最新版本 FreeNAS 11.3

FreeNAS 11.3

FreeNAS 11.3
DiskDigger 是一個程序,從您的硬盤驅動器,內存卡,USB 閃存驅動器中刪除和恢復丟失的文件— 你的名字!無論您是否意外地從計算機中刪除了某些文檔或照片,重新格式化了相機的存儲卡,或者想要查看舊 USB 驅動器上潛伏的文件,DiskDigger 就在這里為您提供幫助.

DiskDigger 可以從大多數類型的介質恢復已刪除的文件計算機可以讀取:硬盤,USB 閃存驅動器,存儲卡,CD,DVD 和軟盤.

DiskDigger 有兩種操作模式,您可以在每次掃描磁盤時進行選擇。這些模式被稱為“深挖”和“深挖”。

注意:需要.NET Framework。無法保存恢復的文件和嘮叨屏幕.


檔案版本 FreeNAS 11.3

檔案名稱 FreeNAS-11.3-RELEASE.iso
檔案大小 746 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Defiant Technologies, LLC.
官網 http://diskdigger.org/
更新日期 2020-01-28

What's new in this version:

- Re-implemented Replication Engine, allows up to 10Gb replication speeds (a 10x improvement), resume support on failed transfers, as well as ability to replicate locally.
- ACL Manager: Allows setup and management of SMB ACL’s directly via the FreeNAS web interface.
- SMB Shadow Copies are now enabled by default for new shares: Note: Snapshots will only show up in Windows “Previous Versions Tab” if the snapshot USED size shows changes to the file.
- A repository of Community plugins has been created, users can now create and distribute 3rd party plugins which are not officially iXsystems supported.
- Updated translations for Czech, French, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Additionally, the process to add additional translations has been greatly improved.
- iSCSI Wizard: Streamlines the process of creating new iSCSI targets down to a few clicks.
- Alert System Overhaul: More granular alerts, as well as controls to set alert thresholds.
- Dashboard Updates: The initial dashboard now shows a live view of system status, including network traffic, CPU / memory utilization and more.
- NAT Support for Plugins: Eliminates the need for each plugin to have a dedicated IP address on your network.
- Full featured 2.0 API: Includes both REST and Websocket connections, allowing FreeNAS to be fully scripted and driven via the same API used by the web-interface.
- Large Pool Creation Assistance: When creating ZFS pools with large number of disks, the UI provides an automated way to repeat a VDEV layout across all remaining disks.
- ZFS Performance optimizations across the board for many different workloads.

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