最新版本 The Dude 7.8

The Dude 7.8

The Dude 7.8
Dropbox 是在線存儲,同步和共享文件的最簡單方法。 Dropbox 就像您的計算機上的任何其他文件夾一樣工作,但有一些差異。 Dropbox 內的任何文件或文件夾將同步到 Dropbox 的服務器和任何其他計算機鏈接到您的帳戶。綠色複選標記將顯示在您的文件上方,讓您知道它們已同步並且是最新的。所有數據都通過 SSL 傳輸,並在存儲之前使用 AES-256 進行加密。 Dropbox PC 的離線安裝程序跟踪對其任何內容所做的每個更改。它可以免費下載和使用 2GB 的在線存儲空間,高達 1TB 的付費客戶可用.

保存您的計算機上的文件,然後從您的手機上訪問它們。您在 Dropbox 中保留的所有內容都會自動同步到您的所有設備.

通過簡單的鏈接將您的整個婚禮視頻發送給家人。很容易與任何人分享大型文件— 即使他們沒有 Dropbox 帳戶.

保存您的照片 safe
從您的手機或計算機中自動備份度假照片。這樣,只要你做出來,記憶就是安全的,你可以從任何設備上重溫它們。下載 Dropbox 離線安裝程序安裝.


將電話留在列車上?您的照片,文檔和視頻是安全的。只需從任何設備登錄到 Dropbox,並且您的文件將在那裡等待您.

注意:您可以使用免費帳戶存儲高達 2GB 的數據。

也可用:下載 Dropbox 為 Mac


檔案版本 The Dude 7.8

檔案名稱 dude-install-7.8.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Dropbox Team
官網 https://www.dropbox.com/
更新日期 2023-02-27

What's new in this version:

