最新版本 Signal Desktop 5.12.0

Signal Desktop 5.12.0

Signal Desktop 5.12.0
iMazing 是全功能的 iOS 管理軟件:將您的移動數據的控制擴展到超出通常可能的範圍,而不會越獄您的設備。使用 iMazing,您可以輕鬆瀏覽和管理備份,提取並打印文本消息,或將歌曲拖放到 iPhone。簡單來說,iMazing 可以讓你超越 iTunes 提供的方式,請參閱下面的我們豐富的功能列表.

iMazing 功能:

iPhone,iPod& iPad 文件傳輸到 Mac& PC
在任何 Mac 或 PC 與任何 iOS 設備之間傳輸文件,適用於所有應用程序文檔,數據和媒體。通過超快速 USB 或通過 Wi-Fi 連接,無障礙。沒有云,沒有越獄,沒有 iTunes 帳戶或同步所需,它只是工作 - ndash; 即使是全新的 iOS 9.

Device Backup& 恢復管理
備份,恢復和克隆任何 iOS 設備,完全或有選擇性的每個數據集。保留所有設備的完整檔案,包括您的應用程序’ 數據。隨時在任何設備上恢復它們。備份和恢復應用程序或應用程序數據(iOS 9)– 節省空間並在您離開時重新安裝應用程序,當您需要它們時.

Transfer iPod,iPhone& iPad 音樂正確的方法 61035896 任何 iPhone,iPod 或 iPad 與任何 Mac 或 PC 之間傳輸音樂。無需事先同步或 iTunes 帳戶匹配要求,即可同時使用 iOS 設備。處理曲目,專輯,播放列表和播放計數:只要你喜歡重建你的 iTunes 資料庫.

複製,保存和管理 iPhone 數據& 圖片
將所有 iPhone 數據傳輸到任何計算機:短信和圖片(短信,彩信和 iMessage),聯繫人,語音信箱,語音備忘錄,備忘錄和通話記錄。通過 Mac 或 PC 管理 iPhone 聯繫人:直接導入或導出聯繫人(vCard,聯繫人 Mac 應用程序和 Windows 聯繫人支持)。將所有照片和電影複製到您的計算機上,從相機膠卷,相冊或 iCloud 照片流中復制.

傳輸所有媒體,數據和電影。設置到新 iPhone
通過兩個超級簡單的步驟將所有 iPhone 數據傳輸到運行 iOS 的新設備。創建完整的備份,包括媒體,應用程序數據和設備設置。為了保留磁盤使用,音樂和視頻庫分開處理。通過點擊按鈕恢復所有數據:安全地,任何地點和任何電腦,獨立於 iCloud,沒有任何事先同步,無論 iTunes 帳戶鏈接,它只是工作.

注意:需要.NET Framework 和 iTunes。有限的功能.

也可用:下載 iMazing 為 Mac


檔案版本 Signal Desktop 5.12.0

檔案名稱 signal-desktop-win-5.12.0.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 DigiDNA
更新日期 2021-08-04

What's new in this version:

Signal Desktop 5.12.0
- Curious whether your latest monologue got the attention it deserved? You can now see when someone has listened to your voice messages. If you see the dot on your voice message, it's still waiting for a listen.

Signal Desktop 5.10.0
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by our users

Signal Desktop 5.8.0
- A picture may be worth 1k words, but now you can send them in 4k. Use the the new quality selector to optionally send higher-resolution photos.
- If you’re using Windows, a new setting now lets you minimize Signal to the system tray when you click the close button, or you can optionally start Signal minimized to the tray.

