiple times at once
- Fixed a VBScript error message that occured sometimes when uninstalling Screenpresso

Screenpresso 1.9.0
- Install the latest version of the .NET Framework on your computer using this Microsoft link if you are not using Windows 10
- Fixed a critical bug that prevents item edition on the built-in image editor. The bug was introduced with the new auto-save feature and impacted only the old image editor interface. The workaround was to turn-off the auto-save feature by setting the advanced settings flag called "EditorAutoSave" to False

Screenpresso 1.8.5
New video player engine:
- The video player used in the preview window (shown after a recording) has been completly reworked
- The new player is faster, more stable and uses less CPU resources

- Improved the startup stability (fix "XML" issue on loading)
- Improved the general stability (fix interprocess issues)
- Fixed OCR issue on Japanese language
- Fixed the image copy/paste issue from Outlook to Screenpresso

Minor look change:
- The Screenpresso windows are not round anymore but a little more square to follow Windows 10 aesthetics

Screenpresso 1.8.4
- Bug fixes

Screenpresso 1.8.3
- Capture: fixed clipboard issue
- Video: improved video recording stability
- What's new window: removed the display of JS errors when the release note is loaded and the embedded browser lacks some JS capabilities
- Update hotkey engine for users that install Screenpresso in Program Files folder (.NET 2.0 apis are not used anymore)

Screenpresso 1.8.2
- Capture: fixed delay screenshot feature
- OCR: updated engine and added support for Portuguese and Brazilian
- Added 'EditorSavePosition' advanced setting
- Fixed crashed during update

Screenpresso 1.8.1
- Added "NoOcr" policy
- Added "MergeVideos" command line
- Color picker: removed the '#' character in the captured color value
- Capture: fixed ScreenshotDelay feature
- Workspace: added a tooltip to explain how to organize up or down the workspaces
- Editor: fixed the canvas when cropping outside the original content
- Editor: fixed an issue with the zoom
- Editor: fixed a crash when deleting all numbered items
- Video: fixed error message when the disk is full
- Workspace: the window is not topmost anymore
- Sharing: fixed an issue with Evernote
- Changed default value of advanced setting named "SnappingDepth" from 1 to 2
- Added NoErrorReportingEmail policy
- Improved the clipboard
- Improved Live Update engine
- Improved FIPS support
- Restored version to Windows' field named "ProductInfo"
- Updated to the latest version of NAudio library for better sound recording

Screenpresso 1.8.0
- Improved custom filename
- The configuration of a custom filename for screenshots is enhanced, and more options are available.
- Choose "User-defined" and click on the configure button
- Define your filename pattern with predefined placeholders
- The 2 minutes limit length for animated gif is removed
- Animated GIFs should be short and lightweight. That's why we recommend keeping GIFs video under 2 minutes length. However, Screenpresso does not hard limit it anymore.
- New "VideoPauseBeforeStop" advanced settings
- You can resume the video recording when you stop it. The stop button acts as a pause button, and a second confirmation is needed to finalize the video
- New "SnappingDepth" advanced settings
- When you start a capture, moving the mouse over a window selects it. If you set the depth value to 1 you can select the child window of this root window by moving the mouse over it. If you set a value to 2, you can select a child window of this child window, and so on... The default value is 1 but to capture only root windows in one click, you might prefer to set it to 0.
- A new What's new? dialog has been added
- When a new version is available, the release note is now shown directly in Screenpresso

Updated third parties components:
- The OCR is now based on Tesseract 5-alpha
- The Google SDK v3 is now used for Google drive and Youtube integration
- Bug fixes
- Due to instabilities on Windows APIs, the Direct MP4 recording option is not supported anymore over Windows 8
- Improved the clipboard engine. Sometimes the content was not set resulting to an empty clipboard
- The "Reset all settings" button was not workink propertly (sharing settings were not resetted)
- The video recorder was sometimes crashing due to audio issues
- A display issue has been fixed when printing from the workspace
- The Check for Update window size has been fixed for windows users with font size greater than 100%

- Editor: update OCR Tesserac to version 5-alpha
- New display for release notes
- Added 'OpenFileExplorerAfterProcessing' advanced setting
- Fixed an issue with latest security Microsoft patch for Windows 7
- Fixed gif video issue when video clipping was applied at the same time
- Fixed Android video recording occuring with some mobile phones

- Improved memory usage (some bitmaps are freed more quickly) Fixed wrong Fmpeg version in MSI install

- Fixed a bug with policies and pro license
- Removed support for Hightail sharing service since they don't provide an API anymore
- Release notes is now displayed in Screenpresso when a new official release is available

- Screen resolution (DPI) is now set into the captured image file
- Screen resolution (DPI) is now taken into account when drawing mouse cursor
- When FFmpeg must be re-installed, now a message explains why
- Fixed policies not applied at startup
- Fixed app not starting with Windows on some computers

- Fixed issue with settings Fixed display of tools in built-in image editor Restaured "Check for beta update" checkbox visibility in AboutBox

- Fix the startup issue when no settings.xml exist

- Fix the startup issue when no settings.xml exist

- Fix a set of minor bugs

- Fixed lag at video recording's startup
- When "Direct MP4 recording" option is checked, there was a lag during about 0.3 seconds at the very beginning of the record.
- Fixed issue with automatic merge at the end of video recording
- A new feature of the previous release is for Screenpresso to merge automatically multiple AVI files when Direct MP4 recording option is not checked and a long video recording ends. This new feature introduced a bug preventing the video preview from being displayed.