- storage - added new "rose-storage" package support for extended disk management and monitoring functionality (ARM, ARM64, Tile and x86) (CLI only)
- bgp - fixed setting of "default-prepend" parameter
- bridge - fixed adding disabled MSTI
- bridge - fixed DHCP packet flow when using DHCP snooping, HW offloading and "use-ip-firewall"
- bridge - fixed possible DHCP packet corruption when using DHCP snooping
- bridge - fixed PVID warning typo
- bridge - improved HW offloading logic
- certificate - fixed export of a certificate when the last line of the certificate is exactly 64 bytes long
- certificate - fixed PBES2 certificate import
- certificate - improved certificate management, signing and storing processes
- certificate - improved multiple certificate import process
- conntrack - improved system stability when changing connection tracking state
- conntrack - improved system stability when PPTP helper is used
- console - added "as-string" parameter to the ":execute" command
- container - added authentication option for registry (CLI only)
- container - fixed ".type" file ownership
- container - fixed file ownership after system upgrade for containers running on internal disk
- container - fixed multiple container automatic startup on boot
- dhcpv4-client - send DHCPv4 unicast requests to DHCPv4 relay, instead of server when it is being used
- disk - limit maximum TMPFS size
- dns - added configurable DoH concurrent query limitation parameters
- dns - do not cache results from ":resolve" command with specific server
- dns - fixed CNAME reading from the cache
- dns - limited "DoH max concurrent queries reached" logging messages to once per minute
- dns - respond with "NOERROR" to DNS requests for static domain names when appropriate type record is not configured or found on upstream server
- firewall - fixed bridge priority target
- firewall - fixed DSCP priority target for IPv6 Mangle
- firewall - fixed netmap range maximum address calculation for IPv6 NAT
- graphing - fixed hiding of target queues when "allow-target" is disabled
- graphing - fixed sorting of interface and queue graphs
- graphing - properly handle disabled and static-binding interface graphs
- graphing - removed "move" command for graphing rules
- health - fixed "temperature" and "power-consumption" readings for RB1100AHx4
- hotspot - fixed setting of "address" parameter for IP binding
- hotspot - restore cookie timeout on reboot
- ike2 - added support for "address", "key-id" and "dn" for Remote ID matching (CLI only)
- ike2 - fixed active SA flush on responder after an unsuccessful peer connection attempt
- ipsec - added support for "Framed-Route" RADIUS attribute support
- ipsec - do not match incoming IKE requests by unresolved DNS name peers
- ipsec - fixed peer matcher for incoming connection with unresolved DNS
- ipv6 - added "pref64" option configuration for RA
- ipv6 - improved handling of "advertise" IPv6 address status changes
- ipv6 - limited "hop-limit" parameter value range to 255
- ipv6 - made distributed DNS lifetime RFC8106 compliant
- l3hw - added destination MAC address check for offloaded FastTrack connections
- led - fixed signal reading for KNOT device
- leds - always require to set interface name when setting "modem-signal" indication
- lte - added AT support for Telit LE910C4 in MBIM mode
- lte - fixed APN setting usage on initial connection attempt for AT based Quectel and Neoway modems
- lte - fixed automatic antenna selection on Chateau LTE12/LTE18
- lte - fixed dialing for Fibocom L850-GL module
- lte - fixed displaying of "subscriber-number"
- lte - fixed possible memory leak when using passthrough mode on Chateau 5G
- lte - improved AT port matching for SIMCom, Huawei, WeLink, Cinterion, BandLuxe and Sierra modems
- lte - improved modem detection speed in lower mini-PCIe slot on LtAP
- lte - improved stability for R11e-LTE6, skip connection reset on first EEMGINFO command timeout
- lte - LtAP improved modem detection in lower mini-PCie slot ("/system routerboard upgrade" required)
- lte - parse USSD even if encoding is unsupported
- mpls - fixed handling of more than 9 VRF's
- mpls - fixed LDP listen socket creation before IPv6 address is ready for use
- mpls - improved stability when neighboring router reboots
- ospf - fixed "ospf-type" parameter for OSPFv3 routes
- ospf - fixed simple auth for OSPFv3
- ovpn - added AES-GCM and multicore encryption support
- ovpn - improved server stability
- ovpn - improved TLS-related error logging
- pimsm - improved system stability
- poe - added LLDP power management support for 802.3at PSE
- poe - properly turn off power when link not detected on hAP ax2 and hAP ax3
- port - fixed modem channel number on KNOT
- pppoe - fixed PPPoE client scan showing only one server
- resource - show filesystem related statistics on CCR2004
- route - fixed IPv6 default route presence when received from RA
- route - fixed printing of routing table's "count-only" parameter
- route - show hoplimit and MTU properties under the "/routing route" menu for SLAAC routes
- routerboot - fixed format storage for RBM33G device ("/system routerboard upgrade" required)
- routerboot - fixed protected routerboot for RBM33G device ("/system routerboard upgrade" required)
- sfp - fixed false link detection with S+RJ10 on RB5009
- sfp - fixed reading of SFP EEPROM on single SFP port devices
- sfp - improved optical modules SFP compatibility on CCR2004-16G-2S+, CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS, CCR2116-12G-4S+ devices
- sms - improved reporting of SMS sending errors
- sms - log USSD response when USSD is sent over MBIM
- sniffer - added additional filtering parameters
- snmp - do not show identity in LLDP when branding is used with hide SNMP data
- snmp - fixed handling of disabled routes
- snmp - fixed reporting of total number of routes counter
- ssh - hard-coded "localhost" address for forwarding requests
- ssh - improved system stability when processing none-crypto SSH connection
- sstp - fixed TLS session establishment when "connect-to" is DNS name
- switch - fixed SFP rate select for CRS354 devices
- switch - improved 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G interface stability for 98DX8208, 98DX8212, 98DX8332, 98DX3257, 98DX4310, 98DX8525, 98DX3255, 98PX1012 switches
- switch - improved system stability for 98DXxxxx switch chips
- swos - removed "/system swos" menu for CRS5xx series switches
- torch - allow "without-paging" parameter for Torch
- traffic-generator - increased maximum allowed stream count
- upgrade - show error message when license prohibits upgrade
- usb - changed USB auto detect behavior to default to the external USB, when no internal USB devices detected
- vxlan - added "dont-fragment" setting that allows managing fragmentation
- vxlan - added "max-fdb-size" parameter
- vxlan - added FastPath support
- webfig - allow setting numeric values in time interval fields
- webfig - fixed accessing of WebFig when "Interface" menu is disabled by skin
- webfig - fixed editing of multi-field parameters with "not" checkbox
- webfig - fixed handling of empty skin files
- webfig - improved navigation responsiveness
- webfig - improved skin file parsing
- webfig - improved terminal operation
- webfig - properly escape all reserved URI characters
- webfig - updated WebFig and graph web pages to HTML5
- wifiwave2 - added wireless sniffer tool to capture wireless transmissions (CLI only)
- wifiwave2 - adjust monitoring of station interfaces to report when an interface is authorized, not just connected
- wifiwave2 - enabled additional channels in UNII-3 and UNII-4 bands for Europe and USA on hAP ax^2, hAP ax^3 and Chateau ax
- wifiwave2 - fixed compatibility with third-party devices when using SAE hash-to-element authentication with DH groups 20 and 21
- wifiwave2 - fixed SAE authentication for interfaces in station mode when trying to connect to APs which require an anti-clogging token (introduced in RouterOS 7.4)
- wifiwave2 - implement 802.11w management protection SA Query procedures
- wifiwave2 - improve protections from denial-of-service attacks on WPA3
- winbox - added "Connect" button under "WifiWave2/Scan" menu
- winbox - added "Disable/Enable" buttons under "WifiWave2" menu
- winbox - added "Match Subdomain" parameter under "IP/DNS/Static" menu
- winbox - added "Provision" button under "WifiWave2" menu
- winbox - added "Start On Boot" checkbox under "Container" menu
- winbox - added "Tx Rate" and "Rx Rate" columns under "WifiWave2/Registration" menu
- winbox - added missing properties when setting "Use DoH Server"
- winbox - added missing WifiWave2 related parameters under "WifiWave2" menu
- winbox - added support for manual RAM file system (TMPFS) creation under "System/Disk" menu
- winbox - added Type "https-get" parameter under "Tools/Netwatch" menu
- winbox - allow selecting bridge for static entries under "Bridge/MDB" menu
- winbox - fixed displaying of "Default Prepend" value under "Routing/BGP/Sessions" menu
- winbox - fixed displaying of "Tx/Rx CCQ" values under "Wireless/Registration" menu
- winbox - fixed displaying of flags under "System/Console" menu
- winbox - fixed displaying of multiple character flags
- winbox - fixed usage of IPv6 family addresses under "IP/Web Proxy/Access" menu
- winbox - hide "TTL" value for static DNS entries with FWD type
- winbox - hide unnecessary properties for virtual interfaces under "WifiWave2" menu
- winbox - improved mouseover hint for "local" policy under "System/Users/Groups" menu
- winbox - rename "Multicast Router" monitoring property to "Is Multicast Router" under "Bridge" menu
- winbox - show "Gateway" column by default under "IPv6/Routes" menu
- x86 - added support for TP-Link TG-3468
- x86 - fixed SR-IOV support for Intel X710 series NIC
- x86 - improved Intel 500 series 10G SFP module support
- x86 - improved stability for Intel X550 series NIC with SR-IOV
- zeroter - fixed routes after VRF change

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