REAPER (64-bit)

最新版本 REAPER 6.44 (64-bit)

REAPER 6.44 (64-bit)

REAPER 6.44 (64-bit)
REAPER 64 位是一個完整的 Windows 和 OS X 數字音頻製作應用程序,提供完整的多軌音頻和 MIDI 錄製,編輯,處理,混音和母版工具集。 REAPER 支持廣泛的硬件,數字格式和插件,並且可以全面擴展,腳本化和修改.

REAPER 的全面靈活的功能集和著名的穩定性已經在數字音頻的使用中找到了家:商業和家庭工作室,廣播,位置錄音,教育,科學研究,音效設計,遊戲開發等等​​.

從任務關鍵型專業環境到學生筆記本電腦,都有一個版本的 REAPER 64 位,功能齊全,沒有任何人為的限制。您可以全面評估 60 天內的 REAPER。 REAPER 許可證價格實惠,無 DRM .

高效,快速加載和緊密編碼。可以從便攜式或網絡驅動器安裝和運行。功能強大的音頻和 MIDI 路由,支持多聲道。 64 位內部音頻處理。以幾乎任何比特深度和採樣率導入,記錄和呈現多種媒體格式。徹底的 MIDI 硬件和軟件支持。支持成千上萬的第三方插件效果和虛擬樂器,包括 VST,VST3,AU,DX 和 JS。用於處理音頻和 MIDI 的數百種工作室質量效果,以及用於創建新效果的內置工具。自動化,調製,分組,VCA,環繞聲,宏,OSC,腳本,控製表面,自定義外觀和佈局。注意:60 天試用版和嘮叨屏幕.

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檔案版本 REAPER 6.44 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 reaper644_x64-install.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Cockos Incorporated
更新日期 2022-01-08

What's new in this version:

- fix memory bounds checking on aarch64/armv7l
- fix gfx_showmenu() related issues (deadlock when undo point added, possible crash when MCP embedded)
- if REAPER has an external editor configured for .jsfx, use for open in external editor button
- improve 32-bit x86 implementation (consistent rounding with other architectures)
- scripts can write to #dbg_desc to write debug messages visible on main plug-in UI
- show code sections in IDE right-click menu
- show context information about built-in variables in IDE
- do not allow export_buffer_to_project() to be called from @slider
- allow override of refresh rate using options:gfx_hz=60 etc
- add options:gfx_idle to allow @gfx section to run when UI is closed (detectable via gfx_ext_flags having 2 set)
- add options:gfx_idle_only to allow UI-less plug-ins to run @gfx code at idle

Media items:
- add option to close item notes window on enter key
- save item notes when closing item notes window via action
- add support for various loudness measurements (LUFS, etc) when normalizing media items
- when normalizing multiple items to an integrated loudness value, support either normalizing each item separately or normalizing the combined (sequential) output of all items

- add CalculateNormalization function
- do not apply render-config changes when calling GetSetProjectInfo in get mode on rendering configuration
- do not defer indefinitely when calling reaper.defer() with no parameters from Lua
- properly support passing binary-safe strings to extension-registered functions

- ensure final master render peaks are displayed after normalizing
- fix files left open when normalization/limiting is interrupted
- fix render peaks display when normalizing and negative project start time offset exists
- fix saving of presets with normalize enabled affecting old presets

- add "erase" as a default synonym for delete/clear/remove
- do not warn on program startup if too many custom actions exist (only warn when creating)

- add per-theme option to not use themed window colors when in dark-mode (enabled by default theme)
- improve performance of Live FX multiprocessing, especially on M1 systems

- improve behavior relating to project notes flags and loading projects in REAPER 6.38 and earlier
- on new project without saved project settings, set recording/render format to 24-bit wav

- fix extra sine oscillator when portamento is used
- fix stuck note when portamento is used in certain instances

- fix recording glitches that could occur during looped project-synchronized playback
- support exporting media into project via MIDI CC when UI is not open

- fix listview drawing glitches when editing values and scrolling
- support very long pathnames (note: for shell browsing/etc to work with these, the LongPathsEnabled registry key must be set)
- improve display responsiveness of progress bars

Control surfaces:
- fix CSURF_EXT_SETSENDVOLUME notifications when in write mode and fader-scaled envelopes
- Custom action editor
- fix entering certain characters on macOS

- if format supports BWF, write start offset when exploding multichannel audio to new files

- fix various cross-platform key aliasing corner cases

- prevent closing windows via close button when a popup menu is open

Media explorer:
- improve selection behavior after navigating with arrow keys on Windows

- fix setting XMP marker metadata

MIDI editor:
- add action to insert note at edit cursor without advancing

- fix manual entry of pan values when preference is set to display pan in dB

Razor edits:
- do not delete/cut/copy razor edits when cursor focus is on track control panels

- add Parallel Band Pass filter mode

- correct 9.1.4 speaker arrangement, add 9.1.6

- scan %LOCALAPPDATA%ProgramsCommonVST3 on Windows

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