最新版本 Greenshot


Greenshot 是一個輕量級的 Windows 桌面軟件工具,具有以下主要特點:
快速創建所選區域,窗口或全屏的屏幕截圖; 您甚至可以從 Internet Explorer 捕獲完整(滾動)的網頁。輕鬆註釋,突出顯示或混淆屏幕截圖的部分內容。以各種方式導出屏幕截圖:保存到文件,發送到打印機,複製到剪貼板,附加到電子郵件,發送 Office 程序或上傳到像 Flickr 或 Picasa 等照片網站。 … 以及更多的選擇,簡單地創造和截圖每天工作。易於理解和配置,對於項目經理,軟件開發人員,技術編寫人員,測試人員以及任何創建屏幕截圖的人來說,Greenshot 是一個高效的工具.

注意:需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 Greenshot

檔案名稱 Greenshot-INSTALLER-
檔案大小 1.22 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Greenshot Team
更新日期 2012-11-01

What's new in this version:

- Greenshot will now run in 64 bit mode, if the OS supports it
- Added a dynamic destination picker
- Added a preview when using the window capture from the context menu (Windows Vista and later)
- Added color reduction as an option and auto detection for image with less than 256 color. When using reduction this results in smaller files
- Added direct printing to a selected printer
- Added some additional logic to the IE capture, which makes it possible to capture embedded IE web-sites from other applications
- Changed multi-screen capture behaviour, assuming that capturing all screens is not a normal use-case. Now default behaviour is to capture the one with the mouse-cursor. Also the user can select which screen to capture from the context-menu
- Changed the configuration to use a .ini with some advanced features. Fixed settings can't be changed in the settings. Settings, quicksettings and the Greenshot icon can be disabled. (See greenshot.ini and our website)
- Added and update many languages, see our website for the whole listing
- Now one can use the shift key to fix the mouse coordinates while capturing. If you press and hold shift only the first direction in which you move can be change, the other stays fixed
- Added an expert tab in the settings, here some Greenshot behavior can be changed
- Added more complex options for the filename generation

- Added Ctrl/shift logic to the editor, hard to explain (see help) but hold one of the keys down and draw
- Added a color picker in the color dialog
- Added undo/redo
- Added effects: shadow, torn edges, invert, border and grayscale
- Added rotate clockwise & counter clockwise
- Added freehand tool, this makes it possible to draw some things freehand. Every "stroke" (mouse-down to mouse-up) is one "object" which can be manipulated: move, delete, change Z-order and change the properties like color and thickness
- Added auto crop

- Added Confluence plug-in to attach captures to Confluence pages
- Added JIRA plug-in to attach captures to JIRA tickets
- Added OCR plug-in, if MODI is available you can capture text from the screen and place it on the clipboard. See our website on pre-requisites for the OCR functionality
- Added External command plug-in can be used to export captures to some another application or script
- Added plug-in uploads your captures to your account
- Added Dropbox plug-in uploads your captures to your account
- Added Flickr plug-in uploads your captures to your account
- Added Imgur plug-in uploads your captures annonymously or to your account
- Added Picasa-Web plug-in uploads your captures to your account
- Added Office plug-in with destinations for Excel, Outlook, Word and Powerpoint

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