最新版本 Tribler 7.7.0 (64-bit)

Tribler 7.7.0 (64-bit)

Tribler 7.7.0 (64-bit)
Evernote 允許您在任何使用任何設備或平台找到最方便的信息捕獲信息,並使這個信息隨時隨地訪問和搜索。使用 Evernote 記錄筆記,創建待辦事項列表,剪輯整個網頁,管理密碼和錄製音頻。添加到 Evernote 的所有內容都將自動跨平台和設備同步,並進行搜索。 Evernote 甚至可以識別出照片和圖像中的印刷或手寫文字.

從短名單到長篇研究,無論您的寫作形式如何,Evernote 讓您專注於將這些創意從靈感轉移到完成.



注意:需要 Evernote 帳戶。有限功能.

也可用:下載 Evernote 為 Mac 和 Evernote 為 Web


檔案版本 Tribler 7.7.0 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 Tribler_7.7.0_x64.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Evernote Corporation
官網 https://evernote.com/
更新日期 2021-01-06

What's new in this version:

- Fixed pyqtsignal handling on low storage
- Added ability to send issues automatically in case TEST_SENTRY_URL is defined
- Renamed error_reporting_requires_user_consent
- Changed mousePressEvent signature
- Returned from on_received_metainfo if the dialog closed
- Updated download progress in channels on dl polls
- Fixed default search order for FTS queries
- Changed mocked config to corrupted source file
- Fixed crash on perform_files_request when dialog is closed
- Added "closed" property to DialogContainer
- Added xinerama as debian depenedency
- Fixed full-text search query
- Fixed sorting search result by health (#5880)
- Added sql_default value to self_checked column
- Removed db_session from column_exists upgrader utility
- Fixed style issues
- Added v10 test database and update upgrader tests
- Converted torrent_checked set to dict
- Added torrent checker tests
- Removed redundant return
- Added db v8->v10 upgrader test
- Made torrent_checked a property
- Fixed database upgrade issues
- Fixed torrent checker tests
- Load torrents_checked from db to bootstrap
- Added self_checked column to TorrentState
- Fixed Search breadcrumb error
- Fixed remote preview for channels
- Added an option to run Tribler with sentry URL for tests
- Applied error_reporting_requires_user_consent in case of core 's errors
- Added prefix TEST to consts
- Added Discovery Booster
- Added an option to automatically send exceptions
- Increased the size of nodes in trust graph slightly
- Updated trustview endpoint tests
- Fixed issue with clicking node in Trust graph UI
- Added test for refresh query parameter in trustview endpoint
- Improved logging and exception message in Trust graph
- Added missing refresh parameter in trustview endpoint.
- Fixed Trustgraph max node issue
- Fixed preview_clicked pyqtsignal handler issue
- Fixed database upgrader & tests
- Fixed GUI emit interface mismatches
- Returned false if PyQt5 is not available on user confirmation
- Converted PyQt5 to local import in tribler common.
- Renamed variable last_fresh_time
- Fixed pylint issue
- Added popular torrents checking in torrent checker
- Fixed bug in relay payouts
- Updated IPv8 pointer
- Added release for Sentry
- Used mds instead of metadata_store
- Rollback "Tribler starts on event mechanism"
- Added try-except block to dependency message box
- Added value check
- Added to makedirs the argument exist_ok=True
- Removed unused sync_channels strategy
- Kept python modules in a report
- Added breadcrumbs to UI
- Added user identification for GUI errors
- Stopped spamming breadcrumbs after error
- Adopted signal C++ signatures
- Wrapped connect() calls for extended tracebacks
- Fixed broken pre-commit on Mac

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