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SiSoftware Sandra Lite(系統分析儀,診斷和報告助手)是一個信息& Windows PC 的診斷工具。它應該提供你需要了解的硬件,軟件和其他設備(無論是硬件還是軟件)的大部分信息(包括無證)。桑德拉是一個(女孩)的希臘名字來源,意思是“衛士”,“人類的幫手”。我們認為這很合適。 SiSoftware Sandra Lite 被設計成 32 位和 64 位 Windows 系統分析器,包括基準測試,測試和列表模塊.

它與其他 Windows 實用程序一樣,但是它試圖超越它們並向您展示更多真實情況。賦予用戶在高級和低級別進行比較的能力。您可以獲得有關 CPU,芯片組,視頻適配器,端口,打印機,聲卡,內存,網絡,Windows 內部,AGP,PCI,PCIe,ODBC 連接,USB2,1394 / 火線等信息。支持 6 種本地架構(x86,x64- Windows; ARM,ARM64,MIPS,MIPS64,x86,x64 -Android)通過技術合作夥伴(AMD / ATI,nVidia,Intel)提供巨大的官方硬件支持 4 個本地(GP)GPU / APU 平台支持 OpenCL,CUDA,DirectX Compute Shader,OpenGL Compute * 4 種本地圖形平台支持(DirectX 12,DirectX 11.x,DirectX 10.x,OpenGL 3.0+)9 種語言版本(英語,德語,法語,意大利語,西班牙語,簡體中文,繁體中文,繁體中文,簡體中文,俄文),增強型 Sandra Lite(Eval)版本(免費用於個人 / 教育用途,評估其他用途)注意:某些模塊在 Lite 版本中不可用變灰)。僅限私人或教育用途(不得商業用途).


檔案版本 Select Version

檔案名稱 san2021-31133.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 SiSoftware
更新日期 2023-08-08

What's new in this version:

CPU Multi-Media Benchmarks:
- AVX-iFMA(52): New 256-bit code path based on AVX512-iFMA(52) 512-bit for future arch (e.g. “Meteor Lake” MTL, “Arrow Lake” ARL). We saw +66% improvement as detailed in our AVX512-iFMA(52) Improvement for IceLake and TigerLake article.
- AVX512-FP16: New code path for Xeon processors that support AVX512-FP16. We expect +90% improvement over FP32 if precision loss in acceptable (e.g. zoomed out fractals).
- Note: Future FP16 code-paths will also be added to the other CPU benchmarks, however some parts may remain FP32 as the loss of precision would make the results useless. We have explored this in our GP-GPU article dealing with FP16 support: FP16 GP-GPU Image Processing Performance & Quality.

CPU Cryptogaphy Benchmarks:
- SHA2-512 HWA: Hardware-accelerated hashing SHA512 code-path – based on current SHA2-256 HWA. We expect ~3x (three times) better performance based on the SHA2 non-accelerated/HWA results.
- Future SM3-256 (China) HWA: Hardware-accelerated hashing SM3 code-path (China’s version of SHA hashing functions). We expect similar performance improvement to SHA HWA.
- Future SM4-128/256 (China) HWA: Hardware-accelerated block crypto SM4 code-path (China’s version of AES block crypto functions). We expect similar performance improvement to AES HWA.
- Note: We will default to “SM4 + SM3” benchmarks – rather than “AES + SHA” for both CPU & GP-GPU Cryptography benchmarks when “China” locale is detected as these algorithms are more likely to be used there.
- Note 2: ARM already includes SHA2-512, SM4, SM3 HWA (hardware acceleration extensions) in their high-end cores.
- Note 3: While AES & SHA are not going anywhere, there has been a shift to other crypto-algorithms (especially those that can encrypt/decrypt and hash/authenticate like “ChaCha20Poly1305” as famously used in WireGuard VPN) that are fast enough even without hardware acceleration!

All CPU Benchmarks – AVX10 Support:
- AVX10.2+ 256-bit future code paths (FP32, FP64 and FP16) for Hybrid architectures (e.g. “Meteor Lake” MTL, “Arrow Lake” ARL). Note both Core (P) and Atom (E) will run the same 256-bit width binary and not different widths
- AVX10.1+ 512-bit & AVX512 shared code path (FP32, FP64 and FP16) for Xeon architectures
- Possible AVX10.2+ 128-bit future code path for Atom/Other discrete architectures if required
- Note: in future Hybrid arch, Core (P) cores are likely to support 128/256-bit widths only. We don’t know (and we could not tell you) whether disabling Atom (E) cores will get the Core (P) to report 512-bit widths.

Hardware Support:
- Intel 14th gen Hybrid “Raptor Lake Refresh” RPL-S support
- Intel future gen Hybrid “Meteor Lake” (MTL-S/M/P/N), “Arrow Lake” (ARL-S/U), “Lunar Lake” (LNL-M) detection
- Intel future gen Xeon “Granite Rapids” SP/D detection

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