最新版本 Tableau Desktop 2020.3.2

Tableau Desktop 2020.3.2

Tableau Desktop 2020.3.2
Dropbox 是在線存儲,同步和共享文件的最簡單方法。 Dropbox 就像您的計算機上的任何其他文件夾一樣工作,但有一些差異。 Dropbox 內的任何文件或文件夾將同步到 Dropbox 的服務器和任何其他計算機鏈接到您的帳戶。綠色複選標記將顯示在您的文件上方,讓您知道它們已同步並且是最新的。所有數據都通過 SSL 傳輸,並在存儲之前使用 AES-256 進行加密。 Dropbox PC 的離線安裝程序跟踪對其任何內容所做的每個更改。它可以免費下載和使用 2GB 的在線存儲空間,高達 1TB 的付費客戶可用.

保存您的計算機上的文件,然後從您的手機上訪問它們。您在 Dropbox 中保留的所有內容都會自動同步到您的所有設備.

通過簡單的鏈接將您的整個婚禮視頻發送給家人。很容易與任何人分享大型文件— 即使他們沒有 Dropbox 帳戶.

保存您的照片 safe
從您的手機或計算機中自動備份度假照片。這樣,只要你做出來,記憶就是安全的,你可以從任何設備上重溫它們。下載 Dropbox 離線安裝程序安裝.


將電話留在列車上?您的照片,文檔和視頻是安全的。只需從任何設備登錄到 Dropbox,並且您的文件將在那裡等待您.

注意:您可以使用免費帳戶存儲高達 2GB 的數據。

也可用:下載 Dropbox 為 Mac


檔案版本 Tableau Desktop 2020.3.2

檔案名稱 TableauDesktop-64bit-2020-3-2.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Dropbox Team
官網 https://www.dropbox.com/
更新日期 2020-10-30

What's new in this version:

- Opening a workbook with an extract where the extract was created within a packaged workbook could sometimes fail with the message, "Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Error code 6EA18A9E"
- Auto update could have an inconsistency between the user interface and a twb file with the 'lock-update' flag
- An error would sometimes occur retrieving OData feeds with the message, "Error '20B40A5E'. The table does not exist"
- If the data source filter was initially set to exclude all values, changing the existing data source filter would not work correctly
- Creating an Oracle extract would sometimes result in the error, "Invalid datetime value Error Code: DD90F63D, Unable to create extract"
- To refresh extracts for an Oracle JDBC connection to the same database, the user would be prompted for the password to each connection instead of one prompt
- A workbook connected to an Impala data source could result in the error "AnalysisException: LEFT OUTER JOIN requires an ON or USING clause" when "none" is selected in a parameter
- A query could take an excessive amount of time on a complex worksheet and not load
- WDC based connectors would not respect proxy configurations from PAC files starting with 2019.4
- Connecting to Google BigQuery would sometimes be slow on the initial load of datasets
- Sometimes Tableau Desktop would quit when signing out of Tableau Online
- When connected to a large spatial file that is a published data source, and an attempt to load a geometry field was performed, an error would display, "Error: BinaryTupleReader::NextWireValueAligned:941 Not enough data for header"
- Duplicated translations appeared in the Dashboard menu. "Caption" was translated as "Title" in zh-CN
- With Impala an ISO-8601 cast from a string to a date and time field failed on 2020.2 and higher with the error, "Invalid character value for cast specification"

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