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最新版本 Wing IDE 101

Wing IDE 101

Wing IDE 101
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro - 真正的 1 號速度智能 DVD 抓取軟件,提供了最快的解決方案,可以將您廣泛的 DVD 收藏集轉換成幾乎任何視頻,音頻和設備。享受你的 DVD 只是變得更簡單,更快。我創建的視頻將具有完美的質量(即使在高清晰度下)。沒有丟失的關鍵幀,重繪問題或崩潰。基於我內置的領先的 DVD 解密和解碼技術,我隨時準備幫助您將任何 DVD(光盤 / 文件夾 / ISO)轉換為標準視頻格式,包括 DVD 到 AVI,DVD 到 MP4,DVD 到 MKV,DVD 到 MPG,WMV,MOV,MTS,M4V,ASF,DVC,MTS,M2TS,WEBM,FLV,SWF,VOB,F4V,3GP 和 3GP2,以滿足您的不同需求 DVD 到高清視頻格式,以在更大的屏幕上更好地播放。 WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 是驚人的!

作為 DVD 撕裂電影第一實用程序,也是最好的 DVD 開膛手 Windows 10/8/ 7 軟件,我會讓你看你喜歡的 DVD 光盤在各種屏幕和顯示器。欣賞創造我的人。對於所有流行的設備,如 DVD 到 iPad,DVD 到 iPhone,DVD 到 Android 設備,三星,微軟,谷歌 Android,LG,亞馬遜,摩托羅拉,索尼,華為,諾基亞,黑莓,宏達電,Xbox,投影機(4K / FHD / 720P)等等。

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 功能:

壓縮 DVD(7.5 GB),數字視頻(1.2 GB),而不會丟失質量。

最快的 DVD 到數字轉換速度
只需 20 分鐘,撕裂一個 150 分鐘的 DVD 到 MP4 ,AVI,MKV,MOV,WMV,質量損失低,備份 DVD 到 MPG 的時間少得多(僅需 5〜10 分鐘).

智能檢測 DVD 電影和電視節目主標題
輕鬆地從 99 個標題中找出正確的標題以及刪除不需要的廣告,預告片,視頻剪輯和其他一些東西.

注意:您只能撕裂前 15 分鐘的視頻.


檔案版本 Wing IDE 101

檔案名稱 wing-101-
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 WonderFox Soft, Inc.
官網 http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/dvd-ripper/
更新日期 2021-04-15

What's new in this version:

- Improve New Project support to allow selecting host, and creating source directory and Python environments along with the project (Wing Pro)
- Support Django project creation also on remote hosts and in containers (Wing Pro)
- Add package management with pip and pipenv (Wing Pro)
- Add support and documentation for Linux containers hosted by LXC/LXD (Wing Pro)
- Support Find Uses and Refactoring with values found in f-strings (Wing Pro)
- Add code warnings for named tuple attributes (Wing Pro)
- Add code analysis for stringified and commented type hints
- Analysis support for multiple return values and tuple unpacking
- Allow disabling individual syntax errors and indent warnings (Wing Pro)

- Wing Personal no longer includes documentation and features specifically designed for third party modules, packages, and frameworks
- The editor background color preference has been removed, since it conflicts with setting the editor palette
- When using PuTTY for remote development on Windows, Wing no longer uses any port numbers stored in a PuTTY configuration, in order to work around a long-standing bug in PuTTY that uses the wrong port if no configuration was ever saved. Non-standards ports now also need to be specified in Wing's remote host configuration for that host.
- Remove the legacy Django project configuration functionality, which has been replaced by New Project
- Add an optional encoding keyword argument to the ExecuteCommandLine and AsyncExecuteCommandLine* wingapi methods to encode / decode strings sent to / received from child process. Encoding defaults to the default OS Commands encoding. If the encoding is set to None, no encoding / decoding will be done and bytes instances will be returned.
- Add a WriteToChild method to the handler instance returned by the AsyncExecuteCommandLine* wingapi methods. The WriteToChild method sends a string to the child process after encoding it and optionally flushes and closes the pipe to the child.

- Fix failure to show and/or hide memory addresses in debug data values
- Avoid displaying Cython-defined functions/methods in the Stack Data tool
- Improve handling of debug data that cannot be inspected
- Fix general failures in inspecting containers in a cluster, causing failure to update Source Assistant among other things
- Change the container and cluster plugin APIs to allow multiple commands to be specified for building
- Fix failure to remove Docker containers created by Wing when Wing quits
- Fix using a path that contains spaces in the Activated Env option for Python Executable configurations
- Fix likelihood of a simple name being a point of use of an attribute
- Correctly parse N{} unicode escapes in f-strings and f-strings with rf'' prefixes
- Fix using non-builtin types in type hint subscripts
- Display b'' or u'' prefixed strings for py3 bytes and py2 unicode instances, respectively, in the Stack Data and the Watch tools
- Fix introspection of module attributes
- Fix signature of the Python 3 print function
- Include all improvements in Wing version 7.2.8
- Save project periodically while running tests to avoid losing test results

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