Signal Desktop 5.7.0
- This update fixes a few bugs, and makes some behind-the-scenes changes to make sure Signal Desktop is running smoothly

Signal Desktop 5.6.2
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by our users

Signal Desktop 5.6.1
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by our users

Signal Desktop 5.6.0
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by our users

Signal Desktop 5.5.0
- Feeling groggy when you wake up? Signal can now keep up better. When you resume your computer from sleep, Signal will reconnect faster.
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from screen sharing if you didn't have a webcam

Signal Desktop 5.4.1
- This update fixes a bug that affected users who linked Signal Desktop for the first time on a new computer

Signal Desktop 5.4.0
- Introducing screen sharing: Now you can present your computer’s entire screen or a specific window during video calls. Just click the start presenting button while in a video call to get started.
- Become a conversation artist. Use the new color selector to turn every chat into a masterpiece.
- Lay out the welcome mat by adding a description to your groups. We know some things are difficult to put into words, so maybe start with an emoji ????
- Letting go can be hard, but our new custom disappearing timer can help you find a little more time to process those fleeting messages before they're gone forever.
- Set a default disappearing message timer for new conversations, so you won't be reminded if you start off on the wrong foot

Signal Desktop 5.3.0
- Don’t leave them hanging. Now the desktop app can differentiate between your “Signal friends” and everyone else. You’ll now know if you try to message someone who’s not yet on Signal.

Signal Desktop 5.2.0
- Overreacting is never pleasant. Notifications for message reactions are now synced between your desktop and your mobile device
- A new option in settings allows you to start Signal on login on macOS and Windows

Signal Desktop 5.1.0
- Significant performance improvements will help you fly through your message backlog after your flight lands, or quickly power through what you missed while you were looking for a power outlet
- Forward messages between threads. Editing support lets you amend, extend, append, explain what you intend, or tie up loose ends before you hit send
- Message reaction icons are no longer cropped at small widths

Signal Desktop 5.0.0
- Create a group or edit group details right from your Desktop. You only need to grab your phone (along with your car keys) after the new "Brunch Crew" reaches a decision.
- We redesigned the Desktop voice message interface to look just as good as your friends and family sound. Voice messages no longer stop playing when you scroll within the same chat, so you can listen to the past without leaving the present behind.
- Look for the familiar pencil compose button to quickly start a new chat instead of searching for one that hasn't even started.
- Every chat header has a cleaner look, but additional details are still only a single click away
- Performance improvements let you switch between chats faster than ever

Signal Desktop 1.40.1
- This release includes a bugfix for the Windows users who have been seeing "URI malformed" or "URIError" crashes in recent builds

Signal Desktop 1.40.0
- Improved rendering performance means your friends won't look choppy during group calls (unless they are all doing the robot)
- See what's going on with support for displaying the new "About" field in Signal Profiles
- View the speaker whose voice is coming from your speakers during group calls with the new (and creatively named) "speaker view"
- Everyone hates a long goodbye, so we significantly sped up the process of deleting messages and message threads
- The title bar is now hidden on macOS; give it a title wave

Signal Desktop 1.39.6
- This update fixes a few bugs that caused errors for some users after linking a new device or re-linking an existing device

Signal Desktop 1.39.5
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by beta testers

Signal Desktop 1.39.4
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by beta testers

Signal Desktop 1.39.2
- Your Legacy Signal Groups will be automatically upgraded to New Groups so they can get in on the new features we recently released, like admins, @mentions, group links, and more. Upgrades don’t happen all at once or instantly, and some groups may not upgrade for a while.

Signal Desktop 1.38.2
 - Fixes a few bugs related to the composition area

Signal Desktop 1.38.1
- @mentions let you mention someone in New Groups. They’ll be able to jump directly to that mention the next time they open the chat
- Need a reminder to come back to a chat? You can now mark a conversation as unread for desktop. (FYI this won’t sync to your phone app for the time being)
- Emoji-nally available. You now have access to the 117 new emoji that are part of the latest Emoji v13

Signal Desktop 1.37.3
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by beta testers

Signal Desktop 1.37.2
- This update fixes a few bugs that were reported by beta testers

