最新版本 Nicepage 1.19.2

Nicepage 1.19.2

Nicepage 1.19.2
GameEx 被認為是 MAME,GameBase,Daphne,PC 遊戲和所有基於命令行的遊戲模擬器的最強大,穩定和功能豐富的遊戲前端(模擬器啟動器),同時還是一個完整的家庭影院 PC 解決方案或插件為 Windows 媒體中心。它被設計成與街機控制和各種街機產品無縫地使用,並且還具有適合用作 CarPC 和触摸屏前端的全功能的投影屏幕和平板電腦支持。 GameEx 作為一個免費或增強的註冊版本.

GameEx 成立於 2003 年,並一直在積極的發展。它開始作為街機櫥櫃和 HTPC 設置的街機模擬器前端。從那時起,它已經成長壯大,現在支持所有復古遊戲系統,在線遊戲服務(Steam,UPlay,Origin),並且擁有許多自己的 HTPC 功能。
支持幾乎所有的模擬器 MAME 的高級支持沒有其他的前端盡可能多的配置 MAME 和模擬器的選項。針對雙核和四核處理器進行了優化 Media Center 插件支持 Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8 和 Windows 10. 良好的定期更新支持。隨著十年的發展,它的成熟和它的作品。 Arcade Controls(X-Arcade,Slik-Stik,JPAC,IPAC),MCE Remote,其他遙控器和遊戲手柄。包括高級 LCD / LED,Ultrastick 和硬件監視器旋轉在內的插件支持都包含在標準安裝中。特定的 ArcadeVGA 支持本地寬屏和高清支持,無需縮放。完全可定制的控制全 Toucshcreen 和平板電腦支持全球遊戲手柄和鍵盤退出組合退出任何模擬器退出任何遊戲與逃生鍵或遙控器在遊戲鍵。在遊戲中查看遊戲信息和控件高度拋光,優雅和有效的界面全功能數據庫驅動的 GameBase 及其係列(視頻)前端與 GameEx Arcade 完全整合,自動添加超過 3500 個 Flash 遊戲,每天添加新遊戲。自動存儲塔支持所有格式的視覺化,並提供與 iTunes 和 Windows 媒體播放器的集成。播放遊戲時播放自動存儲塔高級所有格式支持不同音頻和字幕流的視頻播放器支持編解碼器和 FFDSHOW 選擇的 DVD 播放器 10 英尺 DVD 翻錄(視頻)圖片和幻燈片播放器網絡收音機 UPNP / DNLA 媒體服務器客戶端新聞閱讀器 YouTube 模塊。輕鬆瀏覽搜索並使用簡單的控件播放 YouTube 內容。基於高級多進程的吸引模式 / 屏保多種語言,自定義語言主題編輯器提供皮膚高級配置和簡單的 setzup 嚮導 Emulator 和 MAME 數據庫具有描述和各種其他數據,可以跨所有系統進行鏈接和分類。播放隨機背景聲音。 MAME 高分支持 ISO 安裝界面中的 HTML 應用程序。從 NetFlix 和 Hulu 播放流媒體視頻。電影數據庫。自動或手動為您的電影添加箱子藝術和 descrtiptions。 MADVR 視頻渲染器支持。動畫 3D 模型和 X 文件支持。另外還有 100 多個功能,你不會在其他前端找到標準的。注意:沒有嘮叨的屏幕和快速加載註冊版本.


檔案版本 Nicepage 1.19.2

檔案名稱 Nicepage-1.19.2.exe
檔案大小 614.4 KB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 GameEx Team
更新日期 2019-09-30

What's new in this version:

- Edit / Delete Additional Colors
- Header and Footer Styles
- Multiple Select with Mouse
- Editor: Add, Move and Resize improvements
- Properties Window: Size to the top, new Background, and Hamburger options
- Grid Flip, Rotate and Delete Cell options
- Assign Hyperlink for Group, Cell, Shape, and Image
- Open Folder After Export
- 1000+ Block Designs
- Editing Colors:

Additional Colors:
- You can edit the additional color at once if it is selected. Other additional colors are modified by hovering them
- By clicking the Edit icon, you can change the color

