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最新版本 KeePass 1.10

KeePass 1.10

KeePass 1.10
KeePass 是一個免費的開源密碼管理器,可以幫助您以安全的方式管理您的密碼。您可以將所有密碼放在一個數據庫中,並使用一個主密鑰或一個密鑰文件進行鎖定。因此,您只需記住一個主密碼或選擇密鑰文件即可解鎖整個數據庫。數據庫使用目前已知的最好和最安全的加密算法(AES 和 Twofish)加密.

今天你需要記住許多密碼。您需要 Windows 網絡登錄,您的電子郵件帳戶,您的網站的 FTP 密碼,在線密碼(如網站會員帳戶)等密碼等。名單是無止境的。另外,您應該為每個帳戶使用不同的密碼。因為如果你在任何地方只使用一個密碼,而有人得到這個密碼,你就會遇到問題... 一個嚴重的問題。小偷將有權訪問您的電子郵件帳戶,網站等。不可思議的.

KeePass 是真正免費的,不止於此:它是開源(OSI 認證)。您可以看看它的完整源代碼,並檢查加密算法是否正確實施.

KeePass 功能:強大的安全性多用戶密鑰便攜式,無需安裝導出到 TXT,HTML,XML 和 CSV 文件從多種文件格式導入簡單的數據庫傳輸支持密碼組時間字段和條目附件自動類型,全局自動類型熱鍵和拖放直觀和安全的剪貼板處理搜索和排序多語言支持強大的隨機密碼生成器插件架構開源!注意:需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 KeePass 1.10

檔案名稱 KeePass-1.10-Setup.exe
檔案大小 1.27 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Dominik Reichl
更新日期 2008-01-13

What's new in this version:

This is a stable release. It is recommended to upgrade
from any previous 1.x version to 1.10.

08/01/12 - 1.10
- Added configuration file caching (highly increases
performance when running KeePass from slow devices like USB
- Added key provider API (it now is very easy to write a plugin
that provides additional key methods, like locking to USB
device ID, certificates, smart cards, ... see the developers
section in the online KeePass help center)
- Added support for environment variables in URLs and paths
(%-syntax support for field placeholders was removed because
it conflicts with the environment syntax, see the 'Upgrading
to KeePass 1.10' article)
- Added {INTERNETEXPLORER}, {FIREFOX} and {OPERA} application
path placeholders (can be used in URLs and auto-type)
- Added support for starting very long command lines
- Added mini mode (must be configured in the INI file manually;
in mini mode, a lot of functionality is hidden; see help
file - technical FAQ)
- The quick find control in the main window now remembers the
most recent searches (if you want the search texts to be
remembered across sessions, you need to save the database)
- Added password generator option to exclude/omit
user-specified characters in generated passwords
- Added option to disallow repeating characters in generated
passwords (both character set-based and pattern-based)
- Moved security-reducing / dangerous password generator
options to a separate 'Advanced' dialog (if you enable a
security-reducing option, the 'Advanced' button in the
password generator window is shown in red)
- Added ability to search using a regular expression
- Internal random number generator is now additionally seeded
using random bytes provided by the system's default CSP
- Internal random number generator is now additionally seeded
using a newly generated 128-bit GUID
- A default user name for new entries can now be specified in
'File' -> 'Database Settings'
- Added ability to specify the groups that are automatically
created when creating a new database (in the INI file)
- Banner colors can be changed in the INI file now
(KeeBannerColorStart and KeeBannerColorEnd, set to BGR-Quads)
- XMLImport plugin: entries with no or empty UUIDs are
supported now (KeePass generates new random UUIDs for them)
- KeePass now registers a global sync. application mutex:
'KeePassAppMutexExI' (+ updated Windows installer)
- Added an advanced option to disable the Ctrl-Alt-K hot key
- Added textual cue for the quick-search edit control
- The TAN wizard now shows the name of the group into which the
TANs will be imported

- Changed field order: password follows user name now (note:
if you use your previous configuration file, the columns in
the main window will be ordered the old way; to change it,
drag&drop the column headers manually to adjust the order)
- Code improvements (developers: KeePass now requires the Boost
C++ libraries to compile)
- Empty fields are not shown in the entry details view any more
- Improved startup time
- Improved search performance
- Improved internal menu handling
- Group export menu items are now named more consistently
- Improved print options dialog (replaced "export" by "print",
excluded irrelevant export options, ...)
- Search results list display mode is now adjusted based on
matching items
- When trying to open a database that already is currently
opened by someone else, you are not prompted any more whether
to open it in read-only mode, if the '-readonly' command line
argument is present in the current instance
- Entry list is now automatically focused after a Ctrl-F search
and the first item is selected
- Improved default global configuration file (shipped in setup)
- Improved title drawing in dialog banners
- Improved entry list update behavior when there are no groups
- KeePass now uses the default shell verb for opening URLs and
files instead of 'open'
- Optimized performance of process memory protection algorithm
- The status bar is now updated immediately after performing a
quick search (main window)
- Search results are not cleared any more when having an auto-
sorting option enabled and performing an operation that
modifies a search results entry (like auto-type)
- Replaced 'Gen' button by an image button
- Minor improvements in the installer
- Minor improvements in cmd:// URL handling
- Minor dialog text improvements

- Password generator does not crash any more when trying to
generate a password using an empty pattern + random permuting
- The Ctrl-Alt-K global hot key correctly brings the KeePass
main window to front when it's hidden behind other windows
- Changing the state of the 'Randomly permute characters of
password' option now correctly selects the '(Custom)' profile

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