最新版本 The Dude 6.45.2

The Dude 6.45.2

The Dude 6.45.2
Betternet 為 Windows 提供的無限制免費 VPN 使您能夠訪問所有被封鎖的網站,並使您在瀏覽網頁時安全和匿名.

您只需點擊“連接”按鈕即可連接到最快的 VPN 服務器,並使用 Betternet 無限的時間。您將能夠解鎖所有被封鎖的網站,並在瀏覽網頁時保持您的隱私.

Betternet 功能:

使用 Betternet Windows VPN,可以在您的 Chrome 瀏覽器上訪問被封鎖網站的整個範圍。您可以隨處訪問 YouTube,Facebook 和 Twitter。您將能夠快速訪問被政府封鎖的所有社交網絡和新聞網站.

當您連接到 Betternet 時,它會自動找到最近的服務器,以獲得最佳的連接體驗。通過連接到最快的服務器,您的上網速度更穩定,您不必再擔心連接速度慢.

匿名和安全地對網絡進行網上沖浪是網上用戶最重要的事情之一。使用 Betternet Windows VPN,您的數據和個人信息在網絡上得到保護,任何人都無法在 Internet 上跟踪您的活動。您可以自信地使用公共無線網絡,而不會害怕黑客.

您可能正在旅行,想要觀看自己喜歡的電視節目,體育頻道和電影,或者聽音樂欣賞音樂流媒體應用。隨著 Betternet 的 Windows 的 VPN,您可以訪問 Netflix 的,潘多拉,節拍 1,英國廣播公司的 iPlayer 和許多其他網站.


檔案版本 The Dude 6.45.2

檔案名稱 dude-install-6.45.2.exe
檔案大小 2.6 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Betternet Technologies Inc.
更新日期 2019-07-19

What's new in this version:

- Due to removal of compatibility with old version passwords in this version, downgrading to any version prior to v6.43 (v6.42.12 and older) will clear all user passwords and allow password-less authentication. Please secure your router after downgrading
- Old API authentication method will also no longer work, see documentation for new login procedure
- Bonding - fixed bonding running status after reboot when using other bonds as slave interfaces (introduced in v6.45)
- Cloud - properly stop "time-zone-autodetect" after disable
- Interface - fixed missing PWR-LINE section on PL7411-2nD and PL6411-2nD (introduced v6.44)
- Ipsec - added "connection-mark" parameter for mode-config initiator
- Ipsec - allow peer argument only for "encrypt" policies (introduced in v6.45)
- Ipsec - fixed peer configuration migration from versions older than v6.43 (introduced in v6.45)
- Ipsec - improved stability for peer initialization (introduced in v6.45)
- Ipsec - show warning for policies with "unknown" peer
- Ospf - fixed possible busy loop condition when accessing OSPF LSAs
- Profile - added "internet-detect" process classificator
- Radius - fixed "User-Password" encoding (introduced in v6.45)
- Ssh - do not enable "none-crypto" if "strong-crypto" is enabled on upgrade (introduced in v6.45)
- Ssh - fixed executed command output printing (introduced in v6.45)
- Supout - fixed supout file generation outside of internal storage with insufficient space
- Upgrade - fixed "auto-upgrade" to use new style authentication (introduced in v6.45)
- Vlan - fixed "slave" flag for non-running interfaces (introduced in v6.45)
- Wireless - improved 802.11ac stability for all ARM devices with wireless
- Wireless - improved range selection when distance set to "dynamic"

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