最新版本 Agent DVR

Agent DVR

Agent DVR
RegCool 是 Windows PC 的高級註冊表編輯器。除了可以在 RegEdit 和 RegEdt32 中找到的所有功能外,RegCool 還增加了許多強大的功能,使您可以更快,更高效地處理與註冊表有關的任務。主要特點 - 多撤銷和重做 - 搜索和替換 - 比較註冊表 - 剪切,複製和粘貼 - 拖放 - 註冊表快照 - 備份和恢復 - 碎片整理。 RegCool 在 Windows XP 以上版本的所有 Windows 版本上運行,並且提供以下語言版本:英語,德語,法語,中文,西班牙語和荷蘭語

RegCool 特性:
多重撤消和重做。 - 撤消歷史記錄可以保存到磁盤並在啟動時重新加載。搜索& 替換 - 用超快速搜索算法搜索和替換註冊表項,值和數據。您可以在典型的 PC 上在大約十秒內搜索整個註冊表!比較 - 以超快速度比較計算機之間的註冊表。 RegShot-Function - Regshot 允許您快速記錄註冊表,然後將其與第二個進行比較 - 在完成系統更改或安裝新軟件產品後完成。剪切,複製& 粘貼 - 剪切,複製和粘貼註冊表項和值。拖放 - 通過拖放,您可以快速移動或複制註冊表項和值。備份& 還原 - 完成備份和還原註冊表。碎片整理 - 掃描並優化您的註冊表,通過消除空白和浪費空間,從而幫助提高系統性能。如果您選擇在掃描結果之後整理註冊表,請準備重新啟動機器。收藏夾管理 - 簡單靈活的收藏夾管理。多個本地註冊表窗口 - 允許打開多個本地註冊表窗口。安全的註冊表鍵 - 允許您在管理員權限下運行時打開安全的註冊表鍵。


檔案版本 Agent DVR

系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Kurt Zimmermann
更新日期 2023-10-30

What's new in this version:

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with rendering some action summaries

Agent DVR
- UI updates
- Add support for setting detector zone on other devices in actions
- Add integration points for upcoming mobile app updates
- Update auth check to not be case sensitive on auth type
- Add option to themes to keep playback controls on screen
- Keep controls on screen if mouse over
- Display playback controls on time machine
- Add LWT support to MQTT - see MQTT settings

- Fix issue with raw recording on some streams
- Fix issue reconnecting some onvif event streams
- Fix issue with stale images on mjpeg feeds
- Fix issue with some alert flags not being set on recordings under some circumstances

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with downloads to IOS devices

Agent DVR
- UI updates
- Playback updates
- Log cloud upload failures
- Add scroll momentum for touch devices
- Update raw writer for better audio sync
- Updates to work with new CPAI API changes

Agent DVR
- Resolve issue with AI server up/ down actions
- Fix layout issue at low resolution

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with storage management
- Add support for live recording playback/ new recordings in Time Machine

Agent DVR
- Add mark all as read option to alerts
- Add summary to storage dropdown
- Run storage monitor at startup - delay
- agent commands - use server name (mqtt)
- ftp upload on event
- cloud upload on event
- tag current recording api - tagrecording?ot=2&oid=1&tag=something
- use grid for point calculation in rectangle
- updates for PTZ presets
- Grid search for AI tracking
- fix bug with autoplay audio
- add live scrubbing to time machine - use previous version by unchecking "enable scrubbing" in server settings - local server
- ui updates
- add digest support to JPEG url
- fix issue with fake param in some JPEG endpoints

Agent DVR
- Add pin control to alerts list
- Fix issue with locking/ unlocking live recording
- Some UI tweaks

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with deleting ONVIF PTZ presets
- Remove default Center preset
- Add notice about using RTMP for Reolink to wizard
- Add notice about stopping scan for testing to wizard

Agent DVR
- Fix time machine device selection bug

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with time machine

Agent DVR
- Update UI - optimise mobile mode
- Add email with video option (with pre-event buffer)
- add photo option to actions and schedule
- Add default cloud upload provider
- Add ability to name actions
- Add support for other S3 providers (than just Amazon)
- Restructure the device editing menu and move some controls
- Fix issue with PTZ schedule editor when camera not active
- Copy more object recognition properties in device copier
- Add AI responses to debug logs
- Other bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Update UI
- Add support for upcoming Google Home integration

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with zone settings blocking actions when using simple detector

Agent DVR
- update UI

Agent DVR
- Fix for enabling GPU support on OSX
- Faster downloads
- Update to M3U8 streams (Nest)
- Add MediaWriter DTS / PTS check