- Added dash-dot line style
- For lines, circles, rectangles and polygons, it is possible to set a plain or a dash line style. Now we added the dash-dot line style.
- Added Ctrl+C shortcut
- Ctrl+C now copies to clipboard selected item or the whole image.

- Fixed Google Drive public permission
- When you upload a media to Google Drive thanks to Screenpresso's build-in publish feature, you can request it to be publicly available. This feature was not working properly and is now fixed.
- Removed ScreenpressoCloud banner (pro)
- If you are a Screenpresso PRO user and publish a media to ScreenpressoCloud, the hosting Web page won't display a banner advertising Screenpresso anymore.
- Upgraded ScreenpressoCloud max file size
- The maximum file size has been changed from 20MB to 50MB

- Smaller settings.xml file
- Now the settings.xml file storing all your settings is much smaller because it does not contain default values anymore (settings that you haven't changed are not saved to the file anymore).
- Fixed proxy error message
- When a proxy setting does not work, there is now a better error message.
- About box saves previous choices
- About box window now remembers whether you checked Check for beta option or not. Previously this setting was always checked when you opened the window.

- Fixed German and Dutch translations

Capture: automatic merge of mp4 files when multiple files have been generated during video recording:
- If "Direct MP4 recording" option is not checked, Screenpresso records video using AVI file format. Because this format is limited to 2GB for max file size, Screenpresso may generates multiple AVI files. At the end of the recording, Screenpresso automatically converts these AVI files to MP4 files but the results was multiple MP4 files. Now it adds one more processing steps that merges all these files in one

Capture: generating an animated gif video is now much faster, fix ghosting with animated gif, removed dependency on ImageMagik:
- When a video recording was finished and saved to animated gif, processing was very long and quality was not very good. Now because Screenpresso uses a whole new processing engine, animated gif generation is much faster and with better quality. By the way we removed the dependency to ImageMagic third party software to reduce possible security holes.

Capture: upgraded to FFmpeg and ADB:
- Screenpresso uses FFmpeg for video convertion and more. We updated to version 4.1.4 of FFmpeg for internal improvements
- To record videos or take screenshots of Android devices, Screenpresso now uses version 1.0.41 of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to communicate with latest versions of Android devices

AboutBox: 'Check for update' button now has an option to choose between official or debug releases:
- Clicking on "Check for update" button in About Box is optional since Screenpresso already features an automatic live update engine for official release (you can disable it via settings). Click this button only if you want to get latest beta updates for testing purposes, including some features preview of the future realease v2.
- The date for the future v2 major version is not yet planned. We just start thinking about it.

Editor: numbering items can now be displayed in Roman (before it was possible to display only in number or letter):
- You can add numbering items to your screen captures. Now it support numbers (1, 2, 3, 4...), letters (A, B, C, D...) and romans (I, II, III, IV...).

Editor: added EditorSingleInstance, WorkspaceCloseOnEdit and ScreenshotHideCursor advanced settings
- If you set EditorSingleInstance to True then when you double-click multiple images in Screenpresso workspace, it will always open them in the same instance of the image editor instead of opening multiple windows.
- If you set WorkspaceCloseOnEdit to False then the workspace window will remain opened when you double-click a media to open it (a media is an image, a video, or a document).
- If you set ScreenshotHideCursor to False then when you perform a screen capture, the standard mouse cursor remains visible. Default behavior of Screenpress is to hide it and show a cross instead.

Policies: administrators can now fine tune which sharing features are available or disabled:
- Now IT can for instance disable Google Drive and Evernote sharing features but keep OneDrive and OneNote sharing features available. Refer to the user manual (press F1 key from Screenpresso to open it) or run "Screenpresso.exe /policies" to generate a sample registry file.

All Web calls are based on TLSv1.2 protocol to improve security
- If your operating system supports the latest version of HTTPS protocol then Screenpresso will use it

- Fixed German translationsFixed issue when generating an animated gif document

- Change log not available for this version

- Fix instabilities in the image editor

- Change log not available for this version

- Added custom time configuration for delayed capture
- Added an action setting to allow automatic printing after every capture
- Added Sweden and Czech translations
- Direct MP4 recording is now the default setting
- Improve hotkey handling (print screen key)
- Removed Facebook sharing feature
- Upgraded FFmpeg to version 4.0.2
- Fixed video preview: video ratio was sometimes incorrect
- Fixed editor: drawing of a line or a polygon while shift key was pressed
- Fixed workspace: display issue with scrollbars when changing workspaces order

- Editor: improved image editor’s automatic window’s sizing when an image is opened
- Editor: better suport for RightToLeft text edition
- Editor: increased max font size
- Multiple minor bug fixes