Signal Desktop 1.37.1
- Accidentally send a message to the wrong chat? Take backs are now permitted. When deleting a recently sent message, you now have the option to Delete for Everyone in the chat
- Picture-in-picture support within the app keeps your Signal calls in focus even if you focus on another conversation. It isn't multitasking if they still have your undivided attention
- You can now see a preview of yourself before you start a video call to make sure you look as good as you feel
- Improved message reactions, including the ability to customize skin tones
- Now you can retrieve link previews directly from any website for messages you send. If you don’t want to send link previews, you can disable them from your primary device
- Pin your favorite chats at the very top so the talk never stops
- Corrected an issue that caused some messages to show up out of order
- Improved the contributing documentation
- Added a missing validity check for the proxy URL

Signal Desktop 1.36.3
- This release resolves a bug that prevented some users from linking a new desktop instance

Signal Desktop 1.36.2
- Take your portrait-mode portraits to new heights. Support for very tall images has been added to the media viewer
- If you are a Linux user who has wanted an audible notification sound, the day that dream comes true is finally here (hear, hear!)
- Localization layout and default keybinding improvements

Signal Desktop 1.36.1
- Exceed your notification expectations with a revamped system that lets you see which group the message came from along with the message type (photo, video, file, etc.). Now you can drop whatever you're doing in another app when the latest GIF appears in your favorite memes group
- Accept the unexpected: Message requests let you quickly see more info before accepting the request, deleting it, or blocking the conversation

Signal Desktop 1.35.1
- Start using your mouse's scroll wheel as a rotary dial with support for one-to-one voice and video conversations on Signal Desktop
- Accept the unexpected: Message requests let you quickly see more info before accepting the request, deleting it, or blocking the conversation
- Give peace a chance and temporarily mute notifications for any conversation

Signal Desktop 1.34.5
- We added system theme support across all platforms. It's always darkest before the dawn -- especially if you configure your appearance settings based on sunrise and sunset

Signal Desktop 1.34.4
- This update fixes a few rare bugs that the Signal community discovered during the beta testing process. If you would like to test new Signal features before your friends (and sometimes discover new problems in the process), the Desktop beta program just might be exactly what you've been looking for. Simply launch Signal and select "Join the beta" from the "Help" menu to turn the dream into a reality.

Signal Desktop 1.34.3
- The help menu is a little more helpful. Quickly report bugs in more languages, or use the new shortcut to join the Signal Desktop beta and help us find them even earlier

Signal Desktop 1.34.2
- Feeling Emojionally unavailable? Now you can react to messages with any Emoji. React with a cricket ???? if nobody laughs at a joke, or fire ???? for a particularly hot take
- Avatar colors in the reaction viewer now match the avatar, so even if Aang doesn't have a profile picture set yet, he'll still be easy to find
- Saved attachment files are now consistent across Android and Desktop

Signal Desktop 1.34.1
- This update fixes a crash that could occur during startup on Windows

Signal Desktop 1.34.0
- Quickly switch between your recent conversations using several new keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-9 will jump to that numbered thread, while Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab cycle forwards and backwards.
- See who updated a group right away instead of trying to figure out whose personality best matches the new group title or avatar
- We added support for the new (true) blue of ultramarine for Android linked devices
- If a sticker is really cool, sometimes a pack of one is all you need (and you can do that now). If a wolf is really cool, scientists say that's still not enough for a pack though. Maybe someday.
- Conversation titles are no longer displayed in a truncated form when they don't need to be
- Signal now automatically follows your system theme settings on macOS, but you can manually choose between eternal light and permanent darkness if you refuse to be a part of the system.
- This release fixes the update bug that was affecting some non-admin users on macOS
- Startup speed and networking improvements
- The unnecessary scrollbar on the About page is gone

Signal Desktop 1.33.4
- This update fixes a bug that prevented some users from re-linking Signal Desktop to their mobile device again

Signal Desktop 1.33.3
- We fixed a bug that could cause Signal to crash if the --use-tray-icon or --start-in-tray command-line arguments were specified

