BullGuard Premium Protection

最新版本 PingPlotter Free 5.18.0

PingPlotter Free 5.18.0

PingPlotter Free 5.18.0
BullGuard Premium Protection 是一個完整的,簡單易用的安全套件,保護您免受惡意軟件,身份盜竊,財務欺詐,在線數據洩漏,並幫助您保持您的孩子在社交網絡上的安全.

為什麼選擇 BullGuard Premium Protection?
您選擇的個人和財務信息您需要 BullGuard 保護受益於最先進的互聯網安全和防病毒保護獲取有關您的孩子的 Facebook 上的不當內容的通知免費的 25GB 的在線備份空間,以保存所有重要數據 3 -PC 許可證訂閱和免費升級到新版本獲取電子郵件和短信提醒,以防您的個人和財務信息在線受到攻擊獲得最高級的防病毒保護,經獨立測試實驗室驗證免費 PC Tune Ups 保持您的 PC 運行快速免費 24/ 7 專家客戶支持注意:30 天試用版 0.


檔案版本 PingPlotter Free 5.18.0

檔案名稱 pingplotter_install.exe
檔案大小 20.7 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 BullGuard Team
官網 http://www.bullguard.com/products/bullguard-premium-protection.aspx
更新日期 2020-07-02

What's new in this version:

PingPlotter Free 5.18.0
- PingPlotter’s new web UI - We’ve redesigned PingPlotter’s built-in web UI, building on the massive revision we introduced in 5.15. This includes alert and setting management, CloudConnect integration, and an improved design that’s more functional and easier on the eyes

- Changed how Target and Summary permissions function to make more sense and behave more as expected
- Improved error submission from within the web UI
- Added user permissions for alerts, the session browser, and CloudConnect Agents in the web UI
- Improved proxy and reverse proxy support

- Sorting by "Status" in the web UI no longer redirects to the All Targets summary
- Downloading a PP2 from the web UI now downloads all historical data instead of 5 minutes
- Routes now update with the current Focus in the web UI
- Notes column edits now save in the web UI
- Target name edits now save in the web UI
- When installing Sidekick over a trial, web server authentication now automatically turns off

PingPlotter Free 5.17.1
- When starting a trace with an IP address, PingPlotter now automatically attempts to resolve a DNS name
- Improved some error messages in the Web Interface to give better information
- Improved the load speed of timegraphs on LiveShare pages
- (Windows) Added the ability to not use the lowest Windows default timer resolution for PingPlotter

- Fixed a number of "null reference" and "object reference" errors that occurred in a variety of situations
- Fixed sorting of Agent, Settings, and Notes column in the Web Interface
- Fixed a bug that would stop live-rendering of the Web Interface when changing root authentication preferences
- Fixed a bug in the installer where not running VBScript would cause a full install to fail
- Fixed a number of minor LiveShare bugs
- Fixed a situation where LiveShare would not live update
- Fixed a situation that would cause LiveShare page styling not to load correctly
- Fixed a "Sequence contains no elements" bug in Sidekick that would prevent it from starting traces correctly in some situations

PingPlotter Free 5.15.7
New Features:
- Quick Trace Links: Use and share links that automatically start a trace to a specific endpoint, helping you solve your own issues quickly while also making it easier to troubleshoot problems for those who might not be the most net-savvy

- Improved CloudConnect stability
- Improved .pp2 export performance
- (Windows) Windows Installer now adds firewall rules for PingPloter's web interface ports

- Fixed the cause of the "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error
- Fixed a bug that sometimes stopped PingPlotter's web interface from updating once the host machine had gone to sleep
- Fixed several timeout errors when starting CloudConnect traces
- Fixed several bugs that would cause PingPlotter's UI to freeze
- (Windows) PingPlotter now properly shows CloudConnect's sync dialog when running as a service

PingPlotter Free 5.15.1 Build 7195
New Features:
- New Web Interface - Control PingPlotter from your favorite browser. Access PingPlotter locally or remotely, allowing you to monitor networks, test connections, and view results from practically anywhere.

- Improved the Alerts setup experience.
- Updated the language surrounding MOS alerts to make setup more intuitive.
- Improved CloudConnect trace resilience and error reporting.

- Resolved an issue with Find Target (Ctrl+F) not working across summaries.
- Fixed multi-select functionality.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the import of .pp_sample files.
- Fixed a bug where the Test Action button on alerts always passed.
- Fixed a bug where the Launch an EXE alert would not always function.
- Fixed a bug that caused errors to appear when switching workspaces.
- Resolved an issue where CloudConnect traces would sometimes cause reference errors.
- Fixed various frozen UI issues.
- (Windows) The Alerts panel now functions as intended.

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