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with windows installer

Agent DVR
- with duplicate alert events
- with merging dates into json packets in actions

Agent DVR
- Update to stream resizer

Agent DVR
- Add ability to add/ edit/ delete motion zone area configurations
- Add action to apply motion area configuration
- Add task to set PTZ presets on devices
- Added action to run when PTZ Preset is called
- Add schedule actions to apply motion areas
- Add option to local server to use SSL only
- Add change password to local users account menu

- Fix issue with reconnecting to some ONVIF event streams
- (so you can apply motion detection areas based on PTZ preset)
- Update object tracking detectors to raise events in motion zone areas
- UI updates/ minor bug fixes
- Fix bug with loading in config when media location is unavailable resetting configuration (now logs error instead)
- Optimise resize of video when browser resized.
- Update userguide

Agent DVR
- Increase download timeout for ffmpeg install

Agent DVR
- Fix PTZ issue
- Playback optimizations
- Fix issue with 32 bit ARM download

Agent DVR
- Couple of UI bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Add ffmpeg installer page
- Add markers for timelapse and regular recordings on timeline view
- Fix some minor bugs with PTZ controller

Agent DVR
- Added AI down and AI up events. These events are throttled to 1 every 60 seconds
- Added variable speed control to PTZ controller in digital and onvif modes
- Add Use High Performance Resize option to system settings - playback which will use a very fast resizer but also will result in some loss of visual quality.

- Update image resizing code (use more efficient algorithm)
- Fixed an issue with the MJPEG internal decoder
- Fixed an issue with FFMPEG buffer alignment
- Fixed issue with ONVIF PTZ configuration setup
- Gamepad and virtual joystick PTZ controls now support variable speed

Agent DVR
- Fix some minor ui bugs
- Close dialogs on back pressed
- Playback timing updates

Agent DVR
- Update imaging library
- Add support for SSL to ONVIF
- Add workarounds to ONVIF to support some non-conforming devices
- UI updates - add live skip back and links to device specific recordings and photos
- Add back support to UI for SPA navigation
- Replace icons with textual information on live display and video feeds
- Fixes for compatiblity with ARM 32 bit on Docker

Agent DVR
- Add support for onvif devices without authentication
- Add HTTP port override setting for ONVIF JPEG support on external networks

Agent DVR
- More ONVIF updates

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with ONVIF http digest auth on linux

Agent DVR
- Add warning about action for AI triggers

- Fix bug with raw recording
- Fix some onvif bugs
- Fix bug with dropbox

Agent DVR
- Add WyzeBridge PTZ support (make sure your camera name matches the camera name in WyzeBridge. Choose WyzeBridge on PTZ tab and specify the port WyzeBridge is using).
- Add Amazon S3 cloud upload
- Fix issues with DropBox
- Add ONVIF http digest fixes for linux/ osx
- Workaround issue in ffmpeg 6 with m3u8 sources
- Fix issues with ONVIF Talk

Agent DVR
- Bug fixes
- Add Agent DVR remote talk feature (talk to other instances of Agent DVR over the network)
- Add authentication to logs.html
- Fix issue with AI run on motion throttling
- Logging overhaul
- Remove locks / restructure internals
- Add parameters for auto login on local (pass un=xxx&pwd=xxx)
- Fix issue with RTMP audio streaming
- Add use photo url option to FTP
- Update CPAI integration
- Add SDL talk for local talk support on Linux / OSX
- Add support for RTMP main stream (HD) playback

Agent DVR
- Bump FFmpeg 6 version that was crashing on missing GPU drivers
- Add TURN server option to local server settings

Agent DVR
- Upgrade to FFMPEG v6 - Backup your current install!
- Add Trigger Recording action (with timeout)
- Bug fixes
- Add indexeddb support in local browsers for image caching

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with ffmpeg version on linux

Agent DVR
- Add test button to add camera wizard
- Add default option to filters (name one default to apply on load)

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with handling empty zone list
- Add recognized sound overlay option to camera audio view
- Cache base64 jpegs for 1 second to reduce load

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with zone filtering

Agent DVR
- Add Web Browser source type
- UI updates
- Add PTZ support to floor plans
- Add arm/ disarm trigger to actions
- Add some logging output to storage manager
- Add variable distance check options to object tracking (check corners). Instead of checking the corners of bounding boxes on AI and object detection areas, Agent will now check a set distance limit from the center point. See Check Corners in object recognition and other AI tabs and tracking detectors for more info.
- Add detected Audio tags and confidence to microphone visualizations (overlay checkbox in AI sound recognition configuration)
- Add Icons to devices on general tab for display on floorplans