Signal Desktop 1.33.1
- Big icon improvements, especially for small taskbars
- No more leftover rendering pain in the left pane when the network status dialog disappears after Signal re-connects
- We fixed a bug that broke the display of group delivery receipts and group message details for some users

Signal Desktop 1.33.0
- Check out the improved Signal logo and icon. It's less like a new wardrobe, and more like carefully washing our favorite outfit
- Several performance optimizations to reduce background CPU usage. We apologize to fans of spinning fans

Signal Desktop 1.32.3
- We fixed a bug that could cause Signal to crash if the --use-tray-icon or --start-in-tray command-line arguments were specified

Signal Desktop 1.32.2
- Users whose language is set to something other than English, r̶e̶j̶i̶o̶c̶e̶rejoice! Spellcheck is back

Signal Desktop 1.32.1
- This update fixes a startup bug that affects non-English locales on some Linux distributions. Spellcheck support is temporarily disabled for these users, but it will be bakc.

Signal Desktop 1.32.0
- Updates are no longer interrupdates. We revamped the left pane to unobtrusively show you when a new version of Signal is available
- Two new official sticker packs. Swoon’s work has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Modern in London, Galerie L.J. in Paris, the Museum of Sketches for Public Art in Sweden, and in hidden spaces in neighborhoods around the world. Now you can display it in the gallery of your own conversations too.

Signal Desktop 1.31.0
- Send a ❤ in a heartbeat. Reactions make it easy to quickly reply with how you feel
- Emoji images have been updated to version 12

Signal Desktop 1.30.1
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.30.0
- Make privacy stick: Create your own custom sticker packs (File > Create/Upload Sticker Pack)

Signal Desktop 1.29.6
- This release fixes a connectivity issue to Signal servers

Signal Desktop 1.29.5
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.29.4
- Fixes an issue where the most recent messages of a conversation wouldn't appear on first load of a conversation
- Fixes an issue where a received standalone conversation timer update might be ignored
- Fixes an issue where a view-once message viewed on another device might not result in a viewed state in desktop
- Fixes an issue where a 'Identity key changed' error might show repeatedly on attempted messages sends to a contact

Signal Desktop 1.29.3
- We peeled off the "Sticker Pack Installed" reminders that some users were seeing multiple times per day

Signal Desktop 1.29.2
- Make privacy stick: Stickers are now available in Signal

Signal Desktop 1.29.1
- Focus and accessibility enhancements when confirmation dialogs are displayed

Signal Desktop 1.29.0
- Explore a new set of keyboard shortcuts with CTRL+/ or CMD+/
- Try navigating around the application with Tab and Shift+Tab to take a break from the mouse

Signal Desktop 1.28.0
- A new set of keyboard shortcuts (hit CTRL+/ to see the list)
- Improved keyboard accessibility (try navigating around with Tab and Shift+Tab)

Signal Desktop 1.27.4
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.27.3
- Unless it's footage of total darkness, video thumbnails should no longer appear as black squares. You can also click on any video to immediately pause playback
- Switch between multiple desktop spaces on macOS without missing anything. Signal messages won't be marked as read until the window is in focus
- Support for Zoom In and Zoom Out on Windows and Linux
- If you always maximize Signal Desktop on Windows, this preference will now remain in effect when the app restarts
- We fixed a bug that sometimes prevented conversations from being displayed if the composition box contained a long draft message. We also added a few improvements around scrolling behavior and accessibility

Signal Desktop 1.27.2
- Brings back the orange highlight on Windows which previously came along with any message notification
- Fixes a startup issue present on some Linux distributions

Signal Desktop 1.27.1
- Find your new favorite feature. Full-text search is everything that you have been looking for. Quickly locate any message, whether in one conversation or across all of them
- Write a story-length Signal message using the new roomier composition mode. Got writer's block? No problem. Unplug and come back to your saved draft
- We improved startup and scrolling performance to get you to your messages faster

Signal Desktop 1.26.2
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.26.0
- Use emoji autocomplete to quickly locate the perfect character as you type

