最新版本 Tribler 6.5.0

Tribler 6.5.0

Tribler 6.5.0
AIMP 是一款功能齊全的音樂播放器,設計時考慮到音質和寬廣的可定制功能。支持三十種音頻格式。音頻處理為 32 位,清晰的聲音。該播放器具有一個帶有額外內置音效的 18 頻帶圖形均衡器。您可以擴展 Winamp 的輸入,DSP 和 Gen 插件的現有功能。所有本地和全球熱鍵都可以自定義。完整的 Unicode 支持。您可以將音頻 CD 轉換為 MP3,OGG,WAV 或 WMA。同樣,您可以將電腦上任何音頻設備的聲音抓到 MP3,OGG,WAV 或 WMA 格式。您可以從我們的網站下載 AIMP 免費下載按鈕。

AIMP 主要特點和功能:
DirectSound / ASIO / WASAPI 18 波段均衡器和內置音效
Reverb,Flanger,Chorus,Pitch,Tempo ,Echo,Speed,Bass,Enhancer,Voice Remover 多種格式播放:
.CDA,.AAC,.AC3,.APE,.DTS,.FLAC,.IT,.MIDI,.MO3,.MOD,.M4A,.M4B ,.MP1,.MP2,.MP3,.MPC,.MTM,.OFR,.OGG,.RMI,.S3M,.SPX,.TAK,.TTA,.UMX,.WAV,.WMA,.WV。 XM 32 位和 64 位音頻處理
當一個人玩 - 你用另一個偉大的功能和用戶友好的界面工作創建書籤和播放隊列 CUE 表支持插件支持
您可以添加新的使用情況或擴展已有的 LastFM Scrobbler 互聯網 radio
將網絡電台收聽和捕獲到 OGG / WAV / MP3 / AAC / AAC + 格式。為 MP3 / AAC / AAC + 格式捕獲流多用戶模式支持
您可以輕鬆編輯音頻文件標籤並重命名文件組,按模板排序文件或將標籤應用於一組文件 Hotkeys
根據需要配置本地和全局熱鍵!文件 search


檔案版本 Tribler 6.5.0

檔案名稱 Tribler_6.5.0.exe
檔案大小 70.2 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 AIMP DevTeam
更新日期 2016-02-12

What's new in this version:

- Support for recent versions of Windows
- Support for non ASCII user names on Windows (OSX and Linux where already supported)
- More miscellaneous fixes for unicode named torrents, files and paths
- Fixes for the builtin player initialization when leftover files from old versions of VLC where left on Windows
- Improved tunnel community usability (for people that just don't read popup windows and blindly click on "accept") Not the exit node feature can only be toggled from the settings panel, so people don't get in trouble as easily
- Some performance improvements and bug fixes on the anontunnel community, tunneled downloads should be more stable now
- Tunneled downloads will use both end to end encrypted and exit node terminated circuits when downloading concurrently instead of trying a pure end to end encrypted download and then falling back to tunneled download after a couple of minutes
- There's a "safe seeding" mode now which will seed your downloaded torrents through the tunnel community only. This can be enabled even for plain downloads
- The automatically added tunneled download test torrent has been disabled
- Collected torrents are now stored in a levelDB database, which should help a lot with disk usage, IO performance and filesystem fragmentation
- Fixed several download state switching issues
- Download bandwidth settings are now applied to all download modes (tunneled, and plain) but accounted for separately
- Bundled libtorrent and libvlc got upgraded (Windows and OSX, on Linux it uses the system's version)
- Fixed adding torrent urls via the search bar
- All releases are cryptographically signed now
- Bittorrent opportunistic encryption for plain downloads is enabled now
- A bunch of minor usability improvements and fixes

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