Acronis True Image

最新版本 HitFilm Pro 13.0.9126.07201

HitFilm Pro 13.0.9126.07201

HitFilm Pro 13.0.9126.07201
Acronis True Image 保護您的文件,圖片,視頻,操作系統,應用程序,設置和首選項。如果您的 PC 或 Mac 丟失,被盜或損壞,您可以輕鬆快速地將整個計算機恢復到之前確切的狀態到相同或不同的硬件。您還可以只恢復所需的文件和文件夾。現在為 Windows 10 和最新的 OS X 版本優化了現在的行業最快速的備份和恢復,節省時間和沮喪。


Acronis True Image 功能:

備份整個計算機,包括您的操作系統,應用程序和數據,而不僅僅是文件和文件夾外部硬盤或 NAS。 Acronis True Image 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是 True Image 的完全離線設置安裝程序。

Universal Restore
Restore 備份數據,包括您的操作系統,應用程序和所有數據到您現有的計算機或完全獨立的硬件,或根據需要恢復特定的數據.

行業的最快的備份和 Recovery
速度比競爭對手高出 50% - 節省時間和沮喪與業界最快的備份和恢復。
保證您的數據是安全的 256 位加密和私人,用戶定義的 key.

快速,簡單 recovery

保存最多 10 個系統狀態的歷史記錄,隨時回滾到不同的時間點。僅捕獲初始映像備份後所做的更改,並節省時間和存儲空間.
數以百萬計的全球企業和消費者信任 Acronis AnyData Engine— 最先進的備份技術.

注意:30 天試用版。有限的功能.

也可用:下載 Acronis True Image 為 Mac


檔案版本 HitFilm Pro 13.0.9126.07201

檔案名稱 HitFilmPro_x64_13.0.9126.07201.msi
檔案大小 397 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Acronis International GmbH
更新日期 2019-07-30

What's new in this version:

- Added the ability to lock tracks on the editor timeline, and to lock layers in composite shot timelines.
- Added a Strength slider to the LUT effect, to control the intensity of the LUT.
- The ribbon bar now provides information on what updates are available.
- Selecting "Delete media cache" when no project is opened no longer requires HitFilm to be relaunched.
- Added the Tone Coloring effect, which provides color controls for different tonal ranges of your project.
- Added the Remove Stock Background effect, for simple removal of black or white backgrounds.
- Upgraded Mocha HitFilm to version 6.0.3
- Added the Highpass Sharpen tool originally developed for Imerge Pro.
- Added support for multiple audio streams in video files.
- Restyled the Options dialog for improved legibility.
- The Fill Color effect now uses a default value of 100% for the Blend Amount
- The name of the "Import as Comp" option for templates is changed to "Edit".
- The Foundry's Camera Tracker has been integrated into HitFilm Pro.
- Masks can now be created and edited on the Editor timeline, without a composite shot being required.

Bug fixes:
- Loading MP3 files with multiple ID3 tags no longer causes an error.
- HitFilm now confirms that all changes to the project are saved before exiting.
- Improved audio sync for files captured by screen recording software.
- Commands which open File Explorer or Finder windows no longer open multiple windows.
- MP4 video files now decode properly on Xeon processors.
- Effects containing layer pickers with unselected layers now display correctly in opened projects.
- The Puppet effect no longer displays layer-only properties when used on the Editor timeline.
- Cineform .mov files exported on the Mac now properly display alpha channel transparency data. (Mac)
- Improved compatibility with .cube LUT files from Sony.
- Full screen mode now maximizes use of available screen space. (PC)
- Showing an exported file in the Finder no longer causes an error. (Mac)
- Rain on Glass no longer shows layer picker for the Environment Map when used on the Editor timeline.
- Publishing controls that don't contain keyframes now properly displays the Publish icon.
- Layer names remain legible regardless of what label color is selected.
- Published properties are low correctly labeled when a project is loaded.
- Property names used in templates now display correctly when the property name is edited.
- Text layers now display the correct colors when motion blur is applied.
- Mocha HitFilm now launches correctly from saved projects.
- Improved video playback performance when GPU acceleration is not in use. (PC)
- The order of default color labels is now more logically arranged.
- Footage created using NVIDIA Shadowplay containing audio at 312kbs now loads correctly.
- Right-clicking a text layer with the Slice tool selected no longer causes a crash.
- Holding CTRL when the slice tool is active now correctly allows you to create keyframes on the audio envelope.
- The distribute tools now factor in layer order when positioning multiple layers.
- Improved compatibility of .m4a files.
- Rendering a particle effect using another layer as a texture source no longer causes stability issues.
- Changed the alignment of the Close button.
- Deleting templates from the media panel which have been edited on the timeline no longer causes stability issues.
- Added shortcut key options for the Publish and Unpublish features. No default shortcut is assigned.
- The value graph now defaults to inactive, in the control panel.
- Editing the quality profiles in the options dialog no longer causes stability issues.
- Click-dragging on the editor timeline to select multiple objects or keyframes now works correctly.
- Deleting an object from the editor sequence when both the object and its keyframes are selected no longer causes stability issues.
- Adjusted the background color of the YUV Color Wheels to be consistent with other effects.
- When dragging multiple layers through the layer stack, the original order of the layers is now properly retained.
- J and L cuts on the editor timeline now work correctly.
- Improved decoding of .mp4 files, to eliminate codec corruption that would sometimes be displayed.
- Particle layers now update properly when a parent layer or dependent layer is modified.
- Sorting the Export Queue by duration now works correctly.
- MOV files using the Cineform codec now load correctly. (PC)
- Importing numerous media files no longer causes audio conforming errors.
- Pasting a comp containing an asset that was removed after the comp was copied no longer causes stability issues.
- The right-click contextual menu for templates no longer includes unavailable commands (cut/copy/duplicate).
- Maximize now updates correctly on Windows 8.1 when the taskbar is moved. (PC)
- HitFilm now correctly supports the Auto-hide Taskbar function of Windows. (PC)
- The right-click contextual menu of an object created by linking two separate media objects no longer shows the Properties option.
- When new assets are imported, they are now automatically selected in the media panel.
- Importing a template from another project using the "Import composite shot" now retains the published template status.
- Undoing the deletion of an asset from the media panel no longer causes stability issues.
- Mask controls are no longer duplicated unnecessarily.
- Pasting a template that has been deleted from the media panel no longer causes stability issues.
- Creating a Light layer when a mask tool is selected no longer switches to the Selection tool.
- Templates present on the Editor timeline which are no longer in the Media panel can no longer be pre-rendered.
- Updated the appearance of the MPEG-2 Warning icon in the media panel, for HighDPI displays.
- Click-drag to adjust values in the text panel once again works correctly.
- Masks now display the same controls on the timeline and in the control panel.
- Editing the text contained in a template no longer causes stability issues.
- The playhead and timeline now display correctly when new media is added to the end of the editor timeline.
- Improved the styling of the breadcrumb trail for the Lifetime property.
- Adding mask points after relinking media no longer causes stability issues.
- The Delete button in the media panel is now disabled if nothing is selected.
- The Properties of the HitFilmPro.exe file now display the appropriate legal trademark information. (PC)
- Deleting an asset from the media panel when a timeline instance of the asset is parented to another layer no longer causes stability issues.
- The viewer no longer displays controls for offline assets.
- Installing a template created with a newer version of the software no longer causes stability issues.
- Resizing the Options dialog now renders correctly.

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