Signal Desktop 1.25.3
- This release fixes an issue that prevented Signal Desktop from starting up for some users on Ubuntu 19.04 who felt slightly nostalgic about seeing a frozen blue screen for the first time in years
- The minimum window size was increased in order to accommodate the new emoji selector

Signal Desktop 1.25.2
- The fuzzy emoji search is even fuzzier, so you can type "polo" to locate :woman-playing-water-poloor :man-playing-water-poloinstead of playing Marco Polo and trying to find them while yelling
- Improved conversation list update performance
- Badge counts are now supported on Ubuntu and Elementary OS

Signal Desktop 1.25.1
- Improved support for long contact names
- Pressing enter when the emoji picker is open will once again send your message

Signal Desktop 1.25.0
- An updated emoji panel adds a fuzzy search feature so that you can find coffee even if you haven't had any yet. It also includes quick access to recently used characters and support for "Fitzpatrick" customization
- Pinterest is now included in the list of sites that support link previews
- Check marks for read receipts and delivery receipts are updated more consistently when Signal Desktop reconnects after being offline
- Improved handling of group changes
- Windows build enhancements for users who were encountering rare DLL conflicts
- Users on macOS who launch Signal with the --use-tray-icon option will only see the dock icon when the window is open

Signal Desktop 1.24.1
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.24.0
- Give your messages more character(s) using the updated support for long text content that is compatible with the latest version of Signal for Android and iOS
- Quickly archive old conversations using everyone's favorite new shortcut (CTRL-E)
- ":TaDa:!" Now you can manually enter your emoji using whatever capitalization your heart desires
- Right-click on any URL or text selection and enjoy the new context menu
- Improved font rendering for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters on Windows
- Support for right-to-left contact names in quoted replies
- Menu improvements for users on macOS

Signal Desktop 1.23.2
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.22.0
- Tell yourself how you really feel with the new Note to Self feature
- Performance improvements help make Signal Desktop launch faster than ever, especially on slow Internet connections. Attachments are now seamlessly downloaded in the background instead of all at once during startup

Signal Desktop 1.21.2
- Additional link preview updates, including better behavior when composing quoted replies to messages without preview media

Signal Desktop 1.21.1
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.21.0
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.20.0
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.19.0
- Optional support for Typing Indicators. The dots between the lines help you read between the lines. Enable or disable them at any time on your mobile device (Signal Settings > Privacy > Typing Indicators)

Signal Desktop 1.18.1
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.17.3
- Resolved an import error that was blocking some legacy Chrome App users from migrating to the latest release

Signal Desktop 1.17.2
- We fixed an import error that was affecting a small number of users who were migrating from the legacy Chrome App
- Storage optimizations and improved synchronization performance

Signal Desktop 1.17.1
- Change log not available for this version

Signal Desktop 1.17.0
- New colors for your incoming Android messages: Blue, Burlap, Crimson, Forest, Indigo, Plum, Steel, Taupe, Teal, Vermilion, Violet, and Wintergreen
- Startup performance improvements
- Animated GIFs that are larger than 6 megabytes are now supported
- Localization updates for Albanian, Catalan, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Khmer, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish. We sincerely appreciate the volunteer translators whose efforts made this possible

Signal Desktop 1.16.3
- Fixed a bug that was preventing Signal from starting up for some users with a large conversation history

Signal Desktop 1.16.2
- Storage fixes
- Updated language strings for Estonian, Finnish, Italian, and Persian

Signal Desktop 1.16.1
- Message rendering improvements for better performance
- Shared contacts for users with a linked iOS device are easier to read
- Group conversations that are blocked on your mobile device will be blocked on Desktop too
- The list of supported languages has expanded to include Albanian, Esperanto, Estonian, Khmer, and Thai. We sincerely appreciate the volunteer translators whose efforts made this possible

