Samsung Magician

最新版本 Tableau Desktop 2021.2.1

Tableau Desktop 2021.2.1

Tableau Desktop 2021.2.1
Samsung Magician 軟件便於維護和連接到台式機或筆記本電腦的三星 SSD 產品的使用。

除了提供有關用戶系統和 SSD 產品的信息之外,Samsung Magician 還支持 SSD 性能管理,最佳性能基準測試,新固件更新等高級功能.

此三星專有軟件專為三星 SSD 產品設計並可用於任何三星 SSD 產品,包括 470,830,840,840 PRO,840 EVO,850 PRO 和 850 EVO 固態硬盤。此軟件與其他製造商的 SSD 不兼容。

Samsung Magician 功能:
SecureErase 功能可在 1 分鐘內完全擦除驅動器上的數據。更新功能確認從 Samsung 網站安裝了最新的固件。針對 Superfetch / Prefetch,ReadyBoost 和 DIPM 設置的自動 OS 優化。基準測試應用程序測試 SSD 和其他連接設備的性能。完全兼容所有以前出貨的三星 SSD 硬盤。


檔案版本 Tableau Desktop 2021.2.1

檔案名稱 TableauDesktop-64bit-2021-2-1.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
更新日期 2021-07-23

What's new in this version:

- An intermittent error: "Unable to complete action. Internal Error - An unepected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Error Code: 0E1EAFA4" could occur when editing a view.
- When attempting to refresh or open a workbook with multiple data source, the error could display stating, "ERROR: no such field '[Calculation_:ok]', datasource='(name).
- "Error: Unable to complete action. Internal Error - An unepected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Error Code: 6EA18A9E" could occur when publishing or opening a workbook on Tableau Server when there is a table calculation, a parameter, and data blending in one worksheet
- Error code 6ea18a9e could display when performing an incremental refresh of an etract that uses custom SQL
- OData V3 could fail to refresh using 2020.3+
- A workbook could generate a "collation mismatch" error when trying to view full data with Ecel and etract data sources
- An etract could repeatedly be created when switching between the sheet and the data source tab even after the etract had been created successfully
- The Impala data connector would fail to connect via the HTTP transport protocol
- With PostgreSQL data, a timezone set by the initial SQL command when connected via JDBC would fail to apply
- When opening and closing workbooks, aliases and sorts were sometimes not saved when connected live to Microsoft Access
- Some users were not able to log into Tableau Online from Tableau Desktop when using a Gmail email account
- "Error code 2F0F5E42" could display when a workbook was connected to a live data source with joined tables
- Error Code: F5328B32, "Tableau cannot evaluate the query that results from this calculation" could result when more than one spatial calculated field is added to the view
- In Tableau Reader, a workbook would fail to open when custom geocoding was contained
- A "Driver not found" error message would sometimes result and the sign-button was unavailable when opening a workbook connected to an Impala data source
- Presto data queries could fail with the error, "Value is not a number: java.lan.String", when converting custom SQL to decimal using the DECIMAL() function to cast the data type
- When generating the forecast for a Measure, an "Internal error" could occur

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