- Capture: WebCam’s window size and location is now saved. It is also possible to open WebCam’s driver settings
- Capture: after a capture, Screenpresso can now ask in which workspace the file must be saved if ‘WorkspacesAlwaysAsk’ advanced setting is set to True
- Editor: holding Control key when clicking “Send backward” now brings selected item to back instead of just one step backward
- Editor: screen used to display the window is now persisted
- Editor: improved border effects window and added a drop shadow preset
- Sharing: it is now possible to disable URL shortener when uploading to Google Drive

- Better support for high resolution monitors
- Reworked user interface
- Fixed breaking change in Facebook API
- Removed support for Flickr
- Added SupportEmail policy
- Microsoft Windows’ setting named “WindowArrangementActive” is now supported

- Editor: added a context menu command to delete all items
- Capture: fixed zoom issue during video recording
- Capture: fixed crash during video recording with system sound enabled when locking user session
- It is now possible to both install and activate Screenpresso via a single command line call

- Added a new quick view border less and top most window. Select a capture then press ‘Space’ key
- In built-in image iditor, it is now possible to use mouse wheel to change value of a numeric item
- It is now possible activate Screenpresso PRO via command line


- It is now possible to manualy merge videos (PRO)
- We added quick search to the workspace. Press a key to select next corresponding file
- Images are now copied to clipboard with support of transparency
- (e.g. now you can directly paste a transparent image to PowerPoint)
- Full support of Dropbox API version 2
- Improved Evernote sharing to support video and documents, not just images
- Video encoder is now 64 bits

- Capture: fixed display of watermark setting during capture
- Capture: center grip is not displayed anymore before video capture when capturing full screen
- Capture: fixed systray icon not blinking anymore after restarting video recording
- Document: fixed text no being deleted from generated document after deleting a bullet point
- Workspace: deleting a HTML file now also deletes “_files” sub-folder
- Workspace: fixed Screenpresso display at very first startup
- Screenpresso now generates ADMX file instead of ADM file for GPO
- All Screenpresso URLs are now HTTPS instead of HTTP

- Added per monitor DPI support under Windows 10
- Added “NoLoop” setting for animated GIF generation from video recording
- FileCopy sharing feature can now create an archive of files in destination folder
- “SaveAs HTML” feature in workspace now encodes the image as base64
- Fixed crash in Windows’ DLLHost.exe rarely occuring on 64 bits operating system only
- Fixed issue with Google translate without an Internet connection

- Fixed shortcuts engine issue
- Fixed animated GIF issue

- New shortcuts engine
- Support for Windows 10 virtual desktops
- Added a shortcut setting for delayed capture
- Custom colors are now persisted
- Added Ctrl+MouseWheel shortcut to workspace for changing thumbnails size

- Capture: quick capture form is now hidden from ALT+TAB
- Capture: OCR now supports Japanese
- Capture: added a button in OCR window to be able to remove lines feed
- Capture: clicking the systray balloon when it is displayed now opens workspace
- Editor: it is now possible to move to next or previous image using PageUp and PageDown keys
- Editor: document’s name is now displayed in Windows’ spool window when printing
- Editor: it is now possible to copy an item and paste it in another application
- Sharing: improved Imgur sharing
- New code signing certificate using sha256, according to Microsoft’s rules for 2016

- Screenpresso is now 64 bits
- New workflow to capture whole screen
- Systray icon now blinks with different colors during video recording
- Reworked Imgur sharing to support new v3 API

- Windows 10 fully compatible
- Video capture: system sound can now be recorded in screencast
- Video clipping: you can now modify the start and end time
- New quick capture window always visible on your desktop
- 2 way synchronizations with Microsoft OneDrive and Google drive
- Editor enhancement: new polygon drawing tools, most of the drawing items can now be rotated
- Screenpresso hot keys now work within applications with administrator privileges
- Video capture: watermark your videos
- New color picker
- Even more new features

Screenpresso 2.1.23 相關參考資料
Download Screenpresso

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Screenpresso 2.1.13

Fixed a timer occuring at startup on a few comouters. A new version is available. Click here to see the latest version (2.1.23).

Screenpresso 2.1.2

Fixed a crash with the web browser showing the release notes when a new version is available. Fixed a license management issue.

Screenpresso 2.1.21

Changes Removed a reference to libcurl that was causing a security issue Video: updated FFmpeg to version 6.1 and libvlc to version 3.0.2…

Screenpresso 2.1.22 - 下載

ScreenPressor 允許您記錄螢幕活動到很小的視頻檔,以100%的品質。它是製作視頻教程和演示文稿的最佳解決方案。ScreenPressor 是專為螢幕捕獲的視頻編解碼器。


Screenpresso 2.1.23

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Screenpresso 是一款輕量級小巧但功能強大的截圖工具,自帶圖像處理編輯器。Screenpresso的編輯器在圖像處理方面包括裁切、縮小、重置圖像大小及畫布大小外還能給圖像 ...

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Screenpresso的編輯器在圖像處理方面包括裁切、縮小、重置圖像大小及畫布大小外還能給圖像添加邊框特效、倒影效果等。而在編輯方面Screenpresso包括給圖像添加多彩箭頭、 ...