Signal Desktop 1.16.0
- We optimized performance to fix the input lag that was affecting some users. Keystrokes should be instantaneous again, but occasional typing delays are still possible when you are thinking of the right thing to say
- The countdown timer icon is now displayed with the correct style and color in the iOS light and dark themes
- Updated language translations

Signal Desktop 1.15.5
- When iOS device has been linked, use iOS color scheme
- Conversation bubbles now better handle both large and small window sizes
- Quotes: Show warning if referenced message was not found

- Give event loop a rest when queuing large numbers of messages from cache
- Fix issue which caused contact syncs to be continually reprocessed from cache

- Add logging to help diagnose protocol handler false positives
- Only show 'upgrade is available' dialog if mainWindow is available
- Copy quoted message contents into quote on receipt
- Disable drag and drop if it's not a file attachment

Signal Desktop 1.15.4
- Increase timeout for database operations, as users have been seeing timeouts
- Additional logging to track performance of database operations
- New indices and query updates to ensure indices are used for all queries

- Style the scrollbar in both light and dark themes
- Ensure that the scroll down button is always on top of conversation content

- Properly flow errors back when errors happen during message processing or caching
- Use Base64 strings in temporary message cache instead of 'binary' encoding
- Eliminate write of config.json on exit of app, may be causing corruption

Signal Desktop 1.15.3

- Fixed: Visual attachment borders and overlays would show on top of safety number change banner
- Fixed: No-caption visual attachment metadata overlay was behind dark shading, making it hard to read

Signal Desktop 1.15.1
- Fixed: On some macOS machines, the light theme would render incorrectly
- Fixed: On an OS set to a right-to-left language, message bubbles were left-aligned
- Fixed: Incoming messages with errors would be shown as empty messages
- Fixed: SQLCipher migration of cached not-yet-processed messages did not preserve their data

Disappearing messages:
- Move expiring message time earlier if read sync has earlier time
- In partially-successful group send, don't start expire timer

- Clean up any orphaned external files on start
- Ensure that a SQL command timeout results in an error
- On error handling cached message, log error then delete

Signal Desktop 1.15.0
Visual changes:
- New colors and message bubbles
- Unified theme
- Video playback updates
- Disappearing messages can now be enabled without first turning them on with a '1 day' duration
- The status of the last conversation message (if outgoing) is now shown in the left pane
- One-click access for replying to message

Media Gallery:
- Fixed: Wrong attachment would be saved from lightbox after left/right navigation
- Better handling of videos - thumbnail of video is now used
- Dark theme honored in all UI elements
- Icons shown for all if no thumbnail is available

- New version 8 schema for messages: thumbnails and dimensions from image and video attachments, as well as a full-size video screenshot for use in conversation view
- Much of the application has been moved to React
- Dark theme rewritten from scratch
- New CSS is now using Block Element Modifier syntax (BEM)
- JSHint removed from project; ESLint now scans entire project
- _locales/en/messages.json is now included in jsprettier runs
- All backbone-related functionality removed from Style Guide
- Ensure set of Linux dev dependencies is complete in
- Introduce mandatory migration on startup, to minimum version 7
- Preserve migration state when deleting config due to failed login
- Conversation: store lastMessage/lastMessageStatus in memory only
- Moved to using window.log only for all browser-context logging, with new eslint rule to prevent direct use of console.log
- Full eslintification of files in libtextsecure to take advantage of new console.log rule
- Removed unnecessary and too-verbose console logging
- When making thumbnail for video attachment to be sent, we generate a 100x100 preview instead of taking a full screenshot of the video

Signal Desktop 1.14.4
- Fixed: Application does not start up on Linux w/tmp mounted as noexec
- Fixed: When attempting to record voice note with media permission disabled, popup would be blank

Signal Desktop 1.14.3
- Fixed: After upload, debug logs were not accessible
- Show error if debug log fails to upload

Signal Desktop 1.14.1
- Fixed: Changes to notification settings or menu hide setting would not be persisted
- Fixed: Settings window, debug log window, and permissions popup were not themed
- Fixed: When turning off disappearing messages timer, it would show 'to seconds' instead of 'to off'
- Fixed: Issue where error handling for incoming message would fail, resulting in no visible error