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with opendrive
- Reolink AI detector now raises object found events and tags alerts
- Fall back to load backup objects file if objects file is corrupted

Agent DVR
- Add go to preset task option
- Keep onvif connections alive so PTZ works via commands when camera disabled
- Only fire enable event when response received from device
- UI updates to Alert Summary
- Show historical limits on audio visualization
- Add switch to block alerts when AI server is down
- Add talk to user permissions

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with applying profile on arm from UI not applying home profile

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with multiple action tasks filtering zone list
- Add support for http based digest authentication on ONVIF devicesa

Agent DVR
- Add PTZ preset access to API
- Add volume control (not available on IOS)
- Add SSL switch to reolink AI API
- Add OpenDrive as a cloud upload target
- Upgrade audio visualizations, improve audio visualisation CPU usage
- Add MQTT raw image push
- Modify {Base64Image} tag to only send base64 data in MQTT
- General rename of IP Camera to Network Camera
- Bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Fix an issue with shortcut keys

Agent DVR
- Upgrade alerts display (bigger images, next, previous, timeline, delete).
- Add play link to alerts that plays the associated recording if available
- Fix bug with AI photos (taking photo when detected object below confidence limit)
- Set defaullt limits on photos and files in local server settings (local server settings)
- Add max alerts limit to server setttings
- Remove repeat push debug message

Agent DVR
- Bug fixes
- Add support for Actions to have multiple tasks associated to them
- Add lang parameter to url for force-choosing language eg /?lang=fr
- Add support for AND/ OR to action tag matching
- Mailer support for no authentication
- Add support for action on/off/run to API
- Object recognition upgrade to check corners as well as center of area

Agent DVR
- Fix crash bug when some feeds fail to connect
- PTZ UI updates
- Add camera error information to display if connection fails

Agent DVR
- Add option to object recognition settings to ignore static objects
- Update SMTP mailer
- Fix bug with FTP when rename option checked
- Add setting to disable update check
- Add "This Device" to trigger actions so actions can be copied efficiently
- Work around bug in CodeProject.AI face recognition
- Default timeout changed for AI server testing
- Update Sources
- M3U8 connection updates
- Add action reset timeout setting

Agent DVR
- Tuning updates for object recognition
- Fix bug where AI down results in constant alert state
- Update MJPEG feed to return cameras in requested order

Agent DVR
- Fix object recognition settings upgrade
- Other bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Updated AI code (filter moved to actions - see userguide, you may need to check your settings after the update)
- Added AI sound recognition
- Added Face Not Recognized event
- Fixed settings upgrade
- Bug fixes
- Added Swedish translations

Agent DVR
- Resolve some issues with photos and enhance
- Add action option to send push notifications
- Add ability to merge in AI tags with text-to-speech actions

Agent DVR
- Updated AI modes (full AI re-write)
- Removed Alert Filter (Added alert trigger settings to Object Recognition)
- Upgraded detector Zones system to support up to 5 different zones
- Bug fixes
- Updated Userguide

- AI Detector as Alert Mode option
- live overlay for AI detectors
- photos options for all AI detectors
- users and permissions subsection to server settings (for licensed version)
- support for custom logos to server settings (for licensed version)
- login UI for users
- option to set the maximum number of sessions to server settings - local server
- skip to Content option to server settings - playback which will auto skip to the first motion event on playback of recordings.
- LPR via CodeProject.AI
- enhance Photos UI (super resolution) via CodeProject.AI
- full UI to administer CodeProject.AI server from Agent DVR
- options to test AI servers
- AI module discovery to Object Recognition
- transparency to timestamp and overlays
- option for auto font size to timestamp settings

Agent DVR
- UI tweaks
- Add NDI device discovery and support
- Add NDI PTZ controller

Agent DVR
- Roll back some connection changes that seem to have introduced some rare issues
- Add support for new API
- Add connection troubleshooting settings to server settings (option to wait on startup for connection and specify the connection method).
- Ignore audio instead of abort on raw recordings when audio codec is not supported by ffmpeg.
- Remove check for running instance at startup.
- Translations update

Agent DVR
- Fix memory leak when restricting number of files to UI
- Add specific date option to scheduler
- Add new format option to MJPEG streamer
- Update UI for PTZ controller (and add top 9 alphanumeric presets)
- Add option to ONVIF settings to restrict directional controls for cameras that only support up/down/left/right.
- Bug fixes.

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