最新版本 NSIS 2.01

NSIS 2.01

NSIS 2.01
NSIS(Nullsoft 腳本安裝系統)是一個專業的開源系統來創建 Windows Installers。它的設計盡可能的小巧靈活,因此非常適合網絡發布.

作為用戶對您的產品的第一次體驗,穩定可靠的安裝程序是成功軟件的重要組成部分。隨著 NSIS 你可以創建這樣的安裝程序,能夠做一切需要設置您的軟件.

NSIS 是基於腳本的,並允許您創建邏輯來處理,即使是最複雜的安裝任務。許多插件和腳本已經可用:您可以創建 Web 安裝程序,與 Windows 和其他軟件組件進行通信,安裝或更新共享組件等。更多功能列表:生成自包含的可執行安裝程序支持 ZLib,BZip2 和 LZMA 數據壓縮(文件可以單獨或一起壓縮)卸載支持(安裝程序可以生成一個卸載程序)可定制的用戶界面(對話框,字體,背景,圖標,文本,複選標記,圖像等)經典和現代嚮導界面完全多語言,在一個安裝程序中支持多種語言(包括 RTL 語言)。 40 多個翻譯已經可用,但你也可以創建自己的。頁面系統:可以添加標準的嚮導頁面或自定義頁面用戶選擇安裝組件,用於組件選擇的樹多個安裝配置(通常為最小,典型,全部)和自定義配置使用 CRC32 校驗和進行安裝程序自我驗證壓縮數據大小(默認選項為 34 KB)能夠以文本或 RTF 格式顯示許可協議能夠從註冊表中檢測目標目錄易於使用插件系統(大量用於創建自定義對話框,Internet 連接,HTTP 的插件下載,文件打補丁,Win32 API 調用等都包含在內)安裝程序可以大到 2GB 以及更多...


檔案版本 NSIS 2.01

檔案名稱 nsis201.exe
檔案大小 1.61 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Nullsoft
官網 http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Main_Page
更新日期 2004-09-24

What's new in this version:

Major Changes
- Compiler (makensis) supports POSIX platforms (Linux, -BSD, Mac OS X, etc.)
- New system for DLL/TLB library setup

New/Changed Commands
- Added BGFont that allows setting the background text font
- Added SW_HIDE to ExecShell's accepted show modes
- RMDir can now be used with both /r and /REBOOTOK at the same time
- Extended maximum binary data for WriteRegBin to 3 - NSIS_MAX_STRLEN
- Added !execute

Minor Changes
- LZMA exehead is now 34KB and should also decompress faster
- Windows 95 (OSR2)/98/ME no longer see drive free space capped to 2GB
- Modern_User_Interface: New orange theme by MoNKi
- Speedup background gradient painting
- LogicLib 2.5: Added AndIf, AndUnless, OrIf, OrUnless. Avoids unused variable warnings by requiring !defines before using certain features.
- StrFunc: Added support for uninstaller, some fixes and improvements. See the readme for a complete changelog
- The plug-ins folder is properly removed when the system is rebooted
- SetOutPath "-" works again
- Fixed a bug which made plug-ins that didn't have lower case extension not be found
- Fixed a bug that caused directories with drives that had their current directory set to an invalid directory to not be accepted in the directory selection page
- Fixed a crash in makensis caused by defining a macro in a file included by another macro
- makensis shows meaningful errors for compression errors instead of just magic numbers
- Fixed a bug with AllowRootDirInstall used along with InstallDirRegKey that caused the directory in the registry to be ignored
- Fixed FileRead setting the error flag when a null character is the first character it reads
- Fixed a bug which caused the background gradient to paint slowly
- File paths relative to the root folder work again
- Added Colors.nsh
- Made Times New Roman default font for the background text because it should always have support for the locale's language
- Fixed compilation of NSISdl under VS.NET
- SetCtlColors /BRANDING wasn't working right, if just one of the background or text color were specified
- Language file fixes and improvements Utilities and Plug-ins - System: New, hopefully more informative, documentation; fixed some bugs
- Banner: Added getWindow to allow greater control over the banner window
- InstallOptions_2.41: Bitmaps are now automatically centered, fixed a bug which prevented enabling the next button from the leave function of InstallOptions pages, fixed a rare freeze
- Zip2Exe 0.32: Fixed codepage problems
- nsExec: Always create a valid input handle, fixed a problem when called from a path with spaces
- VPatch: Close all open file handles when one of them fail to open
- NSISdl: Added /NOIEPROXY (based on memph's code)

NSIS 2.01 相關參考資料
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F.73 2.01. Released on September 24th, 2004. F.73.1 Release Notes. See Compiling NSIS Sources for information about compiling makensis on POSIX ...



NSIS 2.01 引入了一個新的安裝和卸載動態連結庫(DLL) 和類型庫(TLB) 的系統。使用該系統你可以僅使用簡單的一些代碼就可以完整的完成安裝或卸載: 檔案複製; 重啟後複製 ...


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The documentation states: When building with precompiled exehead .h files, you should set the USE_PRECOMPILED_EXEHEADS flag to 1 on the make command line. This ...


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2020年9月17日 — 本工具是之前是AM电脑吧的@Fuldho 开发的NSIS单文件封包工具的升级版本,现在改名为简易封包工具,修正之前的BUG并进一步增强,使用更为方便。


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2014年12月29日 — Since NSIS 2.01, a new library installation system is included with NSIS. See appendix B of the Users Manual for details.



從NSIS 2.01 以後,你可以使用SetErrorLevel 自行設定錯誤等級。 需要注意的是卸載程式會把它本身複製到臨時檔案夾並從那裡執行以使得原來的卸載程式可以被刪除。這 ...



从NSIS 2.01 以后,你可以使用SetErrorLevel 自行设置错误级别。 需要注意的是卸载程序会把它本身复制到临时文件夹并从那里执行以使得原来的卸载程序可以被删除。这 ...