Signal Desktop 1.14.0

- New setting: media permission. Desktop now shows a popup dialog when this permission is not granted and the recording for a voice message fails
- Auto-scroll to selected conversation when they reorder

- Conversation preview would sometimes show already-expired message
- Upon resume from sleep, notifications would show for already-read messages as they arrived
- About window didn't include version number
- Idle detector would never turn off, slowing down app

- Minor documentation cleanup - bug templates, readme, etc
- Update conversation's last message whenever it is opened
- Add missing timer option localization strings
- Make all OS menus localizable
- Handle timer updates along with group updates
- Add 'newmessage' event handler to Conversation for reliability
- Debug log, settings and media permissions popup are all now in separate windows
- Pulled latest translations from Transifex

Signal Desktop 1.13.0
- Expire timer update would be sent even if change came from remote message
- It was impossible to send an attachment if we failed to create a thumbnail for it
- App would fail to start if user profile data is behind a junction
- Message detail screen errors were too narrow to see the complete message

- Add link to terms of service and privacy policy in About window
- Additional defense-in-depth enhancements
- Update strings for fr/tr languages
- Readme: Clarify beta install instructions

Signal Desktop 1.12.1
- Fixed: In iOS theme, quoted links were white on white
- Ensure that a disappearing message timer change notification is always above initiating message
- Ensure that sent messages immediately take conversation's expire timer

Signal Desktop 1.12.0
- Update to Electron v2.0.1
- Fixed: Emoji with skin tone modifiers would show up as a square
- Fixed: A few visual problems with the contact detail screen
- Fixed: complex kernel versions were causing problems in linux

- Add another Windows 7 dev setup requirement to
- Various defense-in-depth enhancements
- Refactor api.js into web_api, which encapsulates all web access
- Move a number of dependences from bower to npm
- Enable a large set of new tslint rules
- Use React for all emojification in the app
- Print out main process logs if electron unit tests fail
- Move all forks to @scottnonnenberg-signal account
- Remove jscs from the project
- Remove unused code and templates
- Remove broken stylesheets symlink

Signal Desktop 1.11.0
- Feature: Receive contact
- Fixed: Sometimes clicks on quoted message wouldn't work
- Fixed: In dark theme, it was hard to see a message's triple-dot menu on hover
- Fixed: Unsupported image and video types were missing from media pane
- Fixed: On small screens, the media lightbox view would show media off-screen
- Notification improvements
- Improved behavior for notifications that are added and removed quickly
- Better handling of notifications that were read on a linked device
- Media Gallery: A number of small visual fixes
- Emoji pane: Can now dismiss it by pressing escape key
- Update translations

- Windows 7: Use Electron-native notifications
- Better logging when we receive a read sync from a linked device
- Move to React for newlines, emoji, and links in message body
- Improve Logging For Disappearing Messages
- Prettier: Continue expanding its coverage of app
- Document Translations Setup + Remove Unused Strings
- Make Protocol Buffers available to commonjs code
- Build updates: remove unused commands and assets
- Document Windows 7 Developer Setup
- Update README copyright year to 2018

Signal Desktop 1.10.1
- Fixes a bug recently published

Signal Desktop 1.10.0

- Media Gallery showing all attachments in a given conversation. Note: Until all attachments have been migrated to disk (as part of a background process), only a partial set of a conversation's media will show up, skewed towards the most recent messages
- Increase speed of migration to move attachments to disk from database
- Video attachments: show first frame preview in composition area

- Show 'You' in Android theme instead of your own contact name
- Show thumbnails for quotes of messages with video attachments

Notification improvements:
- Remove all on remote read, on focus, on exit
- Show multi-message notifications like '5 new messages'

- Add comments clarifying our mechanisms for stripping EXIF info
- Move to prettierjs to format our code
- Fix break in styleguide; make filesize/Signal.Util.GoogleChrome available
- Remove duplicate entry from .gitignore

