最新版本 PowerArchiver 2016 16.00.61

PowerArchiver 2016 16.00.61

PowerArchiver 2016 16.00.61
PowerArchiver 是一個完整的 Windows 歸檔實用程序。創建 ZIP,ZIPX,TAR / GZ / BZ2,CAB,ISO,打開其他 20 種格式。完整的 Windows 7/ 8 支持與 UAC 海拔和 VSS! FIPS 140-2。多核壓縮和最快的 RAR 提取。創建速度最快的 ZIP / ZIPX 引擎,速度提高達 50%。

如果您正在使用或考慮升級到 Windows 7 和 Windows 8,則無需擔心與 PowerArchiver 的兼容性問題。我們已經做了大量的測試,以確保一切正常。 PowerArchiver 支持 UAC(用戶訪問控制)提升管理員,當它檢測到需要管理員帳戶以讀取或寫入某個文件夾時.

是否需要壓縮數據庫,Outlook .pst 文件或任何其他文件一些應用?沒問題,PowerArchiver– 我們獨家支持 VSS(卷影支持),通常只有企業備份才能訪問其他程序無法訪問的數據。

PowerArchiver 主要特點:
完整的 Windows 7/ 8 支持,UAC 和 VSS 最先進的 ZIP / ZIPX 引擎 7 -Zip 壓縮高級 RAR 支持– 包括 5.x 格式多種格式支持包括 ISO 不匹配的安全性和 FIPS 140.2 認證預覽窗口隊列系統(添加 / 提取 / 備份)和 PowerArchiver 初學者保證的兼容性和資源管理器集成壓縮配置文件 Patchbeam 2 秒更新系統有用的工具(轉換工具,編碼工具,修復工具,寫入 / 合併多卷工具,批量 ZIP 工具,多重提取工具,SFX 工具)注意:免費 30 天全功能試用版本


檔案版本 PowerArchiver 2016 16.00.61

檔案名稱 powarc160061.exe
檔案大小 25.51 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 ConeXware Inc
官網 http://www.powerarchiver.com/powerarchiver/
更新日期 2016-02-05

What's new in this version:

- New Interface – New classic and ribbon/modern interface designs. Everything is easy to use and where it always was, just with much nicer overall design. 9 prebuilt skins are available and each can be configured with various different options. Full application is properly skinned – every window! Classic interface is default and completely skinned as well as Ribbon interface.
- New icons and logo – New icon design and new logo throughout the interface with modern look. Icons are now used in File menu interface as well, for modern look. However, if you still prefer the old look, you can change back to old icons by going to View> Skin Options> Icon sets.
- For everyone! – Full support for both classic and modern (ribbon) toolbar. Skinning support can be completely turned off via Classic skin with no skins, to speed up interface on very slow computers.
- Superior Windows 10 support! – Finely tuned Windows 10 support. We did not forget Windows XP either!
- Completely customizable – Everything can be changed! There are many, many options that can be customized – for instance, you can turn on/off aero, change interface icons, every window is re-sizable, icon size is manually adjustable. There are 9 different skins, including dark and light variants.
- More translations! – Over 30 full translations with every detail of interface translated to native language in fully unicode interface.
- Ashampoo_Snap_2015.11.27_10h42m29s_034_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox
- 2K/4K display support – Automatic support for 2K/4K displays – future proof! Large DPI support from 110% to 200%. Icon size is automatically adjusted with natively drawn large icons for superior look (over 1000 icons built for this purpose).
- Touch screen support – Support for touch screens with special touch screen mode. If you use tablets that make it hard to click various parts of interface, Touch mode will automatically enlarge option choices so it is easier to hit wanted options. Works and looks great! Future proof!
- Faster startup- faster startup speeds, especially on older systems.
- Backup, Encryption Suite, Burner and Virtual Drive are full apps- Backup, Encryption Suite, Burner and Virtual Drive are now full applications that can be started independently from PowerArchiver and have their own full interface. Shortcuts to these apps are added via installer.
- Office and Adobe encryption and signing- Added various Office and Adobe encryption and signing/verifying features in Encryption Suite (full interface).
- Audio Burner and Ripper added- Many have asked us for audio burning and ripping features so they don’t have to download separate audio burner – implemented in 2016. Audio burner will even automatically take audio from MP4 video file.
- Support for ZPAQ format- support for strong ZPAQ format added. Both compression and extraction are supported. Depending on user feedback, further development is possible.
- Support for WIM format- Added “compression” support for WIM format, in addition to previous extraction support.
- Ashampoo_Snap_2015.11.27_10h41m28s_031_
- Improved support for all formats- Improved support for all formats, as well as bug fixes. Over 50 various formats now supported.
- Updated Burner Engine- Updated Burner engine for support of latest Blu-Ray standards.
- Improved Compression Tools- All compression tool windows have been improved – Multi Extract, Archive converter, Batch ZIP and others are now all updated, modern looking with larger window default size and resizable. Improvements to performance as well as bug fixes.
- Main PowerArchiver- Every part of main PowerArchiver window has been upgraded.
- Backup- Many smaller changes and bug fixes.
- Explorer view enhancements- Much better support for Windows Libraries (documents, downloads, pictures, etc) in File Manager mode (Explorer view).
- Better support for various different languages- Better support for various languages (displaying non native character sets). More translations to come in next month.
- Many other improvements and bug fixes- Many other improvements and bug fixes. Several hundred closed tasks.

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