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檔案名稱 FeedReader312Setup.exe

FeedReader 3.12 軟體下載

檔案版本 FeedReader 3.12

檔案名稱 FeedReader312Setup.exe
檔案大小 4.54 MB
更新日期 2008-01-29
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軟體介紹 & 更新資訊

FeedReader 3.12
FeedReader 代表了今天市場上最強大,功能最全面的 RSS 聚合器之一,它是從頭開始創建的,從來沒有管理過這種類型的應用程序的新手和需要的專業人士。它會自動聯繫,收集和整理聯合網站內容(RSS feeds),並通過非常好的界面將其交付給最終用戶,用戶可以自定義界面。通過使用 FeedReader,您可以訪問無限量的互聯網信息,將立即和方便地交付,所有這些都是免費的.使用 FeedReade... FeedReader 軟體介紹

What's new in this version:

* Fixed (again) columns resize bug
* Some new options (disable version check, color alternate rows)
* Indonesian translation added
* "File > Database information > Clean up" works a little bit more quickly
* We will now tidy up database on every startup of Feedreader. This helps to keep database small and queries fast.
* Added "Search from last 30 days" filter to search functionality. You can enable it from searchbox popupmenu.
* Fixed a bug what occurred then pressing D in article where no enclosure exists.
* Internal database changes. This is about performance and avoiding potential hangs.
* New experimental feature "Quick Add Tag". If you are a person who constantly tags articles you may find it interesting. Feedreader tracks all your added tags and makes them available in Quick Add Tag submenu in articles listing popup menu. Now you just have to select a tag from this submenu and it will be added to article.
* Article page feature. Basically if all articles do not get shown on opening some feed or folder then there will appear buttons that let you see also older articles and so on.

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