Theme Colors:
- Theme Colors can be now easily edited in the pop-up without navigating to the Theme >> Colors page

Delete Color:
- The Delete icon appears in the color context toolbar on hover. If the color was previously used, it will be retained in the design but will be removed from the Pallete

Preset Presentation:
Header Styles:
- We have changed the way Header Styles are presented in the Property Panel -> Presets

Footer Styles:
- Similarly, we have changed how the Footer Styles are presented in the Property Panel -> Presets

Header And Footer From the Add Block Menu:
- Our usability tests show that many users expect Header and Footer Styles to be accessible from the Add Block Menu. Therefore, we have added these options

Header And Footer Styles from the Toolbar:
- To make the Header and Footer styles even more accessible, we added a button to the Toolbar

Multiple Select:
Area Select:
- Now you can select several elements by selecting the area around them

Align Multiply-Selected Items:
- You can align multiply-selected items by clicking the Arrangement

- Add Block Icon between blocks
- We have added the Add Block icon to ease the adding blocks

Distance Displaying:
- We have improved displaying of the distances

Padding And Margin Increment:
- The statistic is showing that the most commonly used alteration value for Padding and Margin is 5px. Now the arrow is changing margin and padding with the 5px step. If you need custom values, you can always do that in the Property Panel
- Showing Central Magnet While Resizing Blocks
- Now the central magnet is displayed while resizing the Block

Single Menu for Adding:
- Many users had problems with understanding two different lists for adding blocks, containers, and elements. Many thought that some element did not exist. Now we are showing the full list of controls when using the Add option

More Space After Footer In the Editor:
- We saw that it was hard to change the Footer Height as the lower marker was unreachable. This space is present only in the Editor and not on the exported websites

Group Drag-And-Drop:
- We have added the special marker for identifying the Group. It also can be used to drag and drop the Group
- Property Panel

Improved Width and Height:
- We have improved the display of the Height and Width properties. It allows editing of these parameters efficiently

Improved Hamburger Menu Option:
- We have changed the way Hamburger Menu option worked since many users had difficulties with using this function

Background Type:
- We have changed the way the Background Types are presented

Line Styles:
- We have improved the presentation of the Line Styles

SEO Alt:
- We have renamed this parameter to make it more intuitive

Grid Flip:
- We have added the Grid Flip operation to make it easier to find the desired layout without accessing the Grid dialog

Delete Cell:
- Now it is possible to delete cells

Cell Gap Icon:
- We added an icon to illustrate the Cell Gap modification. We plan to improve this option further in the future

Hyperlink Support:
- Now you can assign Hyperlink to Group, Cell, Shape, and Image controls

Underline Presentation:
- We have improved the presentation of the Underline property for the Hyperlink

Hyperlink Dialog:
- We have simplified the Hyperlink Dialog

Open Folder After Export:
- Now we open the destination folder after the Export is completed

Export Options for Content:
- We changed the Export dialog UI so the Folder or ZIP export option can be chosen easily

Responsive Modes:
Mobile View Tabs:
- We have changed the Responsive tabs in the user interface

Best Practices:
Group Dialog Changes:
- We have changed the dialog that recommends using Groups

Interactive Tutorial Changes:
Selecting of Designs:
- While taking the interactive tutorial, many new users selected only the pointed design. Now we have added one more arrow trying to explain that users can choose any of the designs in this step

- Fixed the issue with the display of images in the Joomla Preview with websites located on subdomains
- Fixed issue with copying cells
- Fixed issue with displaying images in the off-canvas menu
- Fixed issue with the list of pages in the Nicepage CMS Editor
- Fixed issue with Google Tag Manager
- Fixed issue with Rounded Shapes
- Fixed issue with the Nicepage Projects folder destination changing
- Improved the compatibility with Windows Defender in Real-Time Protection Mode
- Fixed the issue with the negative margins in the responsive modes
- Removed the "Updates and Announcements" for White Label
- Fixed the Text layout issues for the Sketches
- No px sign in the magnet tooltips to ease the UI
- Added hotkeys (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+U, Ctrl+I) for the Text
- Other fixes and improvements

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