最新版本 DBeaver 7.0.5

DBeaver 7.0.5

DBeaver 7.0.5
GoodSync 是一個簡單,安全,可靠的方式來自動同步和備份您的照片,MP3 和重要文件。備份和 / 或同步您的關鍵文件就像點擊一樣容易,也可以使用各種自動選項進行安排。真正的雙向文件同步可防止任何數據丟失。 GoodSync 可以用於通過本地網絡或 Internet 在桌面 PC 和筆記本電腦,家庭和辦公室計算機,計算機和可移動設備(USB Key,閃存驅動器,CDRW 光盤)之間同步數據。 GoodSync 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完整的離線安裝程序的安裝程序 GoodSync.

GoodSync 功能:

文件 Sync
GoodSync 在您的計算機,移動設備,FTP,SFTP,Amazon S3,Google 雲端硬盤,SkyDrive,WebDAV,Azure 之間同步文件.

GoodSync 備份文件到便攜式驅動器, FTP,S3,GDocs,SkyDrive,DAV 或其他計算機.

直接 P2P Sync
GoodSync 直接在您的計算機之間連接同步文件,沒有通過第三方服務器同步引入緩慢.

速度和實時 Sync
GoodSync 是非常快速和同步文件上的命令,定期或按時間表(文件更改).

注意:30 天試用版。試用版後有限功能.

也可用:下載 GoodSync 為 Mac


檔案版本 DBeaver 7.0.5

檔案名稱 dbeaver-ce-7.0.5-x86_64-setup.exe
檔案大小 50.1 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Siber Systems Inc.
更新日期 2020-05-18

What's new in this version:

Data viewer:
- Pin (aka "freeze") column feature was added
- Float (32bit) data type render was fixed (MySQL)
- Plaintext renderer was fixed (binary values representation)
- Filter value auto-complete was fixed (clipboard paste support)
- Issue with "order by table column + column alias" was fixed

SQL editor:
- Script close prompt was fixed
- Hyperlinks now contain procedure parameters
- Script selector panel positioning was fixed
- Execute in new tab: new tabs opening was fixed
- SQL format preferences page was improved
- SQL formatting was fixed (line feeds after brackets)
- SQL console title was fixed (source object name was added)
- Non-https Maven repositories and driver links were removed

- Added parameters to the SQL execution plan explain (ANALYSE is optional)
- Database backup  was fixed on Linux/MacOS (proper table names quoting)
- Table DDL was fixed (show table comment)
- Sequence DDL was fixed (START parameter)
- Object dependencies now contain links on dependent/depending object
- Permission/role editors were fixed (roles are sorted by name now)
- SQL auto-completion fixed for older PG (<= 8.4)
- Oracle: unique key detection was fixed

- FOR BIT DATA columns support was fixed (show value as binary)
- Native SQL dialect support was improved (BEGIN/END)
- SQLite: ROWID pseudo-column support was added (as unique key)
- Many other minor bug fixes and improvements

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