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最新版本 Symfony 6.0.3

Symfony 6.0.3

Symfony 6.0.3
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檔案版本 Symfony 6.0.3

系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Don Ho
更新日期 2022-01-28

What's new in this version:

- [FrameworkBundle] Fix missing arguments when a serialization default context is bound
- [Runtime] Fix --env and --no-debug with dotenv_overload
- [Dotenv] Fix bootEnv() override with .env.local.php when the env key already exists
- [Finder] Fix finding VCS re-included files in excluded directory
- [DoctrineBridge] Fix automapping
- [Validator] Fix Choice constraint with associative choices array
- [Form] UrlType should not add protocol to emails
- Silence warnings during tty detection
- [Serializer] Fix AbstractObjectNormalizer not considering pseudo type false
- [Notifier] Fix encoding of messages with FreeMobileTransport
- [Console] Fix PHP 8.1 deprecation in ChoiceQuestion
- [HttpKernel] Fix compatibility with php bridge and already started php sessions
- [Notifier] Use the UTF-8 encoding in smsapi-notifier
- [Yaml] Making the parser stateless
- [Console] fix restoring stty mode on CTRL+C
- [Process] Avoid calling fclose on an already closed resource
- [RateLimiter] Resolve crash on near-round timestamps
- [Console] fix parsing escaped chars in StringInput
- [Cache] Throw exception if incompatible version of psr/simple-cache is used
- [RateLimiter] Implicit conversion fix
- [DependencyInjection] remove arbitratry limitation to exclude inline services from bindings
- [DependencyInjection] copy synthetic status when resolving child definitions
- [HttpClient] Fix Failed to open stream: Too many open files
- [Console] use STDOUT/ERR in ConsoleOutput to save opening too many file descriptors
- [Cache] Set mtime of cache files 1 year into future if they do not expire
- [DoctrineBridge] Fix invalid guess with enumType
- [HttpClient] fix resetting DNS/etc when calling CurlHttpClient::reset()
- [HttpClient] Remove deprecated usage of GuzzleHttpPromisepromise_for
- [FrameworkBundle] Allow default cache pools to be overwritten by user
- [HttpClient] Remove deprecated usage of GuzzleHttpPromisequeue
- [PropertyAccess] Fix handling of uninitialized property of anonymous class
- [DependencyInjection] Add iterable to possible binding type
- [Serializer] Fix AbstractObjectNormalizer TypeError on denormalization
- [FrameworkBundle] Avoid calling rtrim(null, '/') in AssetsInstallCommand
- [DependencyInjection] Ignore argument type check in CheckTypeDeclarationsPass if it's a Definition with a factory
- Use correct tag for ExpoTransportFactory service
- Allow a zero time-limit for messenger:consume
- [DependencyInjection] Fix nested env var with resolve processor
- [Console] Allow OutputFormatter::escape() to be used for escaping URLs used in
- [Validator] Error using CssColor with doctrine annotations
- [HttpClient] Turn negative timeout to a very long timeout
- [Validator] throw when Constraint::_construct() has not been called
- [Translation] [LocoProvider] Fix use of asset ids

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