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最新版本 Nicepage 1.16.0

Nicepage 1.16.0

Nicepage 1.16.0
FileZilla 64 位客戶端是一個快速和可靠的跨平台的 FTP,FTPS 和 SFTP 客戶端,具有許多有用的功能和直觀的圖形用戶界面。它包括一個站點管理器來存儲所有的連接細節和登錄,以及一個資源管理器風格的界面,顯示本地和遠程文件夾,可以獨立定制。該程序支持防火牆和代理連接以及 SSL 和 Kerberos GSS 安全。其他功能包括保持活躍,自動 ASCII / 二進制傳輸等等。一個適合初學者和高級用戶的好程序。用於 PC 的 FileZilla 64 位脫機安裝程序是一種文件傳輸協議(FTP)軟件,允許您將存儲在 PC 上的網站上傳到您的託管帳戶.

FileZilla 特點:易於使用最佳的性能和內存消耗支持 FTP,FTP over SSL / TLS (FTPS)和 SSH 文件傳輸協議(SFTP)跨平台。在 Windows,Linux,* BSD,Mac OS X 和更多的 IPv6 上運行支持多種語言的支持恢復和傳輸大文件> 4GB 選項卡式用戶界面強大的站點管理器和傳輸隊列書籤拖放&拖放支持可配置的傳輸速度限製文件名過濾器目錄比較網絡配置嚮導遠程文件編輯保持活動 HTTP / 1.1,SOCKS5 和 FTP 代理支持登錄到文件同步目錄瀏覽遠程文件搜索還可用:下載 FileZilla for Mac


檔案版本 Nicepage 1.16.0

檔案名稱 Nicepage-1.16.0.exe
檔案大小 614.4 KB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 FileZilla
更新日期 2019-08-29

What's new in this version:

Working With Colors:
Color Picker:
- Please note that we have added the Color Picker to help you to work with colors only in the Desktop Version for now.

Color Preview:
- While selecting a color, you can see the color preview in the Editor. For now, we are only having problems with the Cell Fill Preview, will be fixed in the next update

Add Color And Edit Palette:
- We have changed the Add Color button for adding more colors for your websites and move the Edit link to the top of the Color dialog. This link opens the Edit Palette section in the Theme Settings.

Property Panel:
Block Alignment:
- The usability tests showed that Block Alignment operation is popular. We have added this operation to the Panel

User Interface Simplifying:
- We have started to work on simplifying of the User Interface. Now, the Padding and Margins show only numbers, and the field dimensions are shown only on hover, then the click activates the input, and after the list is displayed

Value Selection:
- We have changed the value selection process, and now, you can select the value by a click, and you can start entering the new value at once

Add Operation:
New Blue Add:
- We have emphasized the importance of the Add button

Inline Addition And Zoom:
- We have added inline addition while the User Interface is zoomed out

Adding More Controls:
- We have simplified the understanding of More Control addition with the arrow

Container To Group:
- We have renamed Container to Group, and our usability tests show the Group is a more friendly term to start using it

Working With Editor:
One Element Active:
- After a series of usability testing, we have found that there was no clear understanding of what element was active at the moment. Therefore, we changed that, now only the active element is blue

Double-Line Selection:
- We have changed the selection for the Group and Grid. Now we use double line

Block And Grid Resize:
- While resizing a Block or Grid, we made the structure visible. While resizing the Block, you will see the dimensions of any element, and for Grid, you will see Paddings

Showing Sizes:
- We have fixed the display of the Grid Size while resizing the Grid

Moving Outside:
- We have additionally emphasized the understanding when the element moves out of the Group by coloring the Group while dragging elements outside

Padding And Distances:
- We have changed the approach to calculating the distances. Now the distance is calculated to the Padding marker

Context Panel:
Element Labeling:
- We are trying to make the Nicepage's element readable. We have moved the Element Label to the Context Taskbar. It made the visibility of an Element more obvious

Deleting Grid:
- We added the deletion of the Grid into the Context Toolbar

Working With Images:
Change Image:
- We have added the icon to make the image change easier

Reset Image Cropping:
- We have also improved the Zoom and Reset Cropping operations

- Fixed the issue with the Blog page in Joomla
- Fixed the issue with the Image Shading and parallax in Slider
- Fixed the issue the Responsive Menu Width
- Fixed the issue with the Grid and Block height in the Responsive Modes
- Fixed the issue with page links in the Quick Preview
- Fixed the issue with search results in Joomla
- Fixed the issue with the content import in Joomla
- Fixed the issue with reCaptcha not working in the pre-made Contact Form Block

New Block Designs:
- We are adding new design blocks every day. All designs are mobile-friendly

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