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最新版本 Wing IDE 101

Wing IDE 101

Wing IDE 101
谷歌瀏覽器 64 位是一個瀏覽器,結合了最小的設計和先進的技術,使網絡更快,更安全,更容易。一切都使用一個框 - 輸入地址欄,並獲得搜索和網頁的建議。您的熱門網站的縮略圖,讓您立即以任何新標籤閃電般的速度訪問您最喜愛的網頁。桌面快捷方式允許您直接從桌面啟動您最喜愛的 Web 應用程序。谷歌 Chrome 64 位離線 PC 安裝程序被超過一半的在線用戶使用,它很可能會在其他瀏覽器中迅速獲得動力.



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厭倦用相同的信息一次又一次地填寫 Web 表單?自動填充功能讓您只需點擊一下即可完成表格。而且它也可以在各種設備上工作 - — 所以你可以跳過所有的小屏幕輸入。

Chrome 將您打開的標籤,書籤和最近的搜索從您的電腦帶到您的手機或平板電腦,反之亦然。這樣,你的所有設備上都有你的網頁。只需登錄您的其他設備即可開始同步。下載谷歌瀏覽器離線安裝程序設置!

體驗更智能的 web
當您使用 Chrome 64 位瀏覽器時,獲得最好的谷歌瀏覽器。 Chrome 和 Google 攜手合作,為您帶來更多相關的 Google 產品相關建議和功能,包括 Google 語音搜索和 Google 即時。

使 Chrome 瀏覽器成為您的朋友
瀏覽 Chrome 主題,應用和擴展程序的方式。通過書籤和開始頁面直接訪問您喜歡的網頁目的地。設置 Chrome 之後,您的自定義內容將在所有設備上保持同步.

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檔案版本 Wing IDE 101

檔案名稱 wing-101-
系統 Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Google
更新日期 2021-06-11

What's new in this version:

- Allow specifying port forwards in remote host configurations
- Change the color of warnings that may be fixed during editing rather than removing them
- Display warnings sooner after the last keypress
- Support creating Django projects with Python environments on remote hosts and containers
- Syntax highlight .toml files as properties files
- Display the types of multiple return values in the Source Assistant
- Display the specializations of generic types in the Source Assistant
- Display the type hint used to annotate a name in the Source Assistant
- as well as the type(s) the hint expands to
- Added CAPIApplication methods WriteFile, ReadFile, InspectFiles, and CreateChildProcess
- Added CAPIApplication signal python-runtime-changed

- Dropped support for Django 1.3 and earlier

- Fix the Django extensions to work on remote hosts and containers
- Fix code warnings update when a file is saved
- Fix reformatting Python code on containers and remote hosts
- Run external checkers for container files on the container and not locally
- Fix obtaining the login environment on Apple Silicon macOS
- Fix encoding problems with certain files when running diff on a directory
- Set up port forwarding correctly when creating a Flask or Django project
- that uses a container
- Correctly support parsing services out of a docker-compose file when
- 'build' has sub-values including 'context'
- Fix docker-compose support when a non-default docker-compose.yml file
- name is used
- Don't assume default name for Dockerfile when using docker-compose
- Don't ask to restart a cluster when it is not currently running
- Correctly restart a cluster after rebuild
- Fix Python Shell and debugging docker-compose clusters when ENTRYPOINT
- is used in the Dockerfile
- Fix starting the Python Shell with the right container environment after
- project switch or reconfiguration
- Also ask to restart out-of-cluster containers, for example for the Python
- Shell, when a cluster is rebuilt
- Fix issues with debugging containers and clusters when some files are copied
- at build time and not in the known file mappings
- Fix breakpoints in container-only files
- Shut down all containers and clusters when switching projects
- Avoid breaking an existing project when creating a new one using one of
- the existing project's cluster configurations
- Correctly track renamed remote hosts, containers, and clusters into Project
- Properties and any Launch Configurations that use them
- Fix drag and drop within the Project tree
- Don't incorrectly show in-cluster synthesized containers in the Containers tool
- Display error message when the Python Shell fails to start because it is configured
- to run in-cluster but the cluster is not running
- Fix aborting unit tests running in-cluster
- Fix tracking cluster container image modification times and prompt when they change
- Fix extension module scraping for files available on both the container and host
- Don't list terminated OS Commands when warning before editing a container or
- cluster configuration
- Don't set new Python environment type in New Project dialog to unavailable types
- when creating a project for a remote host
- Hide operations in the Packages tool when using a container or cluster, since package
- management occurs through the container or cluster configuration and rebuild process
- Fix failure to show Bookmarks tool filter fragment entry area
- Fix failure to filter bookmarks correctly when filtering on an empty fragment
- Fixed CAPIApplication.GetPythonExecutableProperties to correctly launch inspection
- of Python
- Fix failure to install the remote agent on hosts where ssh fails to terminate with
- the remote command when there are active tunnels
- Correctly detect failures to start the remote agent
- Fix inspecting remote Python when a virtualenv is being used
- Fix failure to create a new remote project on a host
- Fix problems creating a Django project on a remote host when the remote agent
- was installed earlier in the same session
- Fix failure to debug a remote file when it uses a launch configuration that
- sets Python Executable to the project settings
- Fix enabling and disabling pylint warnings by priority
- Fix spurious pylint relative-beyond-top-level warnings seen in some cases
- Fix saving HTML and XML files
- Fix scanning files open at startup with external code warning checkers
- Make the whole icon in the tools at top of the editor clickable, even when compressed
- Fix failure to reformat with Black when using Python 3.9
- Fix failure to update Packages tool to new Python environment after the project changes
- Fix starting debugger on some filenames with non-ascii characters
- Fix code analysis when an open file is modified outside of Wing and reloaded

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