Signal Desktop 1.9.0
- Send quoted replies via hover menu on message
- Fixed: Linking a new iOS device would not initially show iOS theme
- Dev: Media Gallery: Phase 1 - currently disabled

Signal Desktop 1.8.0
- Support for receiving quoted replies
- iOS theme: one bubble for both attachment and message contents
- Dev: Fix beta install instructions in readme for debian-based linux

Signal Desktop 1.7.1
- Fixed: Conversation message preview would sometimes continue to show after message disappeared
- Improve URL Auto-Linking In Messages
- Redact More Variants Of Paths In Stack Traces
- Dev: Introduce React, TypeScript, TSLint and React-StyleGuidist

Signal Desktop 1.7.0

- Update to electron 1.8.4
- Migrate all attachments from IndexedDB to file system in the background
- Save attachments to disk when importing Chrome app export
- New option in settings: delete all application data
- Remove all configuration in database when we discover we are unlinked
- Delete everything in database when we link with a different phone number from previous link
- Windows: Delete all data on uninstall
- Fixed: Read receipts setting would not be synchronized along with re-link
- Fixed: Clicking conversation in left pane when already selected would remove focus on message composition field
- Fixed: Searching for the phone number of an existing contact, then selecting 'start conversation' would erase contact details
- Fixed: Selecting Settings menu option multiple times would open multiple instances of settings view

- Redact file paths in anything that goes to the log on disk
- When top-level process errors happen, don't show dialog with stack trace
- Add nsp to CI runs
- Add eslint-plugin-mocha to disallow exclusive tests using *.only
- Preparation for encrypted backups
- Updates to structure of exported data -, flat list of attachments
- Relax Node.js version requirements
- Fix a few typos in documentation
- Update issue template to mention that translation should be via Transifex

Signal Desktop 1.6.1
- Switch to a new service for debug logs, since GitHub is retiring anonymous gists

Signal Desktop 1.6.0
- Upgrade to the latest version of Electron, 1.8.2
- Replace custom notification sound with system sound

Update menus:
- A few copy changes to make things clearer
- Settings now available via the File (Windows/Linux) or Signal Desktop (macOS) OS menu
- Eliminate the triple-dot menu in the top-center of the screen
- Fixed: Hitting enter after entering device name on install would not move to next screen

- Ensure consistent builds using yarn --frozen-lockfile
- Update code to match eslint-enforced formatting
- Upgrade to latest version of electron-builder and associated packages

Signal Desktop 1.5.2
- Fixed: In import/registration flow, choosing View -> Debug Log would do nothing

Signal Desktop 1.5.1
- Fixed: In some cases contact/group syncs would turn off disappearing messages in all conversations
- Fixed: On initial setup, conversations with disappearing messages enabled would be at the top of the conversation list

Signal Desktop 1.5.0
- Note: Includes fixes from 1.4.0-beta.1 (never released to production), 1.5.0-beta.1, and one additional pull request
- Update electron to 1.7.12
- New design for import and install flows
- Support for 'light' imports, which bring just messages, contacts and groups
- Set conversation disappearing messages state and contact block state on initial link
- 'Restart' -> 'Restart Signal' button in update dialog, thanks @StevenXL

- If app started offline, conversations would not open
- Attached images would sometimes show up rotated improperly
- Uncaught Exception: TypeError; 'getSize'
- File paths with special characters could be shown in misleading way
- Incoming messages sometimes didn't appear at all
- 'Cannot find module ./app/locale' error popup when attempting to start another instance of the app on Windows
- Setting NODE_ENV environment variable to 'development' would point it at staging servers

- Move ESLint environment configuration into .eslintrc
- Sync Protocol Buffers with libsignal-service-java
- Update to libsignal-protocol-javascript v1.3.0
- Make our binary comparisons constant time
- Fix typo in issue template
- Update